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What is Moz link explorer and how it works?

MOZ is a tool to analyze website performance to do marketing in a better way. It is a more valuable, less invasive way where customers get earned. It mainly focuses on search engine optimization to increase traffic, ranking, and visibility. The representation depends upon the listing score for overall online visibility. It measures direct and in-direct partner sites for accuracy, completeness, and duplicates. MOZ link explorer is a fully-featured desktop environment for analysis and visualization of complete data.

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It is a free browser extension that provides on-page access to the MOZ’S link metrics and site analysis tool. MOZ Pro is a premium paid SEO web application which helps to stay in the top search engine ranking. It allows you to monitor local and national searches to get an overview of the campaign and understand how your site ranks across thousands of keywords. MOZ offers SEO tools that have keyword analysis, link building, website audits and page improvement insights so as to assist corporation to possess a far better read of the position they need on search engines and the way to boost their ranking.

To increase your sales and improve the ranking in local search engines local MOZ SEO is one of the best content marketing and analysis tools with advanced functions to increase traffic and attract customers.


It is the fully-featured desktop environment for the analysis and visualization of complex data sets. Link explorer is an influence in our audits for prospective clients. It communicates link metrics and site strength in a clear rage of our prospects in MOZ page authority and domain authority. Explorer highly accurate the link tool to check the back link profile and domain authority for any site. In order to get the information on how MOZ link works you need to enter the URL of the website and page, you want to get the link, create a MOZ link account to the access link explorer and other free SEO tools. You get the notification from the mail in order to reboot the link. In order to see the link to any site we need to understand when your page or your website is ranking by reviewing and monitoring the inbound links.

Find more information about the Moz OSE.

Discover the most recent links to update yourself to monitor your content is gaining or losing links. MOZ research tool is great for running off reports it mainly used for grabbing data to wow a potential client. The tools are included with your MOZ pro-free trial or paid subscriptions.

MOZ index crawler is gathered by crawling and indexing links, this data allows us to know how DA and PA calculate the metrics and Google ranking.

How often does MOZ’S link index update?

Moz adds fresh link data everyday to index billions of pages and crawls, In which the DA and PA wont change daily. It changes only a few new links to the respective site. They add new backlinks data every day and update the link explorer between 1 to 3 days.

How does Moz index the web?

The web is built by the crawling and indexing links. Crawler, Dotbot, is built on machine learning based model that is trained to start with high value link to gain better apprehension of how Google ranking and deliberate metric pages like DA and PA. The database reflects those changes in links count and in a score.

Why I am not seeing expected links?

New links have the capability to get populated into the index in 1 to 3 days. It takes a longer time to discover the backlinks to the site based on factors like crawl ability and quality of the link based on the referring of the page. Check the index to the referring page on which link is found. If we haven’t indexed the referring page you won see our link.

How can I help Moz index link to my site?

In this referring page can be indexed, where the link tracking list helps to find the referring pages and crawl them in the future.

The link tracking are useful for things like:

  • Tracking specific type of link or links from the specific domain.
  • Tracking progress for links to specific pages or section of site.
  • Tracking spam links which you’re working to review.
  • Keep tracking the links to regain from your lost links.

Is domain authority and page authority an absolute score or a relative one?

Both DA and PA are relative one to the internet. The website acquires a billion new links in which every DA and PA will relative to that site.

Why your reporting to a link I can’t find?

It means that if a link is removed or altered after the last time it gets crawled, in which it will be active until we recrawl the link again.

Can I bulk check DA and PA or spam scores for a list of sites?

To check the DA and PA or spam score in bulk would be only one way that is links API. It is used to build a tool that reports on link metrics and authority data. The Moz pro and Moz local are separate from API. API can be easily monitored from the account itself. In some cases a small amount of overage will get charged, otherwise you will not be charged.

