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10 Trending Social Media Plugins: WordPress Tactics 2019

The main aim of every business is to seek the audience’s attention and their most attention is present on social media. But the question comes of how to build a dedicated and trustworthy following on your social media profiles that can further help you achieve the maximum profitability.

If you have a WordPress Site then taking advantage of social media sharing plugins can make you increase your brand equity, target audience, and build loyal connections. According to the 2019 reports shared by W3Techs, almost 34 percent of  total websites present on the web are running on WordPress which is a huge share to consider.

Now, are you in search of best social media plugins for WordPress SEO site? There’s no need to worry as the market is flooded with a huge array of social media plugins from where both the experienced developers or beginners can choose the one for them.

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So, let us take you on the tour to best WordPress social media plugins and help you choose the one that can drive the required traffic and achieve the maximum click on your posts.

Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

1. Social Snap

Social Snap has entered as a new plugin in the list but offering great social media share buttons, well-designed interface, and the advanced feature list makes it the best for WordPress Sites.

Besides social button placement options such as the floating sidebar, it offers you a unique option such as “sticky/bottom bar,” and “share hub.”

However, this is all basic about Social Snap, there is much more to know about this plugin.

  • Social Login: Makes you allow visitors to login easily with the help of their social media profiles.
  • Boosts Old Posts: Re-shares the old posts or blogs on your social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn to boost the performance.
  • Social Media Auto-Posting: Automatically publishes your old/new blogs or posts to your social media network profiles.

2. Monarch

The most flexible and popular social media plugin for WordPress website design is Monarch. It is a premium plugin that can be a little expensive but features offered by it are worth the money.

Monarch helps you showcase the social media share buttons from 5 different locations that are floating sidebar, automatic popup, above/below the post content, automatic fly-in, and on images & videos.

Besides all these, Monarch plugin further allows you to add the social follow buttons on the sidebar either by using the shortcode within the content or just placing a widget.

3. Sassy Social Share

Another interesting and easy to use social media plugin is Sassy Social Share offering tons of options such as style buttons, customization options, and more. Not only this, it supports a wide array of networks including hundreds of bookmarking services.

Everything is responsive, you can add the buttons in the post, enable/disable the floating buttons on smartphone devices, and much more.

Ultimately, if you want more control over the working and appearance of buttons, then Sassy Social Share plugin can be a better choice.

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4. WP Social Sharing

If looking to add social media share buttons for all the biggest networks then there is no better plugin other than WP Social Sharing. It allows you to quickly add the buttons for social media like Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more.

Along with these, you are also allowed to customize the text before or after the share buttons, all depends on your requirements. 

5. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is another tremendous plugin that is both feature-rich and appealing. It helps you monitor how and what people share on social media platforms. You are able to add custom title, descriptions, images to your posts to boost traffic and clicks on to your posts.

Other advanced features Social Warfare provides are :

  • Analytics Tracking: Using your Google Analytics account, you can track the performance of your social shares.
  • Post Widgets: Displays your best-performing blogs in the form of widgets.

6. AddtoAny

The “universal sharing platform,” another name of AddtoAny is a plugin that allows visitors to share a variety of networks by just pressing a single button i.e. +icon. Moreover, this plugin supports more than 100 social media sharing networks, floating sharing bars, and more which makes it a universal WordPress plugin.

All in all, the best thing about AddtoAny is it helps you measure the customer engagement with the sharing plugins and also the shared links with the help of the Google URL shortener tool.

Top 10 Trending Social Media Plugins: WordPress Themes
Top 10 Trending Social Media Plugins: WordPress Themes

7. Simple Social Share Icons

Simple social sharing icons brings you the longest list of features you might have ever seen. Whatever your needs are, you’ll be flooded with plenty of options with this plugin.

Let us share you the whole bunch  of features easy social share icons plugin offers you:

i) Analytics and testing: You can either run the tests or view the performance of your buttons through analytics.

ii) Customization: Allows you to open graph data, customize the shares, tweets, and much more.

iii) Popular Posts: Helps you showcase the popular posts published on social media by social shares.

8. MashShare

MashShare provides you the control to add the social share buttons of your choice on the WordPress site. Beyond this, it also helps you showcase the virtual as well as share counts to expand the social proof. Moreover, this plugin also uses smart caching to prevent the slow performance of the site.

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While its free version offers you so many features, buying its premium add-ons can also be beneficial as it offers:

  • More social platforms
  • Tracking via Google Analytics
  • Select/share or tweet
  • Various social share button placement option

9. SwiftyBar

SwiftyBar is not as popular as others but its unique approach and features make it worth including in the list of best Social media plugins for WordPress site. SwiftyBar is the bottom bar where you can place the social media sharing icons, estimated reading time, author bio, and other buttons to move to the previous/next page.

Furthermore, it also focuses on making your content easy to read and engage more and more customers.

10. Revive Old Posts

If you want more customer engagement on your social media profiles then you need to perform regular posting on all the platforms.

This process can be easy with the help of Revive Old Posts plugin that allows you to share the old content or posts automatically on your social media accounts. Furthermore, it offers the users to explore trending content and engage with your brand.


It hardly matters what plugin you choose, the important thing to ensure is the placement of buttons and organization of social networks to achieve as many as possible shares. Ultimately, creating an effective and result-oriented social media strategy is much more important than just adding some social share buttons or plugins to your website.

However, if any of the above plugins do not fit your requirements then move to a WordPress customer service to get the information of other various social media plugins that might fulfill your WordPress site needs. Good Luck!

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