Here’s all you need to know about teeth aligners

We all love being on social media, isn’t it? Getting that attention and positive reactions to pictures and daily updates we share just brings in a lot of confidence. But not most of us are that comfortable when it comes to getting pictures clicked and sharing them because of different orthodontic issues.

Not only do they make us conscious while laughing out loud in front of others, but can often lead to serious gum problems, cavities, teeth sensitivity, plaque formation, etc. These problems can turn into one’s biggest nightmare if not treated at the right time.

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If you are someone who has such orthodontic issues and wants to get them fixed but refrain from it because of those uncomfortable metal braces then reading this might be of great help.

Gone are the days when getting teeth alignment meant agony and pain, today with advancements in technology, orthodontists have developed an easier, more effective, and more convenient way to get teeth alignment issues fixed.

Transparent braces for teeth are a new-age technology that fixes almost all types of orthodontic issues hassle free giving you the celeb-like smile you always wanted.

What are teeth aligners?

Teeth aligners are a set of plastic trays that fix onto your teeth and apply gentle pressure on your teeth pushing them back to their desired position. Different brands are offering teeth aligners but one Indian brand that has brought a revolutionizing change in the field of orthodontics is toothsi by makeO.

It is an Indian brand led by top orthodontists in our country who have developed the most innovative way of fixing orthodontic issues. Toothsi by makeO offers you the freedom of getting teeth alignment without stepping out of your home. Different sets of customized aligners are designed to help you get the desired smile you always wanted.

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Toothsi aligners are to be worn for at least 20-22 hours a day and changed as per orthodontist consultation.

Why choose toothsi by makeO?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing toothsi by makeO, but only a few of them are listed below:

  1. Indian Brand: When it comes to teeth aligners there are other global brands as well, but it is the first Indian brand that has its manufacturing and production services based out in India, thus empowering the dream of making in India.
  2. Transparent: The best thing about toothsi aligners is that they are hardly visible to the naked eye, unlike metal braces for teeth. Hence, it won’t make you conscious while smiling and no one would ever come to know that you are wearing aligners.
  3. Convenient and effective: While wearing metal braces it becomes quite difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene. Whereas, aligners can be removed as per convenience. Since toothsi aligners are custom-made, it makes teeth movement more feasible and effective. Thus, giving desired results in less time, unlike metal braces.
  4. Least complications and No food restrictions: There are no complications, unlike metal braces which can give you headaches, teeth cavity, and plaque buildup. There are a lot of food restrictions with metal braces as it is recommended to avoid hard and chewy food, whereas you can enjoy your favorite cuisine while going through an aligner smile makeover.
  5. Backed by the experts: The founders of the brand are renowned orthodontists who have designed the most convenient way of treating orthodontic issues using innovation and technology. So, you get the best treatment guided by the most revered experts in their respective fields.

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Choose the best!

It’s time to switch to a more convenient, hassle-free, and smarter way of getting teeth issues fixed. Toothsi teeth aligners by makeO have become one of the leading and trusted smile makeover brands backed by experts. You get the best service without even stepping out of your home, so why wait any longer? Visit makeO and book an online appointment and get started on your smile makeover journey today.




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