How to Indulge Video Marketing in Small Business?

A small business means a small team. So, it’s natural that much of the responsibilities are on the business owner’s shoulders, be it marketing or management. 

Service or product marketing is integral to sustainable growth in any business. One of the most important forms of marketing today is video marketing, which requires businesses to create professional videos in variable types, formats, and styles, depending on the target audience. 

When you think about a professional video, what comes to mind is expensive equipment, skilled videographers, and hours of editing. However, you can negate everything that you just read and do it with limited resources without breaking a sweat. 

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Why Do You Need Videos For Your Small Business? 

Recent statistics indicate that as much as 66% of the population depend on video content as their single most go-to source of information, entertainment, education, and more. Whether B2B or B2C, a majority of your audience will consume and retain your offers, services, and business information communication when they see it in a video format.

So, whether you are planning your next pitch to a room full of investors or promoting your new product to your online audience, video is the way to go. Can’t understand where to begin? Read along to discover 4 videos that you can and must make to do video marketing in Small Business.

1. Brand video

Your vision, mission, and goal can communicate a lot about your business and what it stands for with a video. Such videos not only intrigue your audience but also empowers your customers. The best way to create a brand video is:

  • Pick a location: a room, office, or the front of a manufacturing unit—try to choose a location that best describes your business. 
  • Shoot: use a smartphone or a camera, and put it in front of you at a distance where both the background and you (up to your torso) are visible. This is also called a mid-shot. 
  • Press Play: have your script handy and start speaking directly into the camera. 
  • Video editing: use an online video editor to line up and edit your video. Cut the fumble parts, add some transitions, and that’s it. 

You can put this video on your website or play it before a presentation. It can also go on your social media handles. 

2. Product/Service Video Marketing in Small Business

Do you want to inform your potential customers/clients about your products or services? A catalogue might be a little boring. How about a video? A 30-second video dedicated to a single product is more than enough to attract your consumer.

Making a product video can be as easy as a collage of your product. For example — if you sell DIY furniture chairs, you can click pictures of the various steps required to compile the chair and simply put it together, add a transition between each step and you will have a video just like that. 

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The best part about a product or service video is that you can repurpose it anytime. Putting these videos out on your website or social media can inform potential clients and entice them to explore your catalogue and get in touch with you. In other words, product and service videos are a great step to lead generation. 

3. Explainer Videos Mainly 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to make people understand the uniqueness of your product or service. Furthermore, many times, you need to get one-on-one with your customers or audience to enlighten them and resolve their queries.

That’s where explainer and informative videos come into the picture. You can answer the most common and frequently asked questions about your products and services in a video, so your audiences feel heard and answered at the same time. Although it’s not a direct source of marketing, existing consumers and potential leads take these kinds of videos as crucial efforts by the company. 

The best place for these videos is on your website or platforms like YouTube. Since it is similar to a branding video, you can set up a camera and shoot the video in one go. Following, use an online video maker to give the video a touch of professionalism. It is one of the best methods for Video Marketing in Small Business.

4. Creative Videos for Social Media 

If you have a social media profile, you need to put out videos on a timely basis to keep your audience engaged. From products to new holiday offers and more, you can use a compilation of images and text animations to create professional-looking, creative short videos for your social media handles.

Testimonials are another form of video content that can go up on social media and the website. People like to see how your product or service has worked out for others before investing their money. 

A video testimonial is a cherry on top of a 5-star review. In any manner, you can always ask your clients or customers to grab their phones and just shoot a simple testimonial video. It would be more helpful for them if you sent out a team member to shoot the video. 

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Things to keep in mind when creating a video

There are some aspects of a video that you must consider before going ahead to create it. The more you understand each of these aspects, the easier it is to make a Video Marketing in Small Business. 

  • Start by understanding your target audience. For example, a video targeted at kids needs to be bubbly and a little animated, while a video for an investor has to be statistical and professional. So, you must know your target audience. 
  • Have a script: No matter how large or small your business is, you need to prepare a script when you know you are going to speak in front of the camera. If it’s a product video, a trial run to check every aspect of the product is functional could come in handy. 
  • The goal of the video: What do you aim to achieve with this video? Is it to attract new customers, inform clients, or educate existing customers? If you know the goal, you will be able to execute the video much faster.

Every kind of video you shoot can be repurposed on social media, website landing pages, and in other marketing aspects like emails. Video marketing in small business is an essential and go-to choice for many people across the globe, and having a video strategy only amplifies your marketing tactics. 




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