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Is it Worth to take Certification in Data Science?

In the modern technical world, data science plays a vital role in the success of a business. Analyzing various things such as how a marketing campaign is running, what went wrong and right in that – everything a data analytics professional calculates. By observing this, he makes a plan for a modified or updated implementation. With this macro-level analysis, a company gains correct insights and set up future goals. To perform this critical role, companies are looking for certified data science professionals.

Data Analytics is a combination of science and arts. A knowledgeable and skilled data analytics professional effectively analyzes the important data set. By getting certification in data science, you gain skills and learn a lot to be successful in this field. In case, you are entirely new to data science; the certification will help you start from the fundamentals. This is how you can prepare a base to start a career in the data world. Or, if you have basic knowledge and you want to develop advanced skills, the certification will provide you with enough content to do so.

Data science training and certification has become important in the data-driven world. So, to be a successful data professional, you need to choose the right training and certification course. Industry- designed certification can give you a force to take a high jump in the data career as well as in earning more. This is very important in today’s data-oriented world as now data has become everything, and is being generated in volumes. The main job role of a data scientist is depicting or structuring raw data in a way that businesses could get insights from and introduce this important information in improving their existing business models.

In this post, I have mentioned all the key reasons that tell how gaining certification in data science can help you make career in various ways. Also, you will get to know that how data is spread in almost all the domains and maintaining a worth in organization development.

High Demand For Data Science Job

The demand for data professionals is just the start. Organizations these days are looking for technical experts having good experience in data science so that they can utilize the power of Big Data. In recent past years, the number of jobs in the field of big data has tremendously increased. A analytics into their business system for effective results. Research says that most companies in the US are implementing big data analytics and some are in the process of adding this latest trend into their business processes.

Golden Opportunities for Growth

With the data science right training and data science certifications, a professional has endless opportunities in the field of analytics. One can see the huge amount of data in the world and understand how important it is. This is the key reason that makes data science a top priority for each organization. Basis statistics, predication says that this data would certainly grow further by 2025. Hence, the opportunities for a data professional will be growing in the future. Also, in the coming days, data science professionals will start working beyond big data. So, if you are willing to make a career in data science, now is the time to get a certification and proper training to give it a kick start.

Handsome Salary For Data Science

With the high demand and job opportunities of data science executives, the paid value is also higher for them. As per the salary survey report provided by – the annual salary of a data professional is $130,000. Now when you drag attention on the salaries of big data professionals in the UK, you will see an exponential increase. Research says that data science people started a career at a basic package but now they are one of the best-earning professionals. Either you consider it a law of nature or demand of the digital world; data science people get all kinds of pampering.

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You may be wondering what the salary of a data analyst is comparatively less than a data scientist. Let me clear you one thing here that starting a career as a data analyst just ensures that you have entered the world of data. Therefore, no matter whether you start as a data scientist or data analyst, the salaries would be best and satisfactory as this is the hottest designation in the current century. 

Flexibility of Gaining Specializations

Maybe the term data engineer doesn’t itself describe the actual meaning but it’s magic and the job that a data professional does is also magic. Data is a wide field where you can make a career in any specialization depending on your abilities and skills. Since the domains available under data fall in a huge range hence, you can choose any domain as per your interest and competencies. Let’s discuss some of the most important domains of data that people can select and start a career.

Marketing Data Professional

A marketing analyst is the most demanding job in the current world, here marketing covers only the digital marketing area, and some data-driven decisions are implemented each time. Therefore, a marketing analyst is responsible for analyzing and generating new ideas for the marketing team. He tells the best marketing platform to execute processes, the whole budget, who will be the targeted audience, how long a campaign will take, analyzing the marketing reports, ROI of each channel, and looking for new ideas and avenues for organizational sales and marketing growth.

Financial Data Professional

A financial data analyst works on the data related to finance. Analyzing from a high-end that how the finance team is working, how to reduce the cost, boost the bottom line, finding the correct process for purchase and, figuring out key things that can help a company to run smoothly and effectively. In simple terms, being a financial data professional, you have to take care of the financial situation of a company.

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Sales Data Professional

Sales make the pillar of revenue for any organization, sales analysts are an extremely important asset of a company. A sales data professional checks all the sales processes, strategies, and prepares a set of actions predicting these would generate a great benefit from the sales team. In simple words, their key job is optimizing sales and sales processes. He monitors all the sales figures, develops ideas in less cost, improves the sales cycle in a better manner and figures out if something can be done to modify the sales and profitability of an organization.

Operations Data Professional

An operations analyst is aware of all the end to end process of a company. He describes what are the right processes for workflows, optimizes the business procedures, performs research, searches for the existing workflows, suggests for new implementations, and ensures that the operations team is using the best practices to change the picture of the company.

Improve Practical Knowledge

One of the best things about getting certified in data science is you get an opportunity to learn from experienced data professionals who have been working in the industry for the past many years. Not only you get a chance to learn new things but also, you get access to various tools that you utilize to perform tasks. Let’s take an example of learning web analytics, wherein learning is introduced with the Google Analytics tool. Since they will be using this tool as a data analytics professional, it’s better to provide a prior knowledge and hands-on experience.

No Strict Conditions to Get Certification

Is it Worth to take Certification in Data Science

Anyone can start and complete data science certification. It doesn’t require any condition to be fulfilled first. You don’t need experience for this; rather, even if you have just passed out of college, you can take this opportunity. All you need to invest time and energy to get this certification. And, this most important fact is that with zero prior experience, you can entirely focus on building new skills to get certified in Data Science. Once you’re all set to take the certification then choose a suitable course for you. Also, prefer those courses that you find interesting and can get everything online related to it.

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The current world is revolving around data, and data is being generated daily. The volume of data is increasing day by day. Since this information is very useful in generating good ideas hence, companies are aggressively looking for data professionals who can use this data, perform analytics and fetch out important ideas to help businesses improve processes. You should take a data certification as it helps a lot to open multiple opportunities for you in data science as well as a kick start of a career.

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