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How to Increase My Website Domain Authority(DA) in MOZ?

Anyone who is having a website service or is indulged in web-based activities might have come across the concept of domain authority, mostly abbreviated as DA. It has its own significance in the competitive internet world where every business is concerned about their online reputation. The quantifiable unit to measure this reputation is domain authority for the respective website.

In this article, we will be discussing concerned aspects through which you can positively increase the domain authority of your business and get ahead in your traffic acquisition.

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It is clearly mentioned on the internet than DA is not an official standard score which is recognized by any search engine. It rather shows how well you are concerned about your business online and the visitors who are seeking relevant information on your website.

To improve DA it takes a to-do list, but there is also a list which signifies of things that you should avoid to defend your online entity from a penalty by the search engine.

The techniques to be avoided are black hat SEO, spamming users or search engine, phishing and other unethical frauds which will definitely ban you from many popular search engines and might also bring down your DA score.

Domain Authority and website rank

What does it signify?

Domain authority score is measured from a score of 0 to 100, zero means either you just have launched your website or you have not made efforts to drive traffic to your website.

100 score means you have outperformed in your domain and no competitor can beat you on the ranking. Sounds easy? No, it’s not, as it takes a lot of effort to bring the score up which comprises numerous factors which are to be considered while optimization of web presence. 

Right from internal on-page cleaning to the back-link building, your strategy which is adopted must be aligned with the real-life scenario. The major factor here is not to have a high score but to create a good website which attracts relevant visitors and serves them with useful information and service.

If you will focus on ethical excellence you will easily get a high DA by Moz. If your focus is only to improve the number, you will not get Google’s attention which is for sure.

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How does it affect the web site?

DA helps the SEO strategist to evaluate their progress which is done for getting closer and bridging the gap between quality content or services and the users who are searching online for the same.

It provides a graph that represents where you are actually standing in the online competition. Analyzing the gap between your score and the competition you are facing will allow you to save a lot of time and effort. Competition on the feasible landscape will definitely provide a high return on investment and will help your website to be a great asset in the future.

Google Quality score factors

Google’s View on Domain Authority (DA):

DA has not been recognized in any document provided by Google in its rank consideration. The domain authority is purely the concept-oriented by MOZ and googles not at all refers to this score’s database in any means, the sole purpose of this score is to let the business owner recognize their popularity and relevancy in terms of user behavior and SEO techniques.

There might be many cases where the low DA website is getting appreciable rank which is due to the user find it more relevant to their search term. Without further delay let’s dive into how to optimize your website’s domain authority score so you can beat your competitor’s websites.

SEO On page optimization

On-page optimization:

The procedure of building a great strategy for DA increasing starts from internal optimization to the website. If the health of your online presence is good it will be easy for you to build back-links and drive worthy link juice enough for you to increase DA.

Structuring your website for easy navigation and covering all the service is a good presentable manner is what on-page optimization means. It is like a blueprint structure which will be targeted on all the web pages to collectively improvise the domain relevancy and authority. 

Even if you are performing in diversified business, linking them as one unit but easily differentiable will ultimately help a lot.

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User experience vs user interface

User experience:

If a business wants to sell a product than it is required to have a neat and clean shop with a display of all the products, convenient and easy navigation to all the available options to choose from.

The same implies to online website services where you are required to build a clean interface for the user as well as the Google bot for recognizing your entity easily.

If the user finds your website amusing it will spend a long time leaving a happy impression for google to consider it more relevant. This will be helping you to drive traffic and build brand authority that indirectly affects the DA of your site.

high quality backlinks structure

Quality Back-links For Domain Authority:

Once you are done with the on-page the strategy can be concentrated on bringing awareness of the website by contributing the quality content on reputed and relevant websites which will also be anchored to the keyword you are targeting for your web page and site.

Google bot will be crawling the host site and determining the link quality to consider your website as superior to others dealing in the same keyword or domain. This plays a major role in upbringing your DA, the amount of money, time and effort you have invested in the back-links building will be reflected in the DA score you have. Tracking the previous progress can also be done to oversee the level of improvement.

SEO black hat vs white hat strategies

Anti spamming techniques For Domain Authority:

Both Moz, as well as Google, are aware of spamming techniques, therefore it is a foremost requirement for you to not spam for rankings. This will for a time being may boost your result but it will not last long until the update is released and you will be penalized.

Spamming the links and increasing your count will lead you to nowhere and rather decrease the domain authority and negative impression of the site is low in content quality. You can easily check the level of spammy links which is possessed by your domain from Moz Spam Score checking service.

Benefits of HTTPS

Secure HTTPS:

Installing a security certificate to your website sends a positive message to the google search engine that your web entity is being reliable than other competitors which helps in increasing the DA of the website.

It gives your website a smooth boost towards easily making the guest posts acceptable on various domain-related sites. Visitors are getting smart day by day and they rely on information and services on the only authenticated sources on the web.

Considering all the online traffic around the world 60 % of the user prefers and relies on sites with HTTPS certificate installed, which also has data integrity within it.


Google Indexing

Indexing more frequently:

Domain authority is will only be recognized if your webpages are existing on the internet and getting traffic from the search engines which is possible only if the URLs are getting enlisted in the search engines’ database.

This procedure is termed as indexing, there are many ways to accelerate this process. The primary way is to share the URL of web-page on other platforms like social media and bookmarking sites which are used by crawlers to index all the new pages. Collectively all the indexed pages will be a great contribution to making a good overall DA.


It is always important to consider DA while building an SEO strategy, but considering it is a mere benchmarking score tends to be more preferable.

Just the DA score will not get you anywhere on the rankings, you still have a lot of variables to consider like dwell time, google algorithms, plagiarism and much more for getting on top ranking in your business domain.

Consider the above factors for improving your DA and compare the past results with current efforts to achieve a stagnant desired position in web presence.




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