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5 Elements of a Newsletter with High Open Rate

A newsletter is an underrated marketing tool that many businesses don’t utilize up to its full potential. For those who don’t realize, a newsletter can help establish credibility and authority for business and keep the audience updated about upcoming and ongoing business initiatives, offers, discounts and much more. A newsletter may or may not be a part of a brand’s email marketing campaign. But, irrespective of what information a brand might choose to include in its newsletter, none of it matters unless people open it from their inbox.

A newsletter can be an impactful tool to grow your subscribers and build a strong relationship with them. However, most businesses fail to utilize this opportunity to gain more subscribers through newsletters because they fail to create a newsletter than can drive high open rates. In this post, we will discuss the top 5 elements that should be present in every newsletter.

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The top 5 elements that should be present in every newsletter

Know Your Audience

To make sure your newsletter is well-received by your audience, you have to know your audience well. Segment your audience based on their interest and try to target email newsletters to specific groups. If you think a generalized approach will work fine, you can combine different elements in your newsletter and send it across to your subscribers.

You have to keep in mind that your subscribers may not only consist of your audience but also investors, shareholders and vendors. They might be more interested to know about the performance of your business rather than knowing how many new blog posts you’ve published in a month. At the same time, there can be a group of people who wait to find discounts and offers in the newsletter so that they can use it to purchase from your online store.

When you study your audience behaviour or get their opinion on the type of content they want to see in your newsletter, it gets much easier to decide which information to include and which one to skip.

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Invest in an Appealing Newsletter Design

A newsletter should be able to reflect the values of your brand. Hence the newsletter design should be in sync with the logo color of your brand and the text used should be consistent with the text used on your site. People should be able to instantly relate the newsletter to your brand as soon as they open it.

You should invest in a professional designer on board to ensure that the brand identity is maintained throughout the newsletter. The newsletter should look neat and well-aligned. The newsletter design should be responsive to both desktop and mobile devices. Every segment of the newsletter must be easy to identify. Besides the color and the page design, you must also ensure that every page of the newsletter has your brand name and logo and the call-to-action buttons are clearly identifiable.

Write Catchy Subject Lines

Catchy subject lines have the power to grab your attention instantly. A compelling subject line can increase email open rate by 203%. The best way to come up with the best subject line is to conduct A/B testing so that you know what works and what doesn’t. You should avoid using spammy or trigger words in your newsletter subject line to decrease the chances of it going to the spam folder directly.

Try to use a tone that will appeal to your target audience and don’t go overboard with the length of the subject line. Keep it short and simple. Anything between 6-8 words will work fine as a newsletter subject line. Try to provide an insight about what’s in store for the readers in the subject-line and avoid mentioning something that people can’t relate to in your newsletter. To personalize your newsletter, you can add fixed initials to the subject line such as “XXX Monthly Newsletter” or “XXX March Weekly Digest”.

Add Clear Call to Action

A call-to-action tells your subscribers what action they need to perform on your newsletter. You must have set some target in mind while sending out a newsletter. Your goal can be to increase the sale of a new product or to increase the readability in your blog.

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Depending on your target, you need to add clear CTA so that people know what action you want them to perform. Ensure that you add a clear call-to-action button in the newsletter to ensure that your goals are fulfilled.

Share Your Contact and Social Information

Another element that you need to take care of in your company newsletter is your contact and social information. If you have a new subscriber who has come to your site to read a good blog post, he/she might not be aware of your presence on social media yet or might not know how to stay updated with new content published on your site. In such a scenario, providing the social and contact information in the newsletter will help them to stay connected to your brand and know it better in the days to come.

5 Elements of a Newsletter with High Open Rate

As much as you want people to read your blog, some people might feel overwhelmed with the newsletters you send them every week or month and may choose to unsubscribe. In this scenario, it is essential that your newsletter also has a “unsubscribe” button, which they can use to opt-out. This will at least save your site from being reported as spam. However, it is very unlikely that people may want to unsubscribe your newsletter if you provide them with a tailored newsletter content. So focus on the elements mentioned above and increase the open rate of your newsletter.

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