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How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities in quick time?

Guest posting is an excellent strategy to build the audience base for the website. If the site writes guest posts regularly for legitimate blogs with quality content, then the posts can serve as an excellent source of inbound links and traffic. Guest blogging can do great business if it is done right. But a chore here is to find quality guest posting opportunities.

Everyone who needs guest posting gigs use search engines, this means bloggers who rise to the top of the search are completely inundated with requests for guest posting. The request can probably get lost in the shuffle.

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Here are some of the tricks to find guest posting opportunities in quick time:

Tricks to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

1. Check the guest’s posts of the competitors:

Spying on the competitors is the easiest ways to find websites that accept guest posts in the niche. It is good to follow the steps of the competitors to find the right websites after doing all the hard work. With the help of dedicated tools such as Linkminer, it is also possible to check competitor’s backlinks. Links from high authority domains will definitely benefit the blogger.

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2. Contact the partners:

This is one of the simplest, efficient and most overlooked techniques. If the bloggers have a relationship with people and businesses in the past, then they are most likely to accept a guest post and want to maintain a good relationship with them. And if they operate in the same industry, then it is more likely that the link will be relevant.

3. Take advantage of search operators:

Search operators are essentially search strings that one can add to their query to find specific websites. Blogger outreach services ensure that to maximize the relevance, the bloggers have to combine them with the specific niche keyword. One of the most useful and advanced search operators is the Google search engine. For instance, if the blogger has to look for guest post opportunities for their online marketing tool then he will have to combine all the search operators with online marketing and search to submit a post. It is possible to perform all these searches manually or make use of the scrape box to automate the entire process. After the list is ready, the blogger has to extract the root domain for every link and remove duplicate domains and rank the websites by the authority.

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4. Check the directories:

This is a very easy trick; some people would have already prepared a list of websites that accepts guest posts. To find these, look for websites that accept guest posts on Google along with the industry domain. Though this looks easy, it is still tricky and the websites included in the list receives tons of guest post proportions. The blogger has to write a very convincing guest post outreach email, just to stand out from the crowd.

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5. Monitor industry keywords:

The four techniques that we have listed here are good to create a static list to start with, but for those who want to grow the guest post opportunities list, monitoring specific keywords helps a great deal. This can help the blogger spot the competitors new guest posts and apply the technique in real-time.

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Factors that influence the guest posts:

a. Relevance:

The number of backlinks that one receives is an important ranking factor. But quantity alone is not a parameter. In order to identify spammers, Google also takes into account the relevance of the link. The relevance can be broken down into two dimensions, namely domain relevance, and page relevance. Domain relevance is learning if the website that the blogger receives a backlink in the same industry or not, and this helps to evaluate it in the future. Page relevance is evaluating if the content of the page where the links were placed has anything to do with the own website and the link page. Finding the best website to guest post on means that the blogger makes sure it belongs to the same niche or not.

b. Importance of authority:

Google offers each of the website a specific authority score. The score of the referring website is taken into account so as to give weight to each of the backlinks that one receives. Before contacting the author of the website, it is good to ensure that its authority is sufficient to have a positive impact on SEO.

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c. Do-follow and no-follow links:

In the eyes of Google, there are two types of outbound links, do-follow and no-follow links. Any link with the no-follow parameter will not pass the authority for the website. Thus, blogger outreach services suggest that, before reaching to a webmaster, it is good to ensure that the guest posts do not contain this no-follow parameter. 

Final words:

After doing all the needed research for quick guest posts, the next important step to ascertain is to prioritize the steps by relevance and authority. This way it will be easy to find guest posting opportunities easily.




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