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7 Tips For Using Visual Content Marketing

What is Visual Marketing?

There is no need to highlight the fact that social media has become more and more about visual marketing. This is because it plays a strong role in attracting people to the content that is being shared online.

What is Visual Marketing?

Visual marketing helps in driving online growth, engagement and traffic conversion. Thus it goes without saying that visual marketing will play a very important role in the success of your business.

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It has become important to create strong, consistent and relatable content in the field of content marketing and thus the power of visual content has enhanced.

But are there any facts to justify this argument? Well, of course, there are. Let’s look into a few of those:

  • As per the Citrix report, almost two third of the posts available on social media channels are visual content.
  • Another research found that 54% of the people had posted original visual content on the social media channel which they had created themselves.
  • Content with images gets more views than content not supported by images.

So now that the importance of visual content has been highlighted, let’s look into the multiple ways your company can make use of visual content to grow and expand.

But before getting in the actual tips, it’s important to look into the desired characteristics of the content that echo the requirements of the audience.

In that light, Gary Vaynerchuk has provided some strong insight in his book:

  • The selected form of content must not interfere with the user experience. It should mix effortlessly with their experience and not come across like an ad. It’s important to duplicate the experience that people are searching for on the platform they prefer.
  • The selected content must be native in nature. That is, even though the various social media channels might have some serious overlap of functions, the audience and the type of value they have can be very different. One may like short content forms while others may prefer classy photos and pictures. These differences and preferences must be well understood as they play a great role in determining the content you will be sharing.
  • The content shared by your business must not be commanding, demanding and definitely shouldn’t force the users to buy something. In fact, they must have a certain amount of value and should offer something to the viewers.
  • The content shared by you must be small, almost bite-sized and easily absorbable. In other words, the content must be micro in nature.
  • It is important to show that you understand your audience through the content that you share. It is a known fact, that currently, people are absorbing culture via technology. This can be in the form of music, videos, GIFS, and other media which are accessible via mobile phones. Thus it’s important to create content to show your audience that you understand their need. For this purpose create, GIFS and news that your target audience would love to see.
  • As a rule of thumb, your brand image on various social media channels must be consistent and uniform. Since the content you share on social media channels plays a huge role in contributing to your brand image, the visual posts that you share must be even and consistent in nature.

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With all these points understood and sorted, let’s look at a few ways in which you can use visual content to drive branding, conversions, and clicks.

1. Creating Customized Tweets:

Though most tweets get lost in the long train of the live feed, however, there are certain custom feeds which catch the attention of the viewers. This unique thing can be anything under the sun. Even the smallest changes go a long way. For instance, a line break, an unusual font style some quirky images can immediately grab the attention of your customers. Emojis and fun symbols too can go a long way to attract the viewers.

But how do you get all these done?

  • Sign in the account.
  • Go to the Setting and select the Design tab.
  • Reach the “customize your own section”.
  • Following this, click on the “choose file” option to select the background image.
  • Click on the box “Title Background” if you wish to repeat your picture on the background multiple times.
  • Select whether the background position would be the left, right or center.
  • If the image is not too large, select the background color to go with it.
  • Select a black and white transparent overlay
  • Then save the changes made.

2. Ensure That Your Products Look Real:

People usually skip ad commercials while watching TV or surfing the web. Though they just skip the commercials part and get to the main content, would they do this if they find the commercial to be really interesting and attractive?

It goes without saying that products and services have a huge role to play in the lives of people. The importance of such services has increased to a great extent in current times. You need to provide products and services to your customers that they really care about or can make use of on a regular basis. They care about how this product of yours will help them change their lives. It’s important for you to tell the story.

This is how you can get in done:

  • Get to know from your customers and clients why they use your products and most importantly, How they use your product.
  • Monitor how your customers are using your product.
  • Weave a story around the usage of your product.
  • It’s important to share the story with your audience directly.

It’s important to facilitate the communication where your customers hang out the most. For instance, on Facebook, you might find the organic reach of the Facebook business page on the decline. An alternative to that can be the creation and development of Facebook groups. This allows users to log in and receive direct notification and updates.

7 Tips For Using Visual Content Marketing
7 Tips For Using Visual Content Marketing

3. Effective Call To Action:

In order to attract more engagement and leads, it’s important to include effective Call To Action buttons that can drive in more traffic and clicks. While you may have call to action buttons on your website and on the blog posts, it’s important to have Call to Action buttons on your social media posts as well.

4. Market Your Product and Service Across Various Social Media Platforms:

It’s important to share the content across diverse social media platforms keeping in mind the native format of each of these platforms. If you are successful in sharing visual content at one social media platform on a regular basis, you might just convert the consumers from that platform to the consumer at another platform.

Since you will be at the top of the mind of most users, they will want to see your content on every platform and thus your reach will increase.

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Post the same content in a format that is suitable for the audience and in tune with the nature and characteristics of the same given platform.

If you notice properly, each brand operating across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and all the other platforms know how to use these channels correctly. Though they share the same content, they tend to tweak it as per the requirements of a given platform. Tools like Canva help you at a great extent to imply those tweaks and make your similar posts more creative.

5. Make Use of More Images and Pictures:

In most blog posts, images have increased engagement by almost 94%. As per various studies, images account for 74% of content posted online and 84 percent engagement rate. If images are not used in a post, it might not get any engagement at all, and it is a bad news for business, especially in a market as competitive as this.

Images are great means which a company can use to showcase the personality of the brand and thereby drive conversions. Cover images on various social media platforms can drive sales thus it’s worth spending time on these.

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6. Manage Your Content:

It is really challenging for a business to manage the various pieces of content and visuals. Still, engaging in the element of content marketing will require a business to think from the perspective of a publisher.

But it ensures that a business house is making most of the content marketing efforts and staying connected with the audience.

It becomes crucial to understand content marketing since it helps to drive traffic to the site. Additionally, content marketing helps a company to understand its audience in a better manner.

7. Crowd User Generated Content:

User-based content can provide you the opportunity to create and curate a stream of content with the help of the fans who are always absorbing. They will go a long way to hold up the image of your brand since they absorb content on a  regular basis.

Not only do these followers absorb good content on a regular basis, but they will also go a long way to share your content if they like and appreciate what you have written.

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So use these seven techniques to use visual content in the most fascinating way. Make big. Good luck!

Author Bio: Prince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.




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