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What is The Future Scope of Hadoop Technology?

The word Hadoop is not new to us. When it comes to Big Data, name of Hadoop can never be behind. This is one of the major technologies that are being used in the market nowadays and the future scope is also bright for Hadoop. As the technology is highly scalable and cost-effective, most of the big MNCs including Facebook, Google, IBM, TCS, Wipro, and Microsoft, etc have been using Hadoop in order to deal with the massive and bulk data they have. The various activities include the data storage on the cluster without any system failure or hardware issue and also the addition of the hardware to the nodes and so on.

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Still, there are many newbies in the market who have a question in their mind like what scope does Hadoop holds in the future. Well, to answer this question a simple fact is that tons of data keep generating every day and this adds up to available tons of data. So it is obvious that the demand for tools that can efficiently work on this data can never decrease. In fact, in the near future, the demand for Hadoop developers is going to increase at a fast pace.

Salary of Hadoop developer in India

Since demand for the technology is very high, on an average the Hadoop developers earn 8.5 lakhs per annum as fresher. With experience, the salary keeps increasing and the sky is the limit for the talented people.

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How to make use of the scope of Hadoop?

The latest surveys on Glassdoor etc have clearly stated that 90 to 95% MNCs have taken Hadoop into use and even the startups are now moving forward to get into the same. Hence, demand for Hadoop is never-ending and selecting this as your career can give you a great platform to move ahead in your life and become a successful professional.

In order to become a proficient Hadoop developer, below are the few useful tips that you can follow:

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Take up the internship courses

Well, in the world of IT, internships hold a very powerful place. Once you take up the Hadoop internships from some good companies, you get the idea of working in the real world. Also, you are made to work on projects which will help you understand the real use of Hadoop. With internships, you get an exposure to meet the industry based people who are working there from years. So you can definitely get good guidance as well. Once you complete your graduation, you can take up the internship courses.

Get certified as Hadoop developer

What is The Future Scope of Hadoop Technology?

Certification adds up stars to your resume and also gives confidence to the interviewer that you have enough knowledge of the technology. Along with that, even you will have confidence in yourself that you can sustain in the cut-throat competition of the market. Now the question arises that how to get a certificate. Well, nowadays there are many resources available from where you get Hadoop Training done and get certified. For example, you can join some courses online or some classroom training, etc.

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Proficient in SQL and one programming language

Since Hadoop works on data, it is good to have basic knowledge of SQL and how to write basic queries. It is also advisable to have knowledge of at least one programming language including Python or Java etc. With these skills in hands, you definitely stand out of the crowd when going for the job in Hadoop profile.

In upcoming years, Hadoop is going to show a significant rise in demand and hence this is the right time to get skilled in the technology and get into it when the market is good.




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