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Top 20 Best MBA Distance Learning Colleges in India

Best 20 MBA Distance Learning Colleges in India

A distance MBA (Master of Business Administration) is given to Bachelors who are looking for a job and still want to continue their study in a more advanced and specialized program in Business Management. Also, people working as professionals may want to pursue this course since it doesn’t require regular class attendance which could distract their full-time job operations. Housewives who want to take their profession to a more advanced level and don’t want to attend classroom lectures may also apply for a distance MBA course.

In India, the business education sector is growing at a larger scale and currently, there are about 4,000 management colleges with almost 4.1 lakh seats. According to statistics, more than 500,000 students graduate with an MBA degree in India each year and the number is likely to double in the next few years due to the introduction of online and distance programs. As of date, an online MBA and a distance MBA are the courses known to be the most demanding Online Masters Programs in India.

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Due to this trend, pursuing an MBA from a recognized university or college can open up many opportunities for your professional career. This article presents top twenty best M.B.A distance-learning colleges/universities in India that can take your business management career to the next level.

Top 20 Best MBA Distance Learning Colleges in India:

Top 20 Best MBA Distance Learning Colleges in India

  1. Institute of Management Studies (IMT) Ghaziabad

This’s one of the well-known management colleges in the Indian Republic that has won a number of awards for its distance education/learning programs. It offers various distance programs including MBA under the IMT COL (center for distance learning). All distance learning courses in this school are recognized by UGC (University Grants Commission) and are provided in the field of information technology and field management. The PGDM (MBA) course offered in this institution takes two years and it’s in the field-of-management. Apart from the PGDM (MBA) degree, the college also offers a PGD (postgraduate diploma) which takes only one year in the field of business administration. Specializations offered in the distance MBA course include Information Systems, Operations Management, and Human Resource Management.

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  1. Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL)

This’s another institution which has won a great many awards and it’s regarded as the largest autonomous institution for distance education/learning in India. It offers PGDBA (MBA) that takes two years. The degree has six specializations such as HR, Management Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Finance, Marketing, and Operations. An undergraduate degree is a requirement when joining SCDL for its distance learning MBA course.

  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

When you think of this institution, the first thing that lingers in your mind is the number of students. All over the world, this institution is recognized as the largest university that picks a great number of students every year. It offers many distance learning programs including the MBA which is the most popular. In this institution, completing an MBA requires a minimum duration of 2 years and there is no age limit to join the course. The major specialization is Banking and Finance. If you want to join the university, make sure you have an undergraduate degree with at least fifty percent marks.

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  1. ICFAI University

This’s one of the universities that offer one of the best Online Masters Degrees in India and has a great number of distance learning specializations in MBA. Some of these specializations include Finance, Risk Management, Healthcare Management, Hospital Administration, IT and Systems, International Business, and a lot more. The University has won many different awards for the quality of education it offers in the country. The MBA distance learning is very popular in this institution and it’s divided into five modules. In the third module, of the sixteen electives offered, the student needs to choose only one elective. In addition, the entire course is based on examination and self-study model.

  1. Sikkim Manipal University

This’s one of the top-rated universities in India that offers one of the best distance learning/education programs using a body known as SMU—DE which was founded in 2001. Apart from MBA, SMU—DE offers other distance learning courses such as MCA, MSC, BSC (IT), BBA, and BCA. The postgraduate course (MBA) takes a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years. In this university, you can choose only one of the four specializations in distance MBA. That is Marketing Management, Finance Management, Information Systems Management, and Human Resource Management. To be eligible for an MBA distance learning program in Sikkim, you must have an undergraduate degree from a reputable university/college.

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  1. Annamalai University

In the Southern Parts of India, this is one of the most popular institutions which offer a lot of courses under the DDE (Directorate of Distance Learning). This body provides the general MBA program as well as five other specialized courses such as Marketing Management, International Business, E-Business, HR, and Financial Management. To be eligible, you must have passed an Entrance Examination offered by the University.

  1. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

This institution was ranked the top ten best colleges in India based on a regular MBA program. It offers many management programs including Certificate, Diploma, and PGD. The NGA—SCE (Global Access School for Continued Education) governs all the distance education programs offered in the institution.

As of now, under the distance learning mode, the college offers about seven PGD (post-graduate diploma) courses including PGD in International Trade, Banking and Finance, and Supply Chain Management. All courses are approved by the Distance-Education-Bureau (DEB) and you must have at least a degree with fifty percent marks to be eligible for an MBA distance education course.

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  1. Prin. L N. Welingkar Institute of Management

This’s another top institution that offers one of the best Online Masters Programs in India. It provides an MBA distance education/learning program and among other courses. It offers PGDM (MBA) with many different specializations such as Financial Management, Rural and Agribusiness, Media and Advertising, Travel and Tourism, Services Excellence, and among others. Additionally, the institution through a hybrid learning model offers part-time courses such as Certificate, Diploma, and PGD in Management.

  1. Amity University

This’s one of the private universities with a great number of students in India. It has been top-ranked several times due to the quality of education it offers to many students across the globe. Like the above institutions, it offers an MBA distance education program which takes a minimum of four semesters (two years). The course has eleven specializations including Insurance Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Information Technology, Petroleum and Natural Gas Management, and among others. To be eligible, an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution is a must.

