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How Content Marketing Businesses Can Survive in a Post Coronaconomy?

The 2019 novel coronavirus, known globally as COVID-19, has raised unprecedented public health and economic concerns that are likely to transform the way businesses operate in the future. 

This transformation is limited to how companies use and sustain themselves and grow their brand and customer base. Central to this concern is how companies attract consumers and promote their products and services. 

A company’s advertising, marketing campaigns, and promotional practices will be central to its success in the future.

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in shifts in advertising, marketing, promotions, and media spending, forcing companies and brands to reevaluate their views on current and future advertising and marketing campaigns to maintain a steady stream of income. 

As brands struggle to strike the right note during a global health emergency, the future heralds market disruption, increased competition, and a demand for creative and aggressive content marketing practices. 

It’s honest to mention that we already realize five principal disruptive shifts that might affect consumers’ attitudes and behaviors, submit the pandemic:

5 Content Marketing Business Ideas During the Pandemic:

Brand loyalty is eroding 

This fashionable alternative of conduct in reaction to COVID-19 has additionally been contemplated in a shattering of emblem loyalties. Almost 1/2 of clients try new manufacturers, and a 3rd incorporates new private-label manufacturers into their buying repertoire. 

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This highlights the want to become aware of fast while consumers migrate among manufacturers for entrepreneurs. The healing cycle will choose the manufacturers with promotional interest to enhance client relationships. 

According to Forrester Research, business-to-consumer (B2C) entrepreneurs will grow their spending on loyalty and retention advertising by 15% in 2021, all of the same time as slicing returns on product or performance-primarily based advertising.

Digital shopping is here to stay

After the outbreak, the dramatic rise in e-commerce and omnichannel service adoption doesn’t seem to be slowing down—169% of e-commerce purchases by new or low-traffic users. 

Additionally, the vast majority of consumers who have expanded their use of digital and omnichannel services such as curbside pickup, home delivery, or shopping via social media platforms expect to continue doing so in the future.

The balance between sustainability and hygiene 

There will be a solid intention to continue contactless activities, such as increased self-service checkouts in retail. Single-use packaging will remain popular at the expense of reusable packaging. 

FMCG companies and retailers will commit to decarbonization over the long term.

Location Marketing For Content Marketing Businesses

As more consumers move from urban areas to suburbs and rural areas, location marketing will become critical. According to Accenture, two-thirds of consumers primarily shop at neighborhood stores or buy more domestic-sourced products. 

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Localized content and personalization will be more crucial than ever to connect with audiences. Localization will also quicken marketing automation and data mining as marketers better control ROI.

The Rise of the Cradle Economy 

Americans spend their time at home with work and domestic affairs. Usage of famous online entertainment platforms has skyrocketed. As economies reopen, nearly three in four consumers say they are doubtful to restart pursuit outside the home. 

They are concerned about going to a gym, hair salon, or restaurant. Still, they are apprehensive about shared environments such as the office, public transportation, carpooling, air travel, and crowded places in general. 

Amid the disturbance, consumer behavior may never return to the previous “normal” even after COVID-19 subsides or is defeated. Americans will resume to pay out more time at home and seek safety. 

The whole structure of our life will change. For example, many people might reconsider staying in the area they live in and move to the countryside, which would reverse the urbanization trend.

Content marketing businesses must do the following things during this crisis:

Take a fresh look at your goals 

Like it or not, you need to change your content marketing strategy. Today, the needs and desires of the audiences you communicate with have changed—that in our strategy. Let’s face it; we’re all dealing with fewer resources. It’s time to make tough decisions. 

That means we have to go back to the beginning and look again at why we started the project in the first place. If you continue with a strategy adopted just a few months ago, you could find yourself looking for a new job with no changes.

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Steal target market For Content Marketing Businesses

Right now, the folks who make up your target market aren’t simply status round awaiting your content material. They are actively concerned and engaged in mobile, video, audio, and text for information or enjoyment. 

During the beginning of the pandemic, your target market and clients digested nearly every part of Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney Plus. If you’re going to interrupt via, you want to take that interest and direct it in the direction of your content material (now no longer a smooth task). 

Most influencer programs, mainly in B2B, revolve across the influencer “doing” something, including performing on a podcast or writing something unique. While that is excellent and works for many companies, the high-quality manner to contain influencers is to invite NOTHING of them. 

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Just begin growing content material and publicize their efforts and expertise. Build it in on your content material programs. This might be via a: 

  • Research mission 
  • E-book 
  • Traditional book 
  • Blog series 
  • Podcast shoutout 

So, in case you need your influencer mission to benefit ​​from momentum quickly, ask not anything of the influencer at first. 

Just allow them to recognize they had been blanketed on your mission and how you are attempting to assist them with their visibility. You’ll be surprised at the number of humans inclined to proportion this sort of work. 

Then later, when you construct a court with the person, you can ask them if they need to help grow unique content material with you or be a visitor to your podcast. Over time, as you construct relationships with those key influencers, they’ll proportion your stuff, and you’ll win over their target market on your platforms.

Focus on your authentic believers 

There is a time for substantial verbal exchange and content material efforts; however, this isn’t certainly considered one among them. At this moment, be aware of the “authentic believers” inside your target market. 

Is there a phrase that would be more worthwhile than the others within the target market you’re targeting? Is your content material advertising attempt contingent on notably converting people’s minds and behaviors? That’s extraordinarily hard in this environment. 

It would help if you also recalibrated and were ​​conscious of rounding up the ones already interested by what you need to say. During a monetary disaster like this, it’s usually high-quality to the cognizance of a smaller, more excellent worthwhile target market group.

When the financial system starts evolving to develop once more within the future, you could expand your target market base.

Develop an inner content material advertising enterprise 

Behind my desk, I have pinned from B2B Magazine taped to the wall. It’s from January 13, 2003. The writer is Don Schultz, arguably the daddy of incorporated advertising. In it, Don says, ” internal advertising is more crucial than outside advertising. 

Customer-dealing with personnel, now no longer outside advertising, pressure consumer acquisition, and retention.” This is real proper now extra than ever. However, now may not be the time to create additional content material to improve the paintings. 

It may be a straightforward electronic mail e-newsletter for salespeople notifying them of your new content material tasks and distinct methods to apply it. It may be a weekly podcast that speaks to me approximately agency news. 

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A regular worker e-newsletter may recognize how the agency is overcoming struggles. It may be a Slack group. Remember, your personnel is continually your high-quality advertising asset. Get them worried about any content material you’re creating.


These transformative adjustments require entrepreneurs to rethink what they recognize about their modified customers and how they attain and interact with them. Moving forward, an omnichannel advertising method is essential to survival. 

Conclusion and, as telecommuting and the “crib economy” turn into different standards and prominent, reshaping wherein and the way human beings live, work, and shop, the cascading effect will necessitate new processes towards attaining consumers. 

Brands ought to be agile, innovative, and geared up to test in what becomes a continuously evolving new advertising landscape. I hope you found this helpful.




Hi, I’m Prabhakar. I am a fan of technology, education, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in reading and digital marketing. I have 5+ years of experience in digital marketing.

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