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16 Tips to Make Amazing YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the largest and increasingly popular platforms which proves a potent marketing space for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. People are choosing content marketing and video marketing strategies to promote their brand and reach out to the target audience. You can make money online with your Youtube content as well. But how to make an amazing video for YouTube? What are the things to consider while taking video? How can one make it a successful venture?

From the selection process to optimization, this post is a perfect guide that covers everything right from the start to finish video making for the YouTube platform.

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How to do video making for YouTube?

1. Choose the ideal video content

To start with, pick out the right topic to make your video impactful. Do thorough research in the YouTube verticals, check out the most searched, most commented videos on YouTube, the popular ones, and topics that don’t get a lot of attention, etc.

You can use the video content of your competitors as a source of inspiration. This helps you to have a comprehensive understanding of the trends in the platform and choose a topic that resonates with the audience.

2. Know your audience

Before you get down for the script and storyboard, you must find your audience. This helps you to narrow the focus of the video and clearly guide you in every decision before beginning to make the video.

Once you define who the audience is, start looking at their wants and needs. The very important thing to make your video the most viewed one is that the audience should be interested in it.

3. Keyword-rich title

You can’t forget about the SEO optimisation of YouTube videos. If you want your video to secure top rankings on YouTube and achieve great exposure in standard SERPs, you need to include a descriptive and keyword-rich title and meta description.

This will sort your videos on relevancy parameter and attract the target audience. More sophisticated keyword research will turn the results in your favour.

4. Don’t neglect light

As far as shooting a video is concerned, one can’t ignore light. Select a place with plenty of light. It will give more clarity to the scenes. If the visuals are dark and shot in a dimly lit background, then the audience won’t sit to watch your video for more than five minutes.

If the location is dark, then you need to make sufficient arrangements to ensure the light is enough for a good shot.

5. Be cohesive and consistent

Ensure the tone of your video is engaging. Your YouTube video should reflect the interest of the audience, and consistency should be your goal. Be clear about the mood you are trying to create in the video and maintain it throughout.

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6. Plan the video

This covers everything you will need to create your video. Start writing the script and create a storyboard for the content. Stick to your theme and make it interesting and engaging.

The more the audience can relate to it, the more they will watch it. Both the script and storyboard will let you have a perfect idea and vision on the whole video and also on YouTube outro.  

7. Set the location

Scout the proper location where you can give life to your ideas and thoughts. Always choose a clean background and a less noisy place to avoid background noise and other disturbances.

But if the video is thematic and you need to shoot it in a market or a crowded area, you have to take care of the visuals and audio components.

8. Arm yourself with the right camera equipment

Now that your plan is in place, it is time to pick the right equipment for your video. You don’t necessarily need a DSLR. Even smartphones nowadays have advanced cameras that can give high-quality visuals. You have to focus on the purpose of your video making.

If you are planning to upload videos in a consistent manner and for a larger audience, you should invest in the equipment and choose the appropriate one depending on the usage.

9. Go for crisp and clear audio

Apart from the video quality, the audio quality of your video is also extremely important. Fuzzy audio is more than enough to make anyone click the back button in no seconds.

Clear and distinct audio is critical for the professional outlook of your video. Since audio quality is critical a high-quality microphone is the one equipment worth investing in.

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10. Pick the right and simple editing software

Always pick a simple YouTube video editor for editing purposes. You can make use of an intro maker software or any other considering the length of the video and the purpose. Right editing software makes the process easy and less complicated.

16 Tips to Make Amazing YouTube Videos

11. A BIG no to shaky footage

Shaky footage can affect the quality of your video and make it look like an unprofessional video. People might overlook your video and exit it without taking a look at it. So, try to avoid holding the camera if you are not able to keep it steady.

Use a tripod instead or set your camera on a tough and stable surface. If your video turns out shaky irrespective of the best efforts, video stabilization software can help you out.

12. Optimize the video

Before uploading the video, optimize the data in it to avoid any misinterpretations and confusions. Optimizing your video gives a professional touch to it, and it will help you to grab the attention of the viewer easily.

13. Choose a classy thumbnail

Your thumbnail image can do wonders when the videos are on the organic page results. This is because the thumbnail image can boost your views. Select high-quality images that directly connect with the content.

14. Form your network and upload the video

Build your network on YouTube, which is all about connecting and collaborating. In the YouTube community, collaborations are significant for success as it proves to be effective in gaining more subscribers and helping the channel grow. Upload your videos with a possible collaboration which is surely intimidating but worth enough.

15. Promote your videos

Creating and uploading videos on YouTube is only half the work done. You need to promote your YouTube channel and video on other social platforms as well.

For example, posting the links to your videos on social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, etc. increases the exposure and accessibility of the video and improves traffic. You can also approach influencers to reach out to the audience and promote it.

16. Follow your analytics

The advanced built-in analytics of YouTube lets you track the performance of your video on the platform. You can take a look at the total views, watch time, audience retention, traffic source, impressions, and much more. Using this data, you can improve your performance and the video marketing strategy on a celebrated platform like YouTube.

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Wrapping Up:

Now you have a better idea of how to make amazing YouTube videos, expand your business reach with the potential functionalities of YouTube. The more extraordinary your videos are, the more your brand benefits.

Do you have anything to add to these tips on how to make the videos look great on YouTube?




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