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  1. Lovely Professional University

This university is one of the best universities in India and has won a great many awards for the quality of education it provides. It offers both distance learning/education and regular courses. The MBA is one of the distance programs it offers along with Certificate and Diploma programs. The course is budget friendly and includes seven specializations in Finance, IT, HR, Marketing, Retail Management, International Business, and Operations Management.

  1. Illinois Tech (India)

Founded in Chicago, this institution of learning which started operations in India since December 1998 is one of the best institutions that offer distance education/learning courses. The school is well known for Technology, Mathematics, Sciences, Psychology, Architecture, and Engineering.

Additionally, it offers various Online Masters Programs in Computer Science, Information Technology, Manufacturing Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. A distance MBA degree is also offered which includes eleven core courses, five concentrations/elective courses, and forty-eight credit hours of learning. Some of the concentrations in MBA that are not offered in other colleges include China Studies, Technopreneurship, Corporate Finance, Management of Public Sector, and Creativity and Innovation. Others include Business Analytics, Risk Management, Emerging Markets, and Business and Society. Applicants must have an undergraduate-degree with 3.0 GPA and a scale of 4. The entire course takes a minimum of two years to compete.

  1. University of Mumbai

The University of Mumbai is no exception when it comes to offering distance learning courses. An MBA course is one of the major distance learning/education courses that were introduced in the university some years ago. A PGD (MBA) distance learning course is the only one available at the moment and includes specializations in Financial Management (PGDFM) and Operations Research Management (PGDORM). These are subdivided further into various subjects and it takes four semesters (two years) to complete the program. To be eligible, the university requires one to have at least a degree with two years of working experience.

  1. Osmania University

This university aims to create and spread social and scientific knowledge to all the students. It’s very well known in India and tops in most learning occasions. The university offers a distance learning MBA which is mainly PDG (MBA) which runs for two years. Specializations include Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Management. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree from any university recognized by the University of Osmania. Additionally, the applicants must pass an entrance test provided by the university.

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  1. Anna University

Anna is a State-University based in Chennai. The ODE (Center for Distance Education) controls all the distance learning programs in the institution. Apart from an MBA degree, it offers MSC (Computer Science) and MCA (Master of Computer Applications) through the distance education mod. The MBA and MSC distance courses are supposed to take duration of at least four semesters (two years) but a course in MCA takes six semesters (three years) to complete. The university allows applicants to have at least an undergraduate degree in any course in order to be eligible for a distance MBA program.

  1. Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU)

YCMOU is an Indian State-Open-University that has become very popular due to the distance courses it offers to knowledge seekers across the world. One of the distance learning courses it offers is the general MBA, MBA (Finance), MBA (HRD), and MBA (Marketing and Manufacturing). The duration is two years minimum and five years maximum for all the distance education courses. One must have a degree with a pass mark of forty-five marks to be eligible for the course.

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  1. Rai University

Rai-University is one of the institutions that aim to mentor young leaders who have the potential to control any organization in order to make a loyal, knowledgeable and committed human resource in such an organization. Through its distance education program, the university offers courses which are approved by the DEC. These include postgraduate and graduate courses. The MBA program offered in this institution has specialization in various fields including applied arts, humanities, computer science, commerce, technology, and management. The university includes support services for the students, a hassle-free procedure of admission, and a fixed period of examination and declaration of results. To be eligible, any degree from a recognized institution is all it takes.

  1. Indian School of Business (ISB)

ISB is one of the most loved institutions when it comes to Information Technology and Online Masters Programs in India. It offers one-year duration of study for the PGP (postgraduate program) distance learning in Management. In addition, it provides an MBA distance education program which takes only four semesters until completion. Specializations offered in this college include IT Management, Operations, Strategy, Finance, and Marketing.

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  1. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Research

This institution is a Deemed-University that was established about twenty years ago. Currently, it has thirty-two colleges in which it offers education at an affordable price when compared to any Online Master’s Degree in USA. In its distance learning/education program, it offers MBA as a dominant course which takes a minimum of two years. Some of the distance MBA courses it offers include Business Administration, Information Technology, and an Executive Master of Business Administration. Applicants are required to have at least an undergraduate degree in order to be eligible for the course.

  1. Indian Institute of Finance

This institution is a premium college in India that trains business people in various fields. As the name suggests, it provides one of the best finance education to the eligible students across the globe. Due to the high quality of finance education, the institution has been able to emerge top 50 among all colleges in India. Through distance learning/education, it offers BBF (Basic Business Finance), MBF (Management of Business Finance), and MBA (Master of Business Administration). A bachelor’s degree with fifty percent pass mark is all you need to be eligible for the program.

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  1. Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta)

IIM-Calcutta is a public college in India based in Joka, West Bengal. This school was the first one to be started by the India Government. It was established in 1961 in association with MIT. The institution is known for Doctoral and Post Graduate level programs, Research, Executive Training, and etcetera. Additionally, the institution has been ranked among the best schools in India for providing the best CEOs, Founders, and MDs in many Indian firms.

Under the distance learning program, this college is no exception in providing the best level of education. It offers distance PG diploma (MBA) courses with specializations in Business Management, International Business, Global Business Management, Young Managers, Sales and Marketing, and Business Analytics. In conclusion, online and distance education programs are the best courses to study especially when you have a very engaging job occupation. This is what has saved people a great deal of time since they don’t have to sit in the lecture halls for long hours.


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