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15 Best Browser Extensions or Addons for Digital Marketing & SEO Professionals

If you are a digital marketer or SEO, you employ most of your work-hours doing something important on web browsers. Additionally, you must be using various online tools, profiles, and websites for generating breathtaking content ideas, building authoritative backlinks, doing solid on-page SEO optimization, sharing interesting things on social media, targeting qualified leads, and many more.

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When doing these eats a lot of your time, you can save quite a bit of that by utilizing a few must-have browser SEO extensions. Not only this, but a few smart browser add-ons let you do things that are otherwise quite boring and difficult to execute. And at times, you may find a couple of these to be really productive and powerful in data analysis and implementations.

Top 15 Browser SEO Extensions of Addons For Digital Marketing Professionals:

  1. Buffer Extension
  2. Mozbar
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Grammarly
  5. Pocket
  6. Colorzilla
  7. Followr
  8. Majestic Backlink Analyzer
  9. SEOquake
  10. Check My Links
  11. Feedly
  12. LinkClump
  13. Pushbullet
  14. Wappalyzer
  15. LastPass

Here we have listed 15 such simple yet effective browser SEO extensions that will save you time and make your work-process smarter and exciting. Let’s explore these ones by one and see how these can help you in optimizing your current workflows.

1. Buffer Extension:

Buffer is a very handy extension for digital marketing professionals. It manages all social media updates and publishes posts as per your schedule.

This add-on is compatible with various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tweetdeck, etc.

Buffer’s browser extension provides a share button on the browser. Further, you can select a piece of content or image and share those on social media sites with the help it.

Buffer has another feature called “Pablo” which creates visual images for social media. After right-clicking on a text, you can select the “Create Image with Pablo” which automatically creates a visual quote that you can share on social media.

It also shows the analytical data of your social media accounts to improve the performance and make a report to send to clients.

You can add a maximum of 25 members to your Buffer account and provide them full access level.

Buffer extension works seamlessly for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

2. Mozbar Extension:

As a digital marketer, most of you are aware of the MozBar extension but many of you may not be aware of the range of features it offers.

Its main feature that lets you analyze the Domain Authority(DA), Page Authority(PA), and Spam Score of a domain or webpage is really powerful and popular in the SEO world.

It allows you to analyze the URL, page title, meta description, H1, H2, image Alts of a webpage. Additionally, Mozbar highlights the link type by Followed, No-Followed, External or Internal.

It also provides backlinks data of a particular domain or a page which is helpful for backlink analysis.

You can export the SERP analysis details to a CSV file using the Mozbar browser extension.

3. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs browser SEO toolbar extension is another simple yet powerful add-on that lets you analyze several important data and insights about domains and webpages. Before using this extension, you must create an account on

This SEO toolbar allows you to examine the following domain and webpage metrics.

  • Find out the Domain Rating (DR) of websites
  • Get the Page Rating (PR) of webpages
  • Get an estimated Organic Search Traffic
  • Find out the ranking keywords along with their global and country-specific search volume and keywords’ difficulty level
  • Know the number of referring domains and inbound links

The best part is you don’t need to visit their toolsets to analyze these data metrics. Instead, in one click you can get all these data right on the Ahrefs SEO toolbar browser extension.

Ahrefs browser add-on works great with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

4. Grammarly:

Grammarly is an essential tool for content writers. It automatically points out any spelling or grammatical error and gives you correct suggestions that make writing easier and improves the quality of the content.

After integrating the extension to your browser it automatically underlines errors and suggests synonyms whenever you write anything online, and that improves the vocabulary of the content significantly.

Additionally, you can add this extension to Microsoft Word which helps content writers improve their writing during content planning and development.

You can use the Grammarly browser extension on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers.

5. Pocket:

Pocket is a wonderful extension for people who love to read articles online. It allows you to save any article, video, a story that you can read later. While surfing on the internet you can easily save any web content by clicking on pocket button extension.

Pocket not only allows you to save any web content it also offers related suggestions that you can choose from according to your preference.

The best part is Pocket has a mobile app service which is very helpful to read your favorite contents on your smartphone and tablet devices.

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Using Pocket as a browser extension on Chrome and Firefox will enhance your online reading experience greatly.

6. Colorzilla:

ColorZilla is a very helpful extension for designing a website and other multimedia files. With the help of this tool, you can pick the color from a webpage or an element,and finally, it displays the hex and RGB values that can be used for a different program.

