6 Ways How You Can Boost Your Sales With Video Marketing

Gone are the days of pushy telemarketers calling you every alternate day to get you to try their products. Consumers’ attention is at a premium nowadays. Today, people prefer discovering new brands and products in their own time.

Hubspot created an entire industry out of this shift in user consumption behaviour – inbound marketing. This refers to all activities brands carry out to pull customers in instead of reaching out to them.

Today, the savvy marketer has realized that the best way to draw customers is by creating helpful content that guides them smoothly through the various stages of the sales funnel. The sales funnel typically comprised of 3 stages:

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  1. Awareness – When consumers become conscious of their need or pain point.
  2. Consideration – When consumers start researching to find prospective solutions that fulfil their needs or solve their pain points.
  3. Decision – When consumers finalize the product or service that best meets their requirements.

Video content is proving to be best suited to expedite this sales cycle because of its booming usage. Nearly 95% of marketers plan to increase their video budget in 2020. The average Internet user currently spends roughly 15 hours every week watching videos.

Cisco estimates that by 2021, video content would account for nearly 82% of all internet traffic. If video is not a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on perhaps the most effective way to supercharge your sales.

By tailoring your videos to match consumer expectations for each of the three stages, you can drive outsized sales for your company and simultaneously increase brand recall.

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Let us now look at six different types of videos you can create in each stage:

Six different types of videos:


As we mentioned earlier, this is an exploratory phase in the buyer’s journey. She might not even be aware that she has a problem. So your videos must cater to informing, educating, and possibly, even entertaining the prospective buyer. Here are two types of videos that can help you achieve this:

Engage Users With Social Media Videos

Over 3.8 billion users use social media to stay updated on the latest news, discover new trends, and as a general means of escapism. Social media is drawing more and more eyeballs at the expense of traditional channels like TV. The rise of video-oriented platforms like YouTube and Tiktok shows how effective social media videos can be in attracting attention. 84% of consumers concede that casually coming across a brand’s video on social media led them to the purchase.

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Social media videos also have an inherent viral nature that gets users to share them in their circles, thus amplifying the video’s reach. However, social media is now flooded with videos, so you need to produce quirky, high-quality videos to truly stand out.

Earlier this process was quite time-consuming and required professionals. Not anymore. There are multiple tools that offer an online editor to make Facebook video ads so that you’re up and running in a few hours without breaking the bank.

Establish Thought Leadership With Educational Videos

These videos inform users about their potential pain points in a crisp, straightforward manner. They should not be too sales-y in nature but rather focus on being a helpful guide without expecting any commitment from the user. You can create a YouTube channel for this that showcases your deep domain expertise, thus convincing users that you’re the best bet to solve their problems.


At this point, users have become acutely aware of their pain points and are now actively looking for solutions. Your videos should serve to separate users who are seriously evaluating solutions from the window shoppers. Here are two ways you can do that:

Product Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, these videos explain the specific features of your product in detail. This is about putting your best foot forward by displaying your product in all its glory. You dive into the nitty-gritty and help users visualize how better their life will be while using your product. These vary from simple screengrabs showing the product in action to aesthetic animations depicting the product benefits.

Tutorial Videos

Think of these as an instructional manual in a video format. Tutorial videos are about accomplishing any task perfectly. They are handy how-to guides that walk you through the process of using a particular feature. Tutorial videos are especially useful for SaaS products that have a complex feature set.

They minimize the time required for sales people to close a deal by reducing the number of back-and-forths. The point is to highlight the intuitiveness of the design and ease of use.

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By now, users are sufficiently convinced about your product but just need a slight push – on the trust front. Here, the name of the game is delivering a strong message of reliability and putting the user’s mind at ease that their choice is right. Nothing works better than the following type of videos:

Customer Testimonial Videos

Let’s face it – all the songs of praise you sing about your product are going to be met with raised eyebrows. Prospects need an objective, impartial source of validation to be 100% on board. Testimonial videos do just that.

Seeing neutral, unbiased customers talking fondly about your product humanizes your brand and is the ultimate form of assurance. Prospects can relate to the ideas and problems being spoken about and can better understand the product’s utility. Make sure to personalize your testimonials, add text to videos like the customer’s name, designation, and the company she works at.

Share Your Brand Story

Yes, a functioning product is a prerequisite for getting customers to pay. But what often helps tilt the scale is when customers resonate with the brand’s vision and mission.

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Brand story videos talk about the ‘why you do what you do.’ They show that you’re more than a faceless company and are ideal for building long-term relationships with customers.


What are you waiting for? Just incorporate videos in your marketing strategy and watch your sales skyrocket in no time!




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