The solution that scales the local MOZ without requiring a team is

1.            Minimize inputs, maximize outcomes

2.            Defends the brand’s online presence

3.            Prove the value of the work

4.            Work confidently with industry-leading support.

MOZ local pricing plans:

Basic plan:

1. The basic plan is $129/per year

2. It is suitable for small and medium enterprises

3. Local performance in SEO

4. Hundreds of business listings

Professional/Plus plan:

1. The plus plan is $199/per year

2. It is suitable for agencies

3. Thousands of business listing

4. Local analytical SEO

Complete premium plan:

1. The premium plan is $299/per year

2.  It is suitable for enterprise brand

3. Gives full search and analytics on SEO

4. Success assurance in social media

The MOZ offers their crawler to the site, it digs crawler to the site to find problems and fix them. It ensures you to know the site issues so you can fix them fast. In which link-explorer is also called as a backlink or inbound link are created when one page links to the other. The backlink evaluation tool is a mixes a variety of metrics like page authority, domain authority, and spam rating. The backlink is important for both search engines and end-users. In the search engine, It helps to determine to authorize and relevant your site that you rank.



Mozbar provides an overview of the page authority and domain authority pages which directs to the chrome browser. The Moz toolbar is a way to take advantage of Moz information without having a login from their site. It includes several linking sites and they are easily highlighted to the no-follow links on a page.


Domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website rank. Domain authority measures scales from 1 to 100. It gets better ranking and more traffic from Google gives more chances to get the new customer. When we get closer to the 100. Where a low domain authority results in huge losses of traffic and ranking. To increase the domain authority

1. Good domain name

2. Optimize on-page content

3. Create linkable content

4. Create an internal linking structure

5. Removes bad and toxic links

6. To make sure that the website is mobile-friendly

The domain authority shows you the top competitive Search engine optimization metrics in which the total number of pages is discovered 5.4 trillion where there are a total number of 500 million keywords and 35.5 trillion links indexed.

What is Domain Authority and Page Authority


Page authority is a metric, developed by SEOMoz, to predictability to rank the specific page in search engines. High page authority means your page has the potential to rank in search engine results. Page authority score ranks from 1 to 100.

1.            Builds links to the page you are optimizing

2.            Spreads links from pages with high PA to those with less

3.            To make sure content is useful

4.            To build domain authority

5.            Removes harmful links to your page

The page authority measures the strength of individual pages. Whereas domain authority estimates the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or sub-domains.


Spam reporting, more properly called abuse reporting. The spam reporting activity is pinning abusive messages and reports them to some kind of authority so that it can be dealt with. The spam reporting messages deal with email messages, blog comments, or any kind of spam. There are many cooperative components on the sender side that uses spam reports to fix or mitigate the problem. It is very often, sometimes it is as easy as falling off a log, takes only modest session of spam-fighting to improve ranking.


MOZ Pro tracks the keyword ranking site’s performance and overall visibility on SERP over time to know what’s working and whatnot. Track the movement on the SERP to uncover the gaps in their strategies and build yours. The Moz pro solutions ranking the right keyword can make or break website success. Keyword explorer improves how to discover and prioritize the best keywords in less time. To understand the visitors to give an overview of how people searching for the products/services. Which keywords are being used and what questions are being asked to create high-quality content to target keywords with the accurate keywords volume and different metrics so that we can spend more time generating qualified website traffic and spend less time in spreadsheets.

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                On-page optimization improves customer experience and boost rankings. The visitors to the site can do two things, know the page what it is and easily find the information they are looking for. These indicate to a search engine that your page is meeting the customer needs.

                The renowned local SEO lays out the three factors that drive Google’s algorithm and local rankings in a simple and convincing way so that everyone can understand in the local algorithms which are always based on relevance, proximity, and prominence.  It is a very confusing thing for a lot of SEO who don’t use regularly to make this as simple as possible for people to understand.


For relevance information in order to understand it asks “does this business do or sell or have the attributes that the searcher is looking for?” so that it gives us all these businesses over here that might be relevant. For prominence, it asks “which business are the most popular and the most well regarded in their local market area?”


For proximity, the question asks “is the business closes enough for the searcher to be considered to be a good answer for the query?” In this way, it trips the people up in this way it defines the local algorithm.


The prominence gives the query to understand what it is all about and find what people are trying to find in the searcher’s location. It gives the relevant information to the query and prominence to the business. In this way, it makes clear to those who don’t understand the local algorithm. In this Google provides the information where you can list your business details including the opening hours, closing hours, phone number and address in order to get the regular updates, posts that can questioned and reviewed in order to develop the website performance.

                Therefore MOZ tool allows focusing mainly on the strategies and insights to find the keyword reports and scheduling individual site crawls every few weeks manually.




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