How To Open a Cosmetics and Perfume Store?

Now we are going to take you to the magical realm of women, where the cult of beauty reigns. We will talk about selling cosmetics and perfumes online. How to open and promote cosmetics and perfume online stores, designed for almost 99 percent of the female audience?

Features of the market

Despite all the crises, unstable political situations, and other important things, cosmetics sell and will always sell. Women want to be beautiful and attract the attention of men – you have to remember that. So, the money for your products, they will find in any case.

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So, cosmetics and perfumery products have a high customer demand. Plus they have a high turnover. Even if you make a minimum markup, you will stay in the black and get your profit precisely because of the rapid turnover of goods.

The main areas

As the name suggests, this actual cosmetics and perfumes. Cosmetics are divided into care products: creams, masks, shampoos and balms, decorative cosmetics – lipsticks, mascaras, powders. Perfumes are of elite brands, lesser brands, or even replicas of famous fragrances.

Business options for Cosmetics Store

You are the manufacturer. You make your cosmetics. This facilitates the task of creating an online store: you do not need to communicate with suppliers and depend on them, you regulate the assortment and release new items. In short, it is your business and yours alone. You are considered a person working for yourself. You have to take into account all your deductions and know strategies to own the tax season as an independent contractor.

You are the intermediary. You are working on a standard scheme of online stores: negotiate with suppliers, buy goods and design a site internet magazine. In this case, you save on manufacturing, procurement of equipment, and ingredients.

You are a dropshipper. In this case, you don’t even create a website or buy goods, much less produce yourself. You organize interaction between suppliers, owners of other online stores or manufacturers – and buyers of cosmetics.  You get your percentage for interaction, communication, and motivation to make a purchase.

Creating an online cosmetics store


As we have already said, the main directions – care and decorative cosmetics, face and body products, perfumes, accessories – for example, sets for a manicure, sponges, brushes for applying makeup, mirrors. Do not forget about products for men – perhaps the girls will want to please your lover, and along with their creams and jars, they will buy something for them. Children’s cosmetics – also a lucrative business: there are many products on the market that are designed for children’s skin. There are also perfumes and cosmetics for little princesses.

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Online store personnel

If we take the minimum – it is you as a manager, sales consultant, and courier, who delivers orders. All of you, even the courier, need to understand the range and give the right advice if necessary. This is especially true for consultants: they need to know the difference between concealer and highlighter and convincingly answer the question of how the products of company A. are different from company B. analog.

Payment and delivery

This is probably the most unremarkable point: everything here is the same as in other business sectors. Make different types of payment and delivery to meet the needs of all categories of the target audience. Most likely it will be the u.s. postal service, self-delivery, and delivery by courier: cosmetics – the goods are light, small-sized, and spending money on the services of a transportation company is unlikely any of the customers will.

Promote online cosmetics store

The structure of the site:

  • Of course, first, to find out what products are available – for this make a simple and clear structure of the site. All products can be divided into categories: facial care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, consumables.
  • The second question that bothers girls: what new products are on sale? I advise you to create a separate section devoted to new products in your market, the good news is that there are enough of them.
  • The third question is whether it is possible to buy cheaper? Many of your colleagues collect all the products with discounts in a separate section. Discounts can be made by the supplier, or by yourself – to attract customers.
  • One more interesting question – how can I put on makeup to look like the cover girl? Here an indispensable helper would be a video blog: short videos about the technique of applying makeup, facial massage, and other tricks, which can be shown visually.
  • And finally, the fifth question: what do other people say about these cosmetics? To satisfy a woman’s curiosity, as we wrote above, we need to collect reviews from other female customers.

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So, as you see, there is nothing difficult in the niche of cosmetics and perfumery. You just need to learn how to work with women’s target audience, understand their needs and unravel their weaknesses. We wish you good luck in your promotion!




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