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A Roadmap To Become Better Android Developer

In today’s competitive world, Android is the most commonly used platform. And with more than 75% of the mobiles are Android-based, due to which the usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. According to the current statistics of the IT Industry, there is a huge demand for Android App Developers in the field of Android Development.

This is why you need to join the Android App Development Training Institute, where you can learn Android Development Training Course from scratch.

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Select the best Android Development Training Institute, which provides the training to students through Real-Time Projects from Basic to Advanced Level for better understanding.

The Android Training Course is designed according to the current industry requirements for students at flexible timings as well as at a Cost-Effective Rate.

Anyone who wants to learn Android Development but has no idea where to start can join this course. The course can also be useful for those who have already started Android Development but wants to become better can opt for it.

Java or Kotlin? Which work better?

Talking about Java is an official language for Android app development and one among the most used languages. There are several apps build on Java and is most supported by Google.

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Whereas, Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language used as an alternative to Java for Android App Development. It’s called secondary official Java Language since 2017.

The main difference between them is Kotlin removes superfluous features of Java-like null pointer. Also, it eliminates the ending line semicolon. In short, Kotlin is very easy and simple to learn for beginners.

There’s some myth rolling around that will Java ends? Well, Java is a reputable programming language, and there’s no such language without fault. Even Java makes the developer’s job tedious.

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But At the end, it gives security using improved features. Kotlin, within a few years, has become more stable and best development option for Android studio.

Kotlin is lighter and designed to improve the existing Java model when compared to Java. But Peers, you’ll get a mixed opinion from different developers. The choice is yours, which works better for you.

If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend using Java, instead of jumping to Kotlin. As Google declared Kotlin as the first-class language. Therefore, to get the most out of Kotlin, we must go for Java. Start learning basic for Java then Kotlin basic and at last go for Android Studio.

Roadmap to Learn and become Android Developer

The main goal to provide this roadmap is how better Android developer you can be and accomplish your mission. There are no shortcuts for anything, but if you’re willing to put in the efforts, you’ll surely get the success you deserve.

If you’re aid to become Android developer and have decided to jumpstart into Android development, then check below pointers that may be relevant to you.

Get familiar with Android frameworks:

Learn about actual framework code, discover things by yourself and how different piece works.

• Get over your FOMO:

FOMO is fear of missing out which will make your afraid of things you’re missing in learning crucial things and trying to build things. So, get over it and expand your horizon.

• Start Reading and learning Code:

There is a developer who doesn’t start by reading code and fail to become a better developer. Learn code from open-source libraries and discover coding techniques and feature implementation.

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• Consider learning multiple languages:

Keep yourself updated with new ideas, new perspective and improve your Android development skills. Learn a new programming language every year.

• Learn Java Design Pattern:

If you’re stuck in solving critical programming issue, then having knowledge of Java Design pattern can work as a lifesaver. Make up your mind to learn a new design every week until you know the most.

• Contribute to Open-source:

Consider open-sourcing if you have developed library, plugin or any useful code. Open source development comes with the crash course and helps to increase your value exponentially.

• Make IDE work:

Understand IDE better and use Android Studio and focus more cool features and shortcuts hidden in IDE. You can make a habit to discover new ways to make tools work for you with improved productivity.

• Architect your Android App:

It is one of the important things that we can do is to adopt good architecture like MVP or MVVM using separate logic, interactions and different layers with easy managing and testing.

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• Learn Clean coding:

It’s one of the important things that you can’t ignore. You have to maintain the standard coding guidelines when you work with developers.

• Practice more:

Start learning and coding as it’s a best practice of Android development. Keep in mind the dos and don’ts, which helps to become a better developer and help your app to stand out from the rest.

• Start slow, expand Slowly:

Try to break a big problem into small parts and work on small components to solve it quickly. Don’t get overwhelmed initially by seeing complex problems, and you can solve it by taking baby steps and expand slowly.

• Adopt TDD:

One should adopt TDD (Test-driven development) and build a robust way to survive the test of time. If you fail in the first test case, then write the actual code and make test again. Later, finally clean and optimize it.

• Consider running two Android Studio versions:

Keep in mind to use the stable version of Android Studio. Consider keeping the latest version of Android studio installed in it. Also, there come new features that come along the beta version, don’t miss to try them out.

And finally,

After you learn how to become a better developer, you can also look for ways to monetize those skills. You’ll find several ways and strategies to make a new profession as an Android developer. The knowledge will help you to find a job in the reputed firm so you can continuously grow yourself in future.

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However, if you’re looking to work on live Android project and want to opt for Android Training, then Agile Academy is best for you as they have 10+ years of experience with 5000+ Students different opt-in technologies. They know the current market trends which will help students to achieve long term goals with 100% Job placement.

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Myra Dixit is a Manager at Agile Academy – Best IT Training Institute in Ahmedabad, having 10+ Years of Experience in Education and Training. She is open-minded who’s willing to explore beyond his knowledge.




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