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10 of The Best Virtual Classroom Software in 2021

The need for virtual classroom software and distance learning platforms has reached the highest point ever in history. Today, many businesses offer full employee training sessions and most schools and universities perform their classes online.

There are many different LMS Software solutions you can try if you need to provide online training, but how to pick the best one? If you’re looking for a platform that lets your employees or students learn new skills and develop existing ones remotely, here are 10 fantastic software solutions you should try.

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Best Tools for Virtual and Distance Learning in 2021

1. ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software

We start our list of the best with ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software. It’s a very well-designed platform that lets you quickly set up advanced training sessions, courses, tests, quizzes, and so on. You can administer classes with multiple learners and provide excellent self-help knowledgebase.

All classes held in ProProfs are engaging and fun. Once the classes are over, training administrators receive detailed reports and analytics that they can use to evaluate progress and understanding. The software works on all devices and is available in over 70 languages. 

2. ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS is another online distance learning solution by the same company, and it’s also made to the highest of standards. It’s an excellent choice for employee training because the software enables you to quickly set up your own template and create a detailed planner for all future classes.

Moreover, the software comes with numerous smart educational tools and one of the largest libraries of quizzes and professional tests. Other features include learner progress tracking, detailed statistics, branding and security options, fully customizable articles, documents, and media. All this makes it one of the best tools for distance learning money can buy.

3. TalentCards

TalentCards is a virtual classroom software that focuses on business-related mass training, enabling companies to quickly train their employees remotely. The entire learning activity revolves around learning cards that deliver fun training sessions on all devices.

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The use of cards facilitates quick and easy training, and you can add helpful links and information for further reading on each card. It’s widely used to help train sales teams, and it can make any boring topic fun and interesting. The reports are straightforward yet detailed, allowing instructors to track learners’ progress and improve skills very quickly.

4. Itslearning

Itslearning is a platform with a long history. It was launched in 1999, and it has been upgrading its features ever since. Today, this distance learning software offers all kinds of features to make teaching and learning easier than ever before. It’s widely used as a class management tool in schools, municipalities, and business organizations.

With features such as online tests, Google integration, and assignments, you can quickly create a system in Google Docs where you can keep track of everyone’s progress and review their work. As a result, itslearning is a very efficient learning software solution with all features you need for employee training.

5. SAP Litmos

If you’re looking for a cloud-based solution, SAP Litmos is an excellent choice. It’s a solution that combines learning management, prepacked content, and a great content management system that you can use to create effective employee training sessions. 

The focus is always on the learner’s experience, and the platform offers full support on all devices, allowing users to get on track at any time and anywhere. The tool is currently used by over 20 million people across 130 countries. It’s straightforward and simple to use, and all of the lectures are designed to help employees improve their skills more efficiently. 

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6. WiziQ

WiziQ is a complete LMS software solution ideal for employee training and online tutoring. It’s designed to help organizations deliver live online classes with multiple people at once. The entire software is very easy to use, and learners can follow all classes using any device.

The software also comes with features such as a virtual classroom, an easy-to-use course building tool, an entire library of tests, and advanced assessment tools. Moreover, you can upload your existing content and sell them as online courses to other companies and users. 

7. Electa Live

Electa Live is a virtual classroom software that makes you feel like you’re back in school. It’s an entirely cloud-based solution widely used by companies and school teachers to provide the best online courses.

One of the best features of Electa Live is that it lets employee training anytime and anywhere in the world. Employees can complete their classes, fill out tests you set up, and the advanced report tools will help you educate your team quickly and efficiently.

8. SkyPrep – Virtual Classroom Software

SkyPrep focuses on helping businesses and managers create highly effective online employee training courses in a matter of minutes. The simple interface lets tutors customize every course and create a highly-personalized training experience.

SkyPrep can turn a boring online course into a fun experience for everyone involved with an intuitive design and a modern look. Of course, you can add any file, build your tests and assessments, and generate detailed reports for every learner. It’s a cloud-based mobile employee training software with all features you could ever need.   

9. eTrainCenter

eTrainCenter is a complete LMS software solution with highly advanced integrated content with full cloud support. Different industries use it, and it’s available in several languages. The software mainly focuses on learning management and allows teachers and managers to create tests and exams easily.

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Some of the features include course completion statistics, complete login history, and access to SCORM-compliant authoring tools. Learners can access courses online, share their screens with tutors, follow PowerPoint slides in real-time, and even record entire training sessions for further use.  

10. Brainer LMS – Virtual Classroom Software

Brainer LMS software is one of the oldest virtual learning software you can try. You can create advanced individualized learning experiences with the help of the platform and employees can access them from anywhere in the world using any device. This advanced learning management system is ideal for companies of all sizes.

The UX is intuitive, easy to navigate, and focuses on employee engagement. Other features include:

  • An advanced course wizard
  • Reports
  • Role assignments
  • A simple learning process for both tutors and learners

Tutors can use multiple tools to create courses, import training material, and everything in between.

Have You Used a Virtual Classroom Yet?

There are plenty of choices for you to choose from when it comes to virtual classroom software solutions. Keep in mind that some solutions are created to give users the full freedom to create tests and run classes using an intuitive UX.

Our vote goes to ProProfs as it’s one of the most advanced classroom tools available right now. It’s a superior solution, and it features everything you could ever need to create the best employee training programs.




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