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9 Reasons Why Students Should Start Blogging

Being a student of the internet age, if you really need reasons to start up your blog then most probably you are not yet ready for it. But these 9 points can help you increase your zeal for blogging.

What Are The Reasons For Start Blogging?

1. Blogging Builds Your Confidence and Creativity

Two things that formal education often fails to accomplish with students are building their confidence and honing creative talents.

One of the best ways to get students more involved in their subject matter without making it absolutely dull is to get them to start blogging. Just look at the thousands of technology bloggers or programing bloggers online.

How does blogging build confidence and creativity in students?

Blogging teaches students how to do proper research, come up with unique ideas, have a well-formed opinion of their own, and connect with a larger audience. Being part of a community is the best way to boost confidence and get creative inspiration.

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2. Blogging Improves Your Communication Skills

The importance of writing as a form of communication is often overlooked by many students. The strangest thing is that writing is one of the most widely used forms of communication.

Writing a blog allows a student to understand his audience and get the message conveyed to his readers. YourStory took this idea to the next level; they publish business stories of millions of entrepreneurs that influence many others like us.

Also, blogging is an active community. So, if you are a student and you are blogging about the things that induce you, chances are that you will be writing a lot more than just your own blog. In order to popularize your blog, you will be writing tons of emails, several guest posts on other people’s blogs, and replies to the comments on your blog.

All these will gradually build up your effective communication skills.

3. Blogging Builds Your Online Portfolio

One of the best ways to build an online portfolio is to blog about it. If you are a student who is as strapped for cash as I was when I was one, you are probably freelancing on the side – just like I was!

How do you get more clients?

Simple – you build a portfolio to showcase your existing works. Easier said than done, right? Brian Dean’s Backlinko probably does this best.

With the help of carefully crafted masterful blogs that are aimed to educate, he landed a huge portfolio of clients to die for.

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Similarly, if you look at PromozSEO, they designed content focusing on internet marketing newbies and that helped them establish their authority in digital marketing education and training.

How do you build an online portfolio through blogging?

There are lots of ways to build a portfolio from your blog. You can interview industry experts and clients to build social proof. You can also create a case study blog to ramp up your views and get a ton of valuable prospects.

4. Blogging Grows Your Network

Networking is that what truly defines the success. As you improve your network, a whole bunch of possibilities opens up that simply would not exist otherwise.

Take ShoutMeLoud as an example – in less than three years, a hobby blogger created an entire network of blogs that generated a ton of money – all by expanding a network of bloggers, affiliates, and advertisers.

How does blogging grow your network?

9 Reasons Why Students Should Start Blogging

Think about it – if you create something unique that is very close to your heart, you would want to showcase that to everyone, right? Even more so, as a student, you would really gain a lot of insights by showing your work to influencers in your sphere.

Out of the need to improve your blog’s visibility, you will start approaching expert bloggers for validation, recommendations, and useful tips. This is when you start growing a network of bloggers – a network that will always serve you well.

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5. Blogging Builds Your Reputation

Gaining followers is always a great feeling. But even more gratifying is, having clients become fans and leave endorsements.

As a student, you know exactly how few people take you seriously. Starting your own blog will likely boost your credibility in ways that you can only imagine. Having a booming blog can be a great way to show people what you are made of instead of telling them.

Take Robbie Richards, for instance. He started a personal blog and quickly generated over a million page views from 28 posts.

A million page views – imagine what even HALF of that traffic could do for your blog. As a matter of fact, Robbie now charges five-figure paychecks from each of his clients every month to do exactly the same for clients’ businesses!

6. Blogging Establishes You as an Expert

Blogging on your subject is the #1 way to get recognized as a subject-matter expert. You don’t even have to pump out a ton of contents to get there.

Case in point – affiliate marketer Kristie Mathews. Kristie is one of the founder members of Branding YOUniversity and sells online courses on lead generation.

She does not have a ton of blogs on her website. But it’s still enough to establish a legitimate business and poise her as an expert in generating B2B leads from Twitter.

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7. Blogging Sharpens Your Technical Skills

How often do you come across engineers who turned into tech bloggers? These are the smartest people you could ever come across. They took their passion and learning about technology to create platforms that put them in touch with other million people in the field.

Blogs are some of the best ways to exchange ideas among peers. The more you debate on certain topics, the more you get to refine your technical skillsets.

Not just that, blogging requires some in-depth research work to pull off ideas, stats, and insights successfully. The research alone will teach you many things beyond your regular curriculum.

The best part is that it holds true for any kind of blog! As long as you keep working on it, you can keep polishing your technical skills.

8. Blogging Builds Your Resume and Improves Employability

There are lots of people who use blogging to build resume to improve their employability.

As far as resumes go, a personal blog shows your character, your likes and dislikes, your technical skills, hands-on experience, and subject-matter expertise.

In terms of investment, you can start a blog at a very affordable cost and with as little as an hour a day. In return, the blog could get you a cushy job in a fancy MNC.

Not a bad investment!

9. Blogging Brings You Many Income Opportunities

Blogging brings in several passive and active income opportunities.

Affiliate marketing can bring in some juicy commissions while selling advertisements could very well make you rich!

You could even sell your own products using your blog.

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If you do it long enough to establish yourself as an industry expert, people will pay you good money just to hire your consultancy.

A good example of a well-monetized blog is the SearchEngineJournal – they participate in selling ads, affiliate marketing, and selling their own goods online. The best part – they do it from the exact same blog by collaborating with tons of people.

Another great idea is flipping a website with decent traffic for a hefty margin. Once your website attracts some attention, it becomes easy to sell it off as a premium domain.

Let us know, which idea appeals to you the most.

Author Bio:

Soumya Roy is the Founder & CEO of PromozSEO Web Marketing Academy, a digital marketing school in Kolkata, India. He is a professional internet marketer and SEO specialist with over 11 years of domain experience.

Soumya is also the lead digital marketing trainer at PromozSEO. He enjoys writing content on topics related to digital marketing, PPC, SEO, social media, blogging, content marketing, branding, small businesses, etc.




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