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How to Avoid the Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes?

Let’s face it; we all make mistakes; a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately, making mistakes is inevitable, and many times we will not end up with the results we planned for. It can be challenging to figure out which digital marketing efforts your audience will respond best to.

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Trends move so fast that it is not always easy to stay on top of them. It is important to learn from errors and prevent them from happening again. Learning from mistakes others made before can help you save a lot of time, effort, and precious resources.

Keep in mind that it is never too late to make a change. Therefore, we want to invite you to read on to avoid commonly made rookie digital marketing mistakes.

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

You are in trouble if…

…you do not have a clear goal:

Ask yourself,  “what do I really want to accomplish?” It is not easy to always have a clear vision of the future of your digital marketing efforts, but before you start planning your digital marketing strategy, you have to have at least a vague plan in mind for how you are going to achieve your desired short-term and long-term goals.

Not having a plan not only looks unprofessional, it also gives the impression that your company is disorganized. If you do not set realistic goals and establish what your objectives are, you set your campaign up for failure. It is essential to outline some specific and attainable goals which make it possible to measure your success and support your idea.

…you are spamming your audience:

It seems evident that you should avoid spamming your customers at any cost, but unfortunately, to this day, many companies think that a quantity over quality approach will bring better results. A lot of them spam their customers or subscribers without even realizing it.

But how do you determine whether the receiver appreciates your content or not?

Start by analyzing your past email campaigns and try to view it through the eyes of the people that receive it. Make sure that your emails are relevant to your customers and that you do not risk upsetting them, which will only result in them hitting the unsubscribe button.

…you do not pay attention to mobile users:

Recognizing that concentrating on mobile users is essential to the success of your marketing efforts is necessary to your overall business success. Making a website mobile-friendly or designing a newsletter so it also looks presentable on a mobile device is vital to keep your audience engaged.

Do not make the mistake of overlooking people that prefer to use smartphones or tablets to connect with your brand. If you neglect mobile online users, you risk missing out on a chance to connect with a significant portion of customers or clients.

…you ignore the competition:

Not paying attention to what your competition does is a rookie mistake and can end up costing you a lot of money, as well as your brand’s reputation. Failing to follow new trends can lead to your customers doing business elsewhere.

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Make sure that your team keeps an eye on the competition and general trends in the industry, but without copying what they are doing.

…you ignore the power of email marketing:

Trends come and go, but email, and with it email marketing, has already been around for a long, long time and has not lost any of its former charms. The Internet may now also focus on mobile usage and social media when it comes to digital marketing, but that does not mean you can forget about your email campaigns.

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Email is extremely effective, and still one of the most powerful marketing tools for connecting with your audience,  not to mention it also offers the highest ROI. You can easily personalize your email marketing efforts and tailor your messages to the specific needs of your different email lists. The team at 101domain put together a full guide about the importance of email marketing.

…you are not using guest posts:

If you have a blog that attracts your audience and also helps your search engine results, you should listen to guest bloggers that offer to write for you. Fresh content can attract a different target group and opens your business up to new opportunities.

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On the other hand, you can also offer your writing skills and knowledge to websites with high domain authority, which allows you to place a backlink to your own site. It is a great way to gain extra exposure.

…you do not use CTAs:

Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons are essential for every digital marketing campaign. No matter if you use them in an email or on a landing page, their goal is to visually lead the user to the action you want them to make, be that a purchase, subscription, or whatever else.

The only thing worse than a misplaced CTA is not having a CTA button at all, or merely ignoring the chance it offers. A/B testing is a great way to find out where you should use your CTAs and how you can use it, so your audience engages with it.

…you focus on quantity over quality:

Would you rather read one fantastic article about a topic that you are interested in and that teaches you precisely what you are looking for, or would you prefer to spend a whole day browsing a website to read bits and pieces before you finally find your answers.

The answer is clear, and it explains why you should concentrate on the quality of your work. If you can provide remarkable content that your audience will benefit from, you will benefit from a long-term relationship with your customers.

…you neglect testing:

Your digital marketing efforts may be effective at the moment, but testing is an essential factor to guarantee a successful future. A lot of businesses fail because they do not monitor their results but rather assume how their audience will react to upcoming campaigns.

The best way to plan ahead and to maximize your results is through testing. It is the best way to diversify the resources that are used in each campaign strategy.

How to Avoid the Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes?

…you do not personalize your communication efforts:

Personalization is extremely important. Sending emails from a customer specialist is far more effective than sending an email blast from your team’s corporate email address. It will allow you to establish emotional connections and gain loyal customers.

…you do not pay attention to SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital digital marketing tool and a strategy for improving your site’s rankings, and it is extremely important for your overall success.

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It will improve a website’s overall searchability, and visibility with the end goal of improving your position on a search engines result page (SERP). In addition to that, it can also enhance brand awareness, help building relationships with prospects or customers, and positioning your business as a trustworthy expert.




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