How to Build Educational Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Almost all students use educational apps to study, and tutors use them to share educational material with their students. It looks now that educational apps are the need of time, and this makes them a hotshot for entrepreneurs who want to do something for students while earning money.

Smartphones have completely changed the way we do things, and the new generation has already adapted to these changes earlier than we thought. Applications revolutionized the education sector while becoming a billion-dollar industry in a short time. Educational apps make learning interactive, engaging, and easier.

When learning from books, one can get only the knowledge from the book, but with E-learning Solution, the sky is the limit as it can store hundreds of thousands of digital books all in one place. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the education sector, so going digital is the only option left.

Benefits of Educational Apps

Here are some benefits of Education App Solution, which shows that it is the need of time. Along with making money, they are a good way to spread knowledge to those who don’t have direct access to it.

  • Flexible and effective learning method based on preferences of students
  • All the learning materialis available at your fingertips
  • Cost-effective and efficient learning
  • Productive learning as compared to other educational methods
  • Best learning experience

Features of Educational Apps

For Tutor App Development, below are the features that you should consider adding to it to make it successful.

  • Sign-up for users
  • Category based study material
  • Search option
  • Profile management
  • Payments
  • Push Notifications
  • Regularly updated learning material

Sign-up for Users

With the sign-up feature, students can enter their email, phone number, and password to create their account and use those details in the future to login. They can also use their social media accounts and email account for fast login. All the data will be synchronized on a secure server, and they can access it by logging in to their pc and other mobile phones.

Category based Study Material

By categorizing the study material, students don’t have to waste their time going through everything to find what they are looking for. Instead, they will select the desired category, and all the study material will be shown at a glance.

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Search Option on Educational Apps

Include a search bar where students can enter the name of a book and hit enter to start reading instead of manually searching it from the inventory. Although this is an advanced feature, a professional Tutor App Development Company can add this feature to your app.

Profile Management

Users can manage their profile and change their account details like email, phone number, password, name, age, class, etc.


For in-app purchases, users can add various payment methods to pay for add-ons instead of adding the payment details again and again. Security should be your first concern so they can make payments when they login from a new device.

Push Notifications

With real-time notifications, students will instantly know about updates of courses, tests, and results. They can turn notifications off from the settings or turn notifications on for a specific course.

Regularly Updated Learning Material

The primary task of all the educational apps is to provide students with study material, so the admin should regularly update the content.

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Steps to Develop Educational Apps

Both Android and iOS platforms are different, but the concept to develop apps for both devices is pretty much the same. Below are some steps that you can follow for E-learning App Development.

1. Choose Your Niche

To create an educational app, you should decide your niche first and learn more about your target audience to give your best. Keep in mind what your audience is expecting from you and develop your app accordingly to make it successful.

2. Work on Your Educational App Idea

Start working on your idea, do market research, conduct surveys to ask your audience what features they want. Educational app for institutions is a bit easier as compared to individual learning app as the institute will share all their requirements with you, so you know what they want. With individual learning apps, you can need to develop an app that meets the needs of millions of students out there. 

3. Wireframe Your Idea

Wireframing shows you what the GUI of your educational app will look like based on your idea, so you can make changes to it before sharing it with the development team. This acts as a blueprint for your educational app.

4. Find the Development Team

Hire a professional development team for Education App Developments they can develop what you want. Discuss everything from the cost of the development and the timeframe to develop the app. Share your ideas with the development and tell them how you want the user interface of your app.

5. Test the Developed App

Test the app by yourself to test all its features and inform the development team about any bugs and things like that. Testing is crucial as it will make you able to launch the app without any glitches.

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6. Launch the MVP

MVP stands for a minimum viable product that is a way to test an app in real-time by sharing it with a small audience first. They will test the app and share the feedback with you providing you insights about what is good and what is bad.

7. Launch the Final Version for your educational apps

Once the testing is done and the development team gives you a green signal, launch the final version of your educational app on the internet. Now the real work starts as you need to listen to what users are saying and keep updating the app from time to time to provide them with new content.


Educational apps own a large segment of the application industry, and they have shaken the traditional education industry. These apps are the new favorite of both teachers and students, resulting in thousands of new students logging in on these apps every day.

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