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6 Highest Paying Positions In The Field Of Human Resources In India

For any organization, the most important thing is its human capital. Without their employees, the businesses would not be able to function. In order to manage this life-line worth of a resource, the organizations formulate a department called the human resource department.

The human resource department in any organization does not consist of just a human resource manager who manages their workforce. This department is like a slice of lasagna – numerous layers combined with the most essential flavors to form the most beautiful looking portion of food.

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There are many job opportunities in this department. Many pay over one lac a month in Indian currencies. Given below is the list of job positions in the human resource department that pay exceptionally well in India.

6 Highest Paying Positions In The Field Of HR In India

HR Consultant

Usually working in a contractual capacity, these professionals are proficient in evaluating the company’s relations with its human resources, understand their circumstances in that aspect, and come up with various policies, pay structures, incentives, and other HR affairs of the organization.

There are two focal reasons as to why an organization may outsource HR consultants. Firstly, the small enterprises do not have enough HR support internal to the organization, nor do they have the proficiency needed to take over the essential projects.

Secondly, the large enterprises aspire to have a fresher perspective on their problems and hence would decide upon hiring an outsider to accomplish the same. Such an outsider can focus on identifying and dealing with the actual issues without worrying too much about the organization’s politics and biasness.

Their task is to study the jobs and bring out the flaws in order to formulate the best policies for the organization’s employment. The only requirement for anyone to become an HR consultant is to have years’ worth of experience as a Human Resource Manager. Their average salary in India is ₹33,400 per month.

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Cosmopolitan HR Compatriot

The world is a global village. Many organizations now have staff from various countries, whether working remotely or from the office. Commonly known as International HR Associate, this professional performs the basic tasks like job postings, package formulations, applicant screening, reviewing compensation, etc.

They formulate HR strategies for the multinational companies who have a customer base all over the world, and hence these strategies need to be in accordance with the labor laws and standards of various countries at once.

Overall, the persons with the most aggregate experience of serving businesses while living in various countries throughout their career are the one who is preferred the most. An average salary of such a candidate in India would be ₹38,000 per month.

Placement Manager

Hiring new employees in the organization holds just as much importance as the other factors of production. The placement manager is the person who is responsible for recruiting new personnel for the organization.

His duties include choosing a source of hiring, screening the pool of candidates to choose the good ones, conducting the interviews and secondary background checks, and hiring the talent that is best suitable for the market.

As easy as it may sound, this job competes with the HR manager in terms of the pressure. Hiring the best talent in the market is not the only task that they have. They have to make sure that the skills of the person that they are selecting for the post match the job requirement.

Hiring a person with cooking skills for the job of a waiter. He may not have the patience, presentation, and speaking skills that a waiter may need. Similarly, you cannot hire an ex-waiter to be your sous chef because if he cannot cook, your business will come to a halt.

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Moreover, the quality of the staff in the organization matters for the business too. The recruitment manager is the one who makes sure that all the people they recruit for the organization are from flamboyant backgrounds.

The skills of any person qualified and applying for this position are valued at more than ₹41,000 a month in India (the amount is an average of the salaries of the fresher and experienced personnel combined).

HR Managers

Apart from the ones mentioned above, the roles of a training and development manager, risk manager, manager of employees’ compensation and benefits, employee relations manager, employee safety specialist, etc. are the roles that follow these positions in the top 11 highly paid positions in the field of Human Resource Department.

Human resource managers – the most underrated people in the organization. They are the bridge between the management and the authorities. Although people presume their work to be nothing more than just hiring, paying, and firing the employees, their role in the organization is much higher.

An HR manager’s plate is plenty full with managing and calculating the payroll, handling grievances, conducting recruitment cycles, holding exit interviews, communicating the intents of employee and employer to each other without missing the crux of the messages, arranging training sessions, maintaining the employee’s motivation.

Maintain the relations between the employer and employee, manage the human resource management software, and this is just the beginning of the list. An HR manager should have a unique mix of skills ranging from calculative skills to tactfulness to communicating abilities.

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The people thinking that the only thing that HR has to do at work is to organize fun games for their employees and play the hire, and fire games need to realize that they are still living under a rock and the world has transformed a lot since the last time that the HR was considered to be party planners.

In India, a fresher with an HR specialization in their business masters can receive a starting salary of ₹30,000 a month, subject to appreciation with time. A person having a minimum experience of three to four years in the same field is easily entitled to a salary of more than ₹58,000 a month.


A CHRO, a.k.a Chief Human Resource Officer or Vice President of Human Resources of any organization, is a part of the executive management of the company. They report to the CEOs every activity taking place in their human resource department. CHROs are highly involved in the decision-making and strategy formulation of any organization in the field of human resources.

An ideal CHRO is the one who is proficient in communication, both – verbal and written. Besides, in order to manage the major grievances, they need to have conflict resolution and interpersonal talent.

They must be strong when it comes to analytics and problem solving and have an unmatched emotional quotient. The core of a desirable HRM is the knowledge of labor laws as per the Indian constitution.

Having higher experience would only mean higher knowledge, thereby increasing your chances to become a CHRO in any organization.

It is not easy to reach the position of a CHRO. Noone can ever just become a CHRO. It requires decades worth of experience and remarkable decision-making and judgment skills with over-the-top knowledge about human behavior.

The skills of an experienced candidate as such are more than ₹1,80,000 per month in India.

Human Resource Director

An HR director is a person who is in charge of making the policies of hiring, employee benefits, advancement, the retirement of the employees, termination of the employees, etc. in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. This position is considered one of the senior-most positions in the field of human resources.

The candidate aspiring to attain this position must have a Bachelors in Human Resources, Business Administration, or other similar fields, a Masters Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource, and a minimum of five years of experience in the field of human resource management. Apart from these, they must possess the same skills as mentioned for the CHRO, proficiency in operating computers, and basic knowledge about talent management.

Directors are entitled to manage the entire human resource department of the organization and play a huge part in affecting employee motivation and empowerment.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the core of their skills comprises financial management, logical reasoning, agility with HR software and without a doubt, leadership skills. Candidates possessing these skills and having enough experience in the field of human resources can earn up to ₹2,29,000 in India.

Summing It Up

The higher the salary, the more qualifications, and experience it demands. The journey to these destinations is not a smooth highway. It is an unpaved street filled with hardships and downfalls. The other end of these dark alleys is where success waits for you.

In order to achieve one of these positions, any candidate needs to put in the effort. Although the intensity of efforts varies at different levels, the returns from them are worth all the hard work. So if you are a person who is keen to develop their career in the field of human resource management, your hustle begins now!

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