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Angular.js: Best Framework for Mobile and Web Application Development

What is Angular.js?

Before understanding a whole thing about Angular.js, let me give you some initial learning. A developer can only achieve a robust web and mobile application by performing both, client side and server side coding. Client-side coding or scripting is nothing but the interface a user views on the web browser. Client-side scripting holds the logic behind that interface too. Now, when a user asks for any service by clicking on a button given in the interface, program logic of the client side scripting gets that command and sends it to the server. The server has the server script which works on the request and sends that request as the response to the client.

After knowing the basics of how a web or mobile application work, let’s move ahead.

What is Angular.js?

Angular.Js is the nothing but the JavaScript-based client-side scripting framework. If you are wondering what is a framework, then a framework helps a developer to build dynamic web and mobile application. A framework provides a standard way of building a web application.

Angular.js works best with HTML and JavaScript. Angular.js can boost any written HTML code by adding a few built-in attributes and components of it. With Angular.js, a developer can easily develop RIA (Rich internet application) and single page web and mobile application. Apart from this, Angular.js follows the MVP structure which lets developers to complete the code in lesser time. MVP is one of the best structure almost all mobile and web application framework is providing. We will learn about it in details later in this blog.

What caused the development of Angular.js?

It was a time when following a traditional server-client architecture wasn’t helping a mobile and web application to run fast. In the server-client architecture, as we have discussed in the first paragraph, a whole communication between server and client happens, then it refreshes the whole page and shows the new content to the users which is time-consuming. Tired of this long process, Misko Hevery and Brat developed the Angular.js. Angular.js doesn’t refresh the whole page, but it refreshes the particular part of the page which has been requested by the user. This provides faster-loading speed than traditional architecture. Currently, Angular.js is an open source framework and it is maintained by Google’s engineers.

The popularity of the Angular.js.

Thanks to its unique ability to handle dynamic pages and single page web and mobile application, more and more websites are preferring angular.js for their websites. The Guardian, PayPal, JetBlue, Lego, iStock Photo, Upwork, Netflix, Weather and many more high traffic websites which has the angular.js in the foundation, providing a seamless experience to the users.

But if you want to know the popularity of the Angular.js in the numbers, then there are almost 10,00,000 websites are running on the Angular.js, and more 2.4 million websites were running on the Angular.js in the past.

If we compared the angular.js with the other frameworks, then the most number of high traffic websites are using Angular.js.

Anjular js user percentage using in websites
Anjular js user percentage using in websites

Image source: https://www.bacancytechnology.com/angularjs-framework-infographic

Moving ahead, almost 18.47% of the websites which falls under the Business and Industry category, prefer the Angular.js. Even the global distribution of the Angular.js based website is impressive. Almost 63000 of the USA’s websites are using Angular.js, following Taiwan with 45000 websites.

Aren’t these astonishing fact? Let’s know the reasons behind the popularity.

Major advantages or properties of Angular.js.

Angular.js has gained popularity, not by its lucks. There are certainly some of the best features it is offering to the web developers.

Angular.js: Best Framework for Mobile and Web Application Development
Angular.js: Best Framework for Mobile and Web Application Development
  • MVC architecture

MVC architecture is one of the best features of the Angular.js. MVC architecture lets developers to create the whole web and mobile application in small parts which eventually increase the productivity and decrease the time of development.

MVC divides the complete logic of the web and mobile application in three parts. These are the model, view, and controller.

The model deals with the actual coding or business logic of the application. The view holds the layout of the mobile or app application. It provides the interface to the users which users use to ask for a service or give any command. The controller acts as the bridge between the model and the server. In the real web or mobile application, it works like this –  A user gives the command using a view. That command reaches to the model. The model has the logical data, which helps command to reach the server. But the catch here is, the model does not directly communicate with the server. The controller takes control of it and sends the command to the server.

With this structure, a developer can get a better insight into the code as he can code in three different phases. Apart from this, a developer can find out the bug and solve that bug more easily.

  • Two-way data binding

Two-way data binding is another notable feature of the Angular.js. This is the feature which is getting appreciation from all the developers. Thanks to this feature, they don’t have to change the code of model or view when they change the code of one of them. Two-way data binding synchronizes the code of the model and view. And whenever, a code of one of them is changed, with some easy commands, code of another gets changed automatically.

  • SPA (Single Page Application)

Single page application gives the ultimate power to the app or web to load in minimum time. Single page application runs the whole code of the page at the once and whenever users ask for available service on that page, only the content related to that gets changed, not the whole page.  This feature of the Angular.js provides a better user experience. And in the case when the client loses the internet connectivity, he still can access all the pages offline as the pages have already been loaded.

Angular.js has the inbuilt ready to use modules to create such a single page application.

  • Automatic adjust code compatibility

One drawback of the JavaScript is, the different browsers have the different JavaScript engines that execute JavaScript code. But Angular.js has solved this problem. It itself chooses the code for the browser which will be easily executed. So, a developer doesn’t have to worry about for which browser he is doing code.

After studying four core properties of the Angular.js, let’s quickly see what type of websites can be developed with the Angular.js?

What Type of websites can be developed with the Angular.js?

  • Media app

YouTube is the best example of a media app. The developer has developed YouTube based on the angular.js framework for the PS3. Even Netflix has used Angular.js to reduce the load time of the pages.

  • Travel app 

Travel is the industry where the data changes at every second. Thus, it is impossible to do travel business with the static web pages. Angular.js is giving an easy solution of the dynamic pages to the developer of the travel-related app. A top airliner company JetBlue is running its website which is built with Angular.js framework.

  • Weather app

Like traveling, weather forecasting is also the industry which relies on so many data which are changing every minute. Also, weather app and websites are providing real-time data. That means the Angular.js framework is the only practical solution to achieve that state of accuracy.

  • E-commerce app

commerce is the most sensitive industry with the neck to neck competition. With the SPA, real-time data and dynamic web pages features of the Angular.js, a developer can deliver one of the most user-friendly mobile or web solution of the e-commerce.

In the nutshell:

Angular.js is no-doubt one of the most useful frameworks. Since the user’s expectation is increasing, it becomes vital for the developers to offer some of the most unique apps and web solution which doesn’t annoy users for a once. With the Angular.js, it is possible. MVC helps developers to develop web and mobile application quickly. Two way data binding makes easy to maintain the code and SPA gives the excellency to the app to load and work fast. In this way, Angular.js is an unbeatable way of developing mobile and web application.

About the Author:

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading company providing Angular.js development services. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.




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