The Importance Of Sound Design In Editing And How It Can Improve Your Videos

Videos are all about conveying a story. You might use a video editor free online to make an ad reel or a YouTube video or even a feature film: whatever the visual content, stories are always the crux. 

And what better way to convey a story than introducing quality audio to the moving images! 

Quality sound design not only makes the experience of watching videos better, but it also instills life in the storytelling process.

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If you are a video editor, and especially new to the craft, you need to know more about the science of sound design, how important it is to your editing, and how it can dramatically transform your videos. 

For those looking for ways to improve their sound design skills, this article may come in handy. 

What Is Sound Design?

Sound design is a grueling process that starts from obtaining audio elements, manipulating, and controlling its various facets before editing into the main video stream. For a video to be able to tell a story accurately, a sound designer has to acquire relatable sound from various sources before processing them into the video.

It can hardly be denied that sound design is an extremely vital part of every video – be it feature films, news videos, corporate videos, or music videos. In fact, it won’t be outrageous to term sound designers as the unglorified heroes of any video production. 

Where To Acquire Sound From? 

It has to be understood that it is not just dialogues that come in the ambit of sound. The background sounds – even the delicate sound of the morning breeze – music, songs, and special sound effects all come under the broad category called sound design.

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Now, the question remains – where to acquire these sounds from. While the dialogues and songs are generally pre-recorded, the background sound has to be obtained from various pre-recorded sources, like the YouTube Sound Library, if you want to make videos for YouTube. 

Technically, it does not matter where you pick your sound from as long as it is royalty-free and is not copyrighted. For big-budget movies, your producer may even get the copyright for you. 

However, it is seldom possible in advertisement movies, professional films, and YouTube videos. In fact, YouTube has its own copyright policy infringing, which can delete your video permanently. 

In any case, if your clients or the filmmaker wishes for something unique and extremely natural, you may have to manually record and mix it according to the requirements of the project.

Importance Of Sound Design In Video Editing

You know what sound design really means and the sources from where you might acquire sound from, but how does it add value to your content and video editing process? 

Let’s talk about how specialized sound designing can improve your video quality and why you should care about it in the first place.

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1. Sound Design Can Amp Up The Dialogues

Audio has the capability of introducing a lot of depth to the lines of actors and situations. Sometimes the intensity that you’re trying to create in a scene cannot be met while recording the dialogue. 

However, sound designers can deftly manipulate the sequence by adding appropriate audio in the background. In short, good sound design can fill in the void between filmmaking and acting and achieve a balanced harmony.

2. Audio Has The Capability Of Influencing People On A Subconscious Level

More than the dialogues and songs, audio has the capability of playing with the audience’s emotions. Efficient sound design can deftly bring out the emotional space a character is in, even though the actions or dialogues tell a different story altogether.

A great example of how sound influences people on a subconscious level is the great war scene in the movie ‘Ran’ by Akira Kurosawa. 

While the visuals depicted gore and destruction everywhere, the sound etched out the emotional devastation that the war brought. The scene deftly played with the emotions of the audiences – who were essentially torn between what they saw and what they heard. 

Even if you don’t intend to make a film of Kurosawa’s caliber, you can definitely use audio to influence your audience on a sublime level. With InVideo, you can shine a light on your talent in sound design without having to pay hefty subscription charges.

3. Sound Design Can Transform Your Outros And Intros

If you’re making videos on YouTube or making advertisement videos, you would no doubt want to have a catchy introduction.

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According to surveys, you have exactly ten seconds to make an initial impact through your videos on social media platforms, such as YouTube. Needless to say, none of your sentences can finish within that time – so you better let your intros speak for you. 

While you can create amazing intros on various graphic design platforms, what will ideally make a lasting impression on your prospective audience is catchy sound design. 

Wondering about the perfect video editor tool that will enable you to seamlessly mix your sound design with the video? 

The Importance Of Sound Design In Editing And How It Can Improve Your Videos

For starters, numerous video editing platforms on the internet can help you create good and captivating intros. Beginners can certainly use a free video intro maker online that is extremely user-friendly as well as offers creative templates.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have understood the importance of sound design in video editing and how vital audio is for your overall video quality. 

Assimilating sound effects during video editing may seem like a daunting task, but with a little practice and dedication, anyone can master it. If you are looking to learn and try out various types of video editing and sound designing at the same time, pick editing software with an easy interface.

Designing sound and editing them into your videos demands a lot of patience and constant trial and error. Do not be burdened to create the best video in your first try. 

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Sound design is sometimes regarded as the unspoken hero of any movie. Hence, it is always advisable to take your time, learn the process, and try it repeatedly till you make a video you actually love. 




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