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Node Js Course Will Provide A Push To Your Career As A Developer

Node JS Is The First Choice of Various Developers

Node JS is used for developing scalable network applications. Developed in the year 2009 by Ryan Dahl, Node JS is an open source, server-side, cross-platform that is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. Node.JS is best for applications that run on distributed platforms as it is light in weight because it uses non-blocking and event-driven I/O model. All the node.js applications can run on any platform, like Windows, OS X, Linux, Microsoft, etc. Today many renowned companies use Node JS, like Paypal, Netflix, Uber, eBay, Walmart, etc. There is a huge demand for candidates with a thorough knowledge of Node.js. Node Js training can give your career the right direction by making you capable enough to join top-notch companies.

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Node JS Is The First Choice of Various Developers:

Node JS is the first choice of various developers not only because it builds fast network apps but also because it handles multiple connections at the same time, making it highly scalable. The formal definition of Node JS states that it is an event-driven platform which makes it even more scalable and allows it to create a real-time application as the server only reacts when an event occurs. Today JavaScript is used for performing more tasks than just creating an interactive website. Now, Node JS is even capable of running on the machines as a standalone application.

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Node JS even provides the developers with a library full of JavaScript modules that helps them in creating efficient web applications.

There are various profiles for the candidates that were a part of Node Js Course. Some of the profiles are mentioned below:

  • js developer
  • js UI developer
  • Full stack developer
  • Back end developer
  • JavaScript Node.js software engineer

Node.js converts the compiled applications directly into native machine code. It provides the following features to the developers and is, therefore, the first choice of them.

  • It generates dynamic page contents
  • It creates, opens, reads, writes, deletes, and closes the files on the server
  • It helps in collecting information from data

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Node Js Course Will Provide A Push To Your Career As a Developer
Node Js Course Will Provide A Push To Your Career As a Developer

Let us now understand some of the features of Node.js:

  • js uses asynchronous programming that permits the server to move on to the next API. It does not wait for the response from the previous API to return the data.
  • js supports multiple platforms like MAC, Windows, and Linux and therefore supports cross-platform.
  • The open source features allowjs to grow as the general public can contribute to the advancement of the platform.
  • Because of single thread model event looping is possible that allows a single program to handle multiple requests.
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Today developers are using Node.js in creating different types of applications, like I/O (Input/ Output) bound Applications, Data Intensive Real-time Applications (DIRT), Data Streaming Applications, and Single Page Applications. It becomes really important for the candidates today to understand Node.js.

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