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What is The Career Scope for Android App Development in India?

Reasons To Choose Android Development As A Career

The android market has hit the mobile application world. According to the survey, the google play store is acquired with 3.5 million android applications. The year 2018 has been a factual year for the smartphones and android market has been a dominant part of the mobile operations.

Number of applications for Android app developers

80% among all the operating system are acquired with android apps. According to IT recruiters, students who have choose android app development as their career is a wise choice for them. Their future of talented android developers seems bright as the mobile applications are increasing day by day and people are getting riled on the apps only even for the daily routine.

Now business sectors has also turned their way to serve their services. The doorstep services can be possible via mobile app and business owners prefer to opt for the android platform as there are many reasons to launch app in android system.

According to the 2018 survey, 85% of the mobile phones are dominated by the android apps. It is expected  to grow in next five year and till next year it is turn as a 1.41 billion devices in 2022 with 2.4% annual growth rate. 13 billion user increase from previous year.

Smartphone Mobile App Users Statistics

In this article, BR Brains, a well known Android training institute in Jaipur will tell you the career and future scope in the android development.

Reasons To Choose Android Development As A Career

Open Source Platform:

The one of the biggest benefits of the android platform is open source. It offers developers to work in a creative environment and to bring the app with full creativity. Mostly start up companies prefer for the android platform.

Attractive Package:

Android platform offers an attractive package, developers can generate the desired revenue, as the experience increase of the developers they can demand the hike in the salary package. There is high demand of the android apps in the market and it increases the demand of the experienced android programmers. The US mobile app developer average salary is  $107,000 / year, where as android app developer highest salary is $144,000/year.

Variety options in Career:

The android development offers various career options to the developers. It can opt for the particular career, according to their interest. There are various career options for the developers, including Android Engineer, Mobile App Developer, Mobile Architect, Mobile Lead Software Engineer, Mobile Embedded Software Engineer.

Wide android community:

It offers a huge android developer community, there are multiple android developers available online to support each other. This platform offers a great platform to interact with developers and to exchange the ideas. The groups are rising at a high steady rate and have an interactive community.

Easy to Learn:

To grab the skills of the android platform is very easy as it is not a complex platform. It is easy to learn and develop. The most essential skill for android platform is Java. If you posses the basic skills, so it will be easy to bring the successful android apps.

Career Scope for Android App Development in India

Career Scope for Android App Development in India

India has turned as a IT Hub and the most popular and reputed companies use to hire android developers or companies from us. India is serving with android services to all over the world and even some of the top reputed companies are also opting India for the android app development services.

Before android, iOS and Symbian platforms were dominating the market. Then android has market its presence in the dynamic fields and in lower price. As this has increased the popularity and demand in the global market.

Top reputed and popular companies like Samsung and HTC are also opting for the android platform.

So, for android app developer, there is huge demand in the Indian market and choose it as a career is the wise option as well as the gaming and entertainment industry has a wide demand.

A developer can opt for the full time job in a reputed company with the official 9 hours office timing or can also take a freelance project from the customers and complete it according to the client’s requirements.

On the other side, android programmer can take the android projects on the hourly basis and can work on the various projects. An android developer works at the multiple roles for a company and  as well as individually – developer, programmer, mobile UI & UX designer, mobile marketer and support system staff etc.

Looking future in android developer?

If you are in a misconception that android developers don’t have any scope in the market or have low scope for the career. So, don’t be on a wrong path as android developers have a high scope in the market. If still you have a second though for being an Android developer, so turn it as your final decision and there are many top reputed android institutes, from where you can enhance and grab your skills.




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