Colorzilla provides many features such as-

  • Eyedropper-you can use the color of any pixel on the webpage.
  • Advanced color picker-This feature is similar to Photoshop and Paint.
  • Webpage color analyzer-you can analyze the color of any webpage.
  • Colour history-you can see the color history of recently used colors.

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This powerful browser extension works with both Google Chrome and Firefox.

15 Best Browser Extensions or Addons for Digital Marketing & SEO Professionals
15 Best Browser Extensions or Addons for Digital Marketing & SEO Professionals

7. Followr – SEO Extensions

Followr is a very useful tool to automate the process of your Twitter following.

It lets you set up a list of favorite topics and then automatically choose some tweets that fall under your category. So the more you use Twitter and tweet about relevant posts around your niche and industry, your follower numbers will go up.

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Followr does not access your personal data and it runs entirely on your personal computers. So it automatically limits the spamming and helps you to gain only the genuine followers on Twitter.

8. Majestic Backlink Analyzer:

As the name suggests Majestic Backlink Analyzer helps you understand the backlink status of any domain or webpage. It provides various charts and graphs which allows you to analyze the links of any page with respect to SEO purpose.

This tool lets you understand which website is linking to you and how your page or website is performing on various search engines.

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Various crucial metrics and features of Majestic Backlink Analyzer make it a must-have tool for internet marketing professionals.

This powerful link analysis browser plugin works great with both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

9. SEOquake Addon For SEO

SEOquake has a useful browser extension that allows you to perform various activities such as-

  • Keyword difficulty analysis
  • Checking internal and external links
  • Comparing the domains to judge the competition
  • SEO audit of a page including its mobile SEO audit

With this tool, you can easily analyze the SERP ranking of your site and that file can be saved as CSV format for future use.

This tool is said to be an alternative for MOZ tool for those marketers who can’t afford to use Moz tool due to its cost.

You can use this useful extension both on Firefox and Google Chrome.

10. Check My Links:

Check my links is a powerful tool for link builders and content marketers. It analyses a webpage and points out the broken links present on it. This powerful feature helps you develop fresh content ideas matching those broken links and acquire backlinks for your site.

The best thing about this tool is that it highlights the valid links with green color and the broken links as red color which helps to identify the links effortlessly.

11. Feedly:

Feedly helps to organize everything any marketer needs. It ensures all the information are available in one place. Some of the features it offers are-

  • Add your website on Feedly
  • Save any webpage
  • Email webpages
  • Tweet URLs
  • Share any page on Facebook
  • Save pages on Evernote
  • Tag any page

12. LinkClump – SEO Extensions

As a digital marketer you do a lot of research work and especially when you do an SEO analysis you need to examine many pages from the search engine result page. However, opening each page one by one is a tiresome and time-killing job. That is where Linkclump makes your process easier by opening a bunch of pages all at once.

You just have to drag the selection box and multiple pages will be opened by Linkclump. It saves time during various research and data analysis.

13. Pushbullet:

Pushbullet is a messaging tool which connects your smartphones with computers to send and receive messages and files.

With this extension, you can reply to messages coming from Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp etc. You can also share the links and files with friends through different devices.

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14. Wappalyzer:

This extension is helpful to understand the technologies that are used on a particular website. This tool is mainly helpful for web developers and marketers.

Wappalyzer detects site’s Content Management System(CMS), E-commerce platforms, web frameworks, server software analytics tools etc.

This tool may not provide 100% correct details all the time but it provides some features by which you can see what your competitors have used on their websites.

15. LastPass – SEO Extensions

We all face problem remembering the passwords. All of you have multiple email accounts, marketing tools, social media profiles, online shopping accounts etc. and you use different passwords for each of those. However, at times, it becomes very challenging to remember each and every password, especially, when you frequently change your devices.

By using LastPass you have to remember only one password and it will automatically store all the usernames and passwords for all accounts. You just have to create a master password for your LastPass account and then you can keep all your passwords in it as per your requirements.

It is helpful for digital marketers to keep the passwords of clients’ social media accounts and the login details of various apps, tools, and websites in an orderly manner.

This extension is very much safe to use as it uses bank-level encryption which does not share your password with anyone without your permission and that makes it a reliable add-on for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

Wrapping Up:

When all of these are different and good at their jobs, they all save a lot of your time and make the process simpler. Depending on your job responsibility you may not need these all, but I bet a few of those can make your internet-marketing life easier than ever.

Over to you. Now, try and explore these browser SEO extensions and let us know how those benefit you as an SEO and digital marketer.

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