Which Kind of Service is Offered By QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Provider?

When anyone talks about accounting software, then the first name that comes to everybody’s mind is QuickBooks. Even in the current accounting market, where there are many options for business and accountants, QuickBooks tops the list as, along with being user-friendly, QuickBooks offers advanced accounting features as well. This is why QuickBooks has become the order of the day in the modern-day era. But now, accountants have abandoned the old way of accessing their QuickBooks, which involved installing the accounting software on the desktop and moved to QuickBooks cloud hosting software. And this is where QuickBooks cloud hosting provider comes in the picture.

What is the role of QuickBooks cloud hosting provider?

When you shift from your desktop installed QuickBooks accounting software to the cloud, then you will come across QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. A QuickBooks cloud hosting provider is a third-party cloud provider that will shift your QuickBooks accounting software on the cloud. Without a QB cloud hosting provider, you will have only one option of shifting to the cloud; on-premise cloud hosting. But on-premise cloud hosting is not a feasible solution for small and medium-sized businesses, and this is why QuickBooks cloud hosting providers are so important.

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What type of service is offered by hosting providers?

A QB hosting provider will offer you all the resources required to shift your accounting software to the cloud. In this cloud service, the cloud provider acts as a third party and will shift your accounting software on its public cloud server. You should know that the resources of a public cloud server are shared among different users and this is why it is so cheap. After shifting to the public cloud server of the QB hosting provider, you will be provided with RDP, and you will use it to access your accounting software from anywhere and at any time. In some cases, the QB cloud provider also offers a license of the QB along with the hosting service if you are not a QuickBooks user. But this does not apply to all the hosting providers.

The hosting provider will charge you on a per month, per user basis. With more number of users, the fee of hosting service will increase. You will always get an option to choose the trial period in which you can check whether the hosting services offered by the cloud provider fits your business needs or not.

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In addition to the main service of cloud hosting, the best QuickBooks hosting provider also offers round the clock technical support. Customer support is a vital part of any IT solution, and this is why you will need robust and always available customer support. Managing all the IT hassles on your own will further put the burden on you, and you will not be able to focus on your core business process. This is why QuickBooks hosting provider offers round the clock customer support service through a team of some of the best IT experts from the industry.

What are the benefits of shifting to QuickBooks cloud hosting?

Following are some of the most common benefits of shifting to cloud hosting:-

Enhanced security

One of the best advantages of shifting to QB cloud hosting is that you get an ultra-secure platform to work on. Keeping your financial data secured is very important, and keeping it on your hardware makes it vulnerable. On the cloud platform, many security layers will keep you secure.

Which kind of service is offered by QuickBooks cloud hosting provider?

High uptime

Downtime is the worst enemy of any business, and the traditional method of accessing your accounting software makes you prone to downtime. When you shift to the cloud platform, then you will get guaranteed 99.95% of high uptime. This means that you will get only 5–10 minutes of downtime throughout the year, and it is almost negligible.

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You should know that cloud hosting is very cost-effective, and this is why it is favorite among small and medium-sized businesses. You can choose cloud hosting services at just $27 per month per user. In addition to this, you will be able to save money in the long run as well.




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