How to Take a Screenshot on Mac, MacBook Pro?

If you are a user of Apple’s Mac, you must know about specific keyboard shortcuts to capture the screen of your MacBook. This article discusses how you can take a screenshot on Mac by using keyboard shortcuts or a third party app letting the user take screen shots remotely.

Moreover, you can find here how you can save, open and delete screenshots by using simple tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on Mac or Macbook Pro

It is very easy to take a screenshot on MacBook and MacBook Pro if you use your fingertips right. By pressing a few buttons, you can capture whatever appears on the screen of your Mac machine.

We have discussed here 3 keyboard shortcuts that let you capture the screen of your Apple computer. Let’s read on “how to screenshot on a Mac?”

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How to Take a Screenshot on Mac and MacBook Pro?

Command+Shift+3 (Take Screenshot of the whole screen on Mac)

By pressing Command+Shift+3, you can instantly capture the screen of your Mac device. It will take a screenshot of the whole screen.

screenshot of the whole screen on Mac, Macbook Pro (command+shift+3)

Shift+Command+4 (Capture Specific portion of your Mac screen)

If you want to capture a specific portion of your Mac screen, you need to use this shortcut.

  • Press Shift+Command+4 to turn the cursor into a crosshair.
  • Now, click and drag the crosshair to select the portion of your screen that you want to capture.
  • Once you select the area, release the mouse button to take the screen shot.
  • There are many ways to take a screen shot after using. Shift+Command+4. Some of them are discussed below.

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capture a specific portion on Mac (Shift+Command+4)

Press and Release the Space Bar

Once you turn the cursor into crosshair by pressing Shift+Command+4;

  • You can turn the crosshair into a little camera icon by tapping and releasing the space bar.
  • You can move that camera icon over any open window.
  • You can click on any open window to take a screenshot of it.
  • The screenshot taken with this particular method features a border around the captured image with a drop shadow.
Drag the crosshair icon to take a screenshot on mac, macbook pro

Press and Hold the Space Bar

  • After turning the cursor into crosshair and selecting the area for a screenshot;
  • Press and hold the space bar before releasing the mouse button or touchpad.
  • In this way, you can lock in the size and shape of the selected portion and can reposition it on the screen.

This technique is helpful in repositioning the selected area if you have not chosen it appropriately at first.

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Press and Hold the Shift Button

When you have selected the screen to take a screenshot, you can move your cursor up or down to reposition the bottom edge.

  • To do so, press and hold the Shift key before releasing the mouse button or touchpad.
  • It will lock in all sides of the selection made using the crosshair. After that, you can easily move the mouse cursor to position the bottom edge.
  • Now, before you release the mouse key or touchpad, release the Shift button and press it again to change the position of the right edge of the selection.

Shift+Command+5 (Take A Screenshot Using Macbook Screenshot App)

The manufacturer has introduced a new keyboard shortcut to capture a screenshot of the 2018 version of the Mac operating system.

  • By pressing Shift+Command+5, a small panel appears on the screen with options to capture screen.
  • The panel contains three screenshot buttons letting the user take a screenshot of the whole screen, a window or a selected area of the screen.
keyboard shortcut to capture a screenshot on mac (Shift+Command+5)

How to take a screenshot on MacBook Pro (Command+Shift+6)

Here is the way to take a screenshot on MacBook Pro and other versions.

  • There is another way to take a screenshot on MacBook Pro and other Mac machines with Touch Bar.
  • By pressing Command+Shift+6, you can take a screenshot of whatever appears on the screen.
take a screenshot on MacBook Pro(Command+Shift+6)

I hope now you have the answer to “how to screenshot on a Mac“. Still, are you having problems? Don’t worry, here I’m adding the video on this issue.

Third-Party Software for Screenshots

There is a software application that lets you take screenshots on a Mac device without taking it into custody.

Remaining anywhere you can track your MacBook and can send the command to the computer device remotely.

The tracker software for Mac computers enables the user to keep track of the digital behavior of their concerned persons.

The software allows watching out activities performed on a Mac machine by someone else.

The user of the tracker software can monitor the screen of the Mac computer by capturing a screenshot or getting the screen recorded without accessing the computer.

Read on to know how you can use the software to take a screenshot on Mac without having physical access.

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Download the Mac Tracker App

Firstly, you need to download the tracking app on your MacBook. You can download and install TheOneSpy tracker app on a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.

Your device must be running the MAC operating system 10.5+. Once you make sure that your device is compatible with the software, you can download it to the Mac computer.

The software can be downloaded from the official website of the Mac tracking software.

Install the Mac Monitoring Software

Once you download the software on your Mac computer, install the tracking software.

It is very simple to install the software on any Mac machine. You can seek help from tutorials available on the developer’s website explaining the user-friendly installation procedure.

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Run the Online Control Panel

After you have installed the tracking software on your Mac machine, you need to open the online control panel of the tracker.

You can use any mobile phone or computer device to log into the online portal of the software.

The online control panel lets you take screenshots on your Mac computer without having the device into possession.

For instance, if you are away from your Mac machine, you can use your smartphone to open the online control panel and to send a command to the Mac computer for screenshots.

Send Command for a Screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac, MacBook Pro?

After logging into the online control panel on any internet-enabled digital device, you can send a command to the targeted MacBook for screenshots.

The user can select a number of screenshots to be taken and the interval to capture these screenshots.

As the targeted Mac device receives a command for screenshots, it starts capturing the screen with predefined intervals.

The tracker software installed on the computer device accesses and uploads these screenshots to the web portal of the software. The end-user can retrieve these screenshots anytime by logging into the online portal.

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I hope this article would help in learning ways to take a screenshot on MacBook, MacBook Pro, and Air with Touch Bar.

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