Conducting Online Examination Using Online Exam Software

Even today, many institutes across the world conduct examination in a traditional way. So, the process of such examinations is lengthy and complicated.

The examiner should set a question paper, and should arrange for supervisors, invigilators, helpers during the examination. The exams are held at various test centres across the nation or world.

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After the examination, the invigilators should evaluate the answer sheets and should allocate marks, enter into the register and then prepare progress cards. They also should undertake the responsibility of distribution of marks cards or uploading information on the site.

So, in this process, the answer sheets can get misplaced or the exams may not be conducted effectively. So, most of the institutes should conduct online examination to prevent such problems.

Difference between the traditional system of examination and new online examination system

The evaluator should prepare question papers when the examination is conducted in a traditional way. But, the evaluators online can configure online examination.

When the examination is conducted in a traditional way, the invigilator examines the paper and allocates marks to the students. But, if the tests are conducted online, then the system automatically evaluates the answers and provides grading to the students.

The physical invigilators should evaluate the marks and allocate grades to the students depending upon their score. But the system provides grading automatically based upon the scores of the students.

The students should reach the examination centre on time on a fixed date. But the online test takers should interact with the examiners online and fix a date that is convenient to them and examiners. They can appear for the examination from anywhere.

The students should carry pens, calculators to answer the questions and write on the paper. But the online test takers should just use the key commands and type the words.

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The students should wait for a month or more if they appear for physical examination. But, if they appear for online examination, the system produces instant results.

Advantages of online examination

When examinations are conducted in a physical way, the examiners can commit fraudulent practices or errors while evaluating the papers. So, sometimes the students are not allocated accurate results.

But the system does not commit any error and delivers results accurately. The computer generates results quickly and accurately.

But, when the online examinations are conducted, then the students can commit some fraudulent practices. They can easily access the sites that provide them the required information.

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Some of the files and folders can be shared and hence the students can copy the answers and paste the information in their online sheet.

So, the examiners usually install the proctoring software to prevent such fraudulent practices.

So, the platform for online examination is robust and it provides many special features. It is a cloud-based platform that consists of large storage space and the information can be stored safely.

It consists of several data privacy and security features. The system contains several question formats and nearly 6 stimulators. So, the data can be stored safely and securely.

Usually, in the process of examination online, some viewers can extract information secretly. So, some safety and security features are installed.

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About online examination

Online examination is also known as e-examination system and the examiners can conduct examination using internet or company-wide intranet facilities.

Conducting Online Examination Using Online Exam Software

The online evaluators can evaluate the answers as soon as possible because it consists of answer processing modules. So, the evaluators can evaluate the answers as soon as the candidate finishes the exam.

It is a fully automated system to evaluate the examinee and the results are presented within a shorter time. Some on-screen tests are taken on the computer. The candidate appearing for the examination online should sit in front of the test window for a specified time.

If the student is deviating from the window, then the system automatically provides a flagging. It is a warning sign for the candidate, and they should strictly follow the rules as specified to them.

So, after the examination is completed, then the test window closes. Then, the evaluator assesses the responses of the candidates. The students are usually notified about their results via emails or any information provided to them by the site.

Using the online exam software, the examiners monitor the candidates online through the test window.

Such examinations are conducted through the process of e-assessments. Three parties are involved in this process namely the conductors, supervisors, and the test takers.

The supervisors manage the system of an examination. They manage the system users, recovery and the system back-up.

In this process, the conductors prepare for the subjects, sets question papers, and the test takers are the people who get evaluated by the conductors.

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Then the conductors usually upload the question papers to the site and the administrators access the question papers and approve the papers. Then, the test takers are provided with ID and then the students can log in to attempt the test.

These tests are usually administered by the system automatically and they are usually proctored for higher examinations using online exam software.

Then, the user submits the tests and the system evaluates depending upon the layers of the examination. The participants then are notified with the test scores.

In the process of physical examination, crucial information can get lost, but if examinations are conducted online, then they can safely secure the data on the system.

The exam software but maintaining information in the books can be time-consuming and resource-intensive procedure.  But data can be easily entered online and can be stored permanently if the system is properly working.

When online examinations are conducted, then the examiner conducts different types of questions or any free texts. The students can easily find their links online to appear for the examinations online.

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But, if they are appearing for physical examination, they should search for their seat. Sometimes, a student consumes time excessively to find his classroom for examination.

But the examiners should always find the right online exam software. They can find the exam software that is best suited to their needs. Then, they can browse information and explore different options.

Then, they should also consider certain points such as the market experience, charge for the online examination, features available on the table, trusted clients etc.




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