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Social Media Marketing For Beginners

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies

Social media marketing is definitely more than what simply meets the eye. If done correctly then social media marketing can help increase your business three folds. You don’t need to have a technical background to successfully use social platforms for your benefit.

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There are a variety of tools available now that can help you develop a truly beneficial marketing strategy. Social media can help you reach out to your audience and also help you develop a valuable relationship with your audience. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a blog or a website or a business of your own, social media marketing is essential.

When using social media marketing strategies you should aim at growing your product awareness. The more people know about you, the more visitors you will have on your blog or website. However you need to be careful not to leverage social media without any proper planning. This can be a grave mistake for your brand name or business.

So what should you do to avoid such mistakes? Well, today we are going to give you a few tips that you can implement to see better end results. With the help of these steps and tips you can avoid the pitfalls and rise towards success. Once you have a strategy planned out for your business you are ready to outshine your competition! Now let’s get started.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks For Newbies

  1. Set Clear Goals

In order to successfully utilize the power of social media marketing you need to set clear marketing goals. If you do not know where you want to reach, you will easily get distracted and end up not getting the desired results.

While setting your social media marketing goals you need to keep a few things in mind. Be sure to set an achievable, measurable and defined goal. This way you can really understand whether your strategy is working or not.

Some examples of what your social media goals could be focusing on:

  1. Increasing the traffic to your blog or website
  2. Growing you subscriber or followers
  3. Engaging with your audience more often

Since you are new to this scenario so you can set a goal that you think is achievable in a few weeks or even months. Once you achieve your goal you will get a sense of accomplishment which is a great confidence booster.

  1. Identify The Social Platforms

Identifying the social platforms specific to your business is a very important step. You need to understand the importance and the power of all the social platform available to us. Some social media platforms are very versatile while some have a more defined set of rules.

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Facebook and Instagram are some major social media platforms that all types of business and websites can utilize. While Pinterest and LinkedIn are more defined where Pinterest is more inclined towards creativity and DIY whereas LinkedIn is towards Jobs and latest Tech trends.

Some of the social media platforms that you should start with can be:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Google+

You also need to figure out how you are going to share your content with your audience. Whether you will add links or share pictures or videos of your content will also play a major role in deciding what platform you can choose to start with.

Once you understand how this works, then you can use all the social media platforms and share all types of contents.

  1. Add Unique and Quality Content

Every year it is getting harder and harder to create unique and quality content. You can think of any topic to write about on your blog or website and I can tell you that there are hundreds of websites with the same topic or same content.

So if you want to stand out in the crowd of so many similar business then you need to do something unique. Not just with your content but also with your pictures, videos and captions. People love to see something new everyday. They want to be engaged, they want to be hooked on to your content.

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You may have a wonderful blog but if you are just regurgitating what others are doing then you will lose out on your audience. Originality and uniqueness is widely appreciated and applauded.

So brainstorm a little on how your business is unique and get the word out in even more fantastic and unique ways using social media.

Tips For Social Media Marketing For Beginners

  1. Research Your Competition

Whenever you enter a market space for any kind of business you are bound to face some competition. This is applicable in the blogosphere as well. Whether your blog is all about latest technologies and IT or it is about health and fitness, you will always see many established top ranking blogs in every domain.

So you need to learn to take advantage of these established blogs or websites. How can you do that? Well, it’s really easy, all you need to do is invest some time to research them.

With research I mean you can find out :

  • What all social media tools are they using?
  • What kind of post and captions do they write?
  • How often do they post on social media?
  • What time do they post on social media?
  • How are they interacting with their audience through social media?

These are just a few questions that you need to find answers for when you do your research. Once you understand what works for them you can tweak it according to your business and implement it.

  1. Make a Schedule and Stick To It!

One of the questions that I mentioned above that you need to answer is “how often do they post on social media?”. Having a proper posting schedule is really important for the success of your marketing strategies. But why?

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Well, even if your post is incredible and eye catching, if you post it when your audience is inactive on social media then your views will fall. In case you even get some views still you have missed out on the opportunity to get more.

Timing and schedules are the most important factors. All your efforts can be of no use if your audience does not get to see the post at the right time. You can look for the best times to post on different social media platforms on google.

You can easily find out the schedule for multiple social media sites online. Accordingly you can plan out what to post when and where to create the maximum impact. Get over your laziness if it is something that is stopping you or slowing you down.

  1. Evaluate Your Performance

Once you have come up with a strategy, go ahead and implement it. Give it some time so that you can understand and make minute changes to your strategy while it is implemented. Lastly you need to evaluate your performance and identify what worked for you and what failed.

The online blogging market changes very frequently. It is mainly due to the changes in Google SEO policies or can be also because of policy changes by the social media platform itself. Since this is an ever changing and ever evolving entity, you need to update your plans as well.

Even if some part of your plan worked perfectly in the past, it may not work now. So you need to be aware of it and take periodical performance evaluations. Surviving and thriving here can only be attained by your ability to enhance and evolve.


Understanding the quirks of social media marketing will help you in growing your visibility in a cost effective manner. Don’t think of this as a complex and time consuming process because if you follow the above steps you will eventually succeed.

So, grab a diary or use Google Docs or any other tool to document and plan out your Social Media Marketing strategy today!

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