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5 Brilliant Ways to Earn More Money as a Content Writer

Do you know 58% of marketers prefer originally written content which at times outdo visuals and videos as well? This pretty well sums up the scenario and proves why content writers are in great demand these days. However, almost every budding content writer are seen to be somewhat clueless when it comes to earning sufficient bucks at the end of the day. Even though most of them are either salaried employees or freelancers, there is still a void in terms of making more money.

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If you think content writing offers limited earnings, then you are completely wrong, my friend. Rather, content writing is one of those professional avenues that offer multiple income opportunities. All you need to hone is nothing but sheer writing skills and professional commitment.

So, take some time to read this blog and know how to make more money as a successful content writer.

How To Earn Money As A Content Writer?

1. Sharpen your professional skills

If you wish to become a successful content writer and make enough money, then you need to sharpen your professional skills. Merely delivering quality content isn’t enough if you ignore the other essential aspects associated with content writing.

Take a look here to know about the same.

  • Train your mind to conduct quality research before coming up with the final draft.
  • Never miss out on following a proper outline while adding or developing content.
  • Also, you should value time and acknowledge client deadlines in every possible manner.
  • You should also respect the context of producing non-plagiarised content.
  • Add relevant hyperlinks and referential details against each of the sources you would talk about or add to your content.
  • Learn to be transparent and honest with your work. If you commit to certain deadlines and other client requirements, then live up to it by all means.

The idea is to expand more of such professional proficiencies with every passing day and evolve as a professional responsible content writer in the days to come.

2. Focus on offering something new, every time

We all want to come across new content or something unique, don’t we? This is one mantra that could take you to the summit of earning more bucks than what you earned yesterday.

Here are some tips for you to implement in your writing.

  • If you find it difficult to come up with new content every time, then try coming up with newer ideas.
  • It will naturally add a dash of uniqueness to your content with fresher perspectives for your readers to explore.
  • For example, you need not write about the precautionary measures during the pandemic every single time.
  • Rather, you can always introduce a different perspective and talk about the world order post-pandemic.
  • This will allow you to come up with something unique and help readers keep monotonies at bay.

The more unique, informative and interesting your content turns out to be, the better will be the chances for you to impress your recruiter. Consequently, you will always be in an advantageous position in terms of demanding a salary hike or earning more bucks in the near future.

3. Start your own blog and work on it

As mentioned earlier, since content writing offers multiple income avenues, you shouldn’t let go of a single one. If you wish to make money as a content writer, you should start your own blog and work on it dedicatedly.

Here’s how.

  • Sign up with a blogging platform and keep posting informative and interesting content on a regular basis.
  • Invest some time in backlinking as well. This is considered as one of the finest strategies to ensure better footfalls, generation of traffic and monetisation.
  • Make your blog contents aesthetically appealing. You can add relevant images, use graphic arts, vector images and other visually pleasing elements.
  • Add a personal touch to the write-ups, as if you are conversing with your readers.
  • These approaches are said to attract readers in more numbers to visit your blog site often.
  • Also, you should keep updating the contents at regular intervals, across different genres.
  • It is equally important for you to keep track of user intents, latest keyword implementations and search results.
  • Each of these key observations will allow you to make your blog topics search-engine friendly, thus leading to higher rankings.

Simply refer to more of such suggestions and pave ways to earn more money out of content writing this year.

4. Create your portfolio and circulate it online

In this era of rapid digitisation, this is perhaps the best thing you can do to expand your income opportunities across different content writing realms. First of all, you should create an impressive portfolio. Secondly, you should circulate it across multiple virtual domains.

Here are a couple of smart suggestions for you to consider.

  • Add your photo to the portfolio and come up with an interesting bio underneath it.
  • Add up your content writing skills and past accolades in bullet points.
  • Do not exaggerate or come up with something irrelevant in the portfolio.
  • Try to add up some creative elements to it. For example, you can use graphic designs and creative vectors to add up to the aesthetic values of the portfolio.
  • Once you are done with the final draft, start sharing the same across all virtual forums.
  • From LinkedIn to freelancers’ hubs, you can share your portfolio across multiple recruitment platforms for the right exposure.
  • Never sound too needy or desperate in your portfolio. Instead, keep it simple, to the point and professional.
  • Do not merely focus on what you have done in the past. Rather, talk about what you can do in the upcoming days as well.
  • Keep things interactive, promising and professionally enriched in every way.

Most leading recruiters are said to prefer hiring content writers who are dynamic, know their job well and able to pave futuristic roadways to ensuring better ROIs.

5. Stay connected to your clients round the clock

No, I am not asking you to sit with your laptop all day long and ignore other chores. You can stay connected on WhatsApp, Messenger and other messaging apps. Also, you can remain available to answer client calls during operational hours.

Focus on the following tips and know how to work things out the right way.

  • No matter whether you are sitting idle or working on a new project, always answer your clients’ calls.
  • No one likes to be ignored or kept on hold. That way, you will be losing a lot of money down the road.
  • You never know your client must be calling you up to brief your regarding a new project.
  • God forbid, if it turns out to be an utterly urgent assignment, then the person might assign the project to another writer at work.
  • As a result, you will be losing considerable amount of money and reputation at the same time.
  • Be proactive when it comes to responding to client queries. Satisfied clients are always motivated towards assigning future projects to a writer who is responsively responsible.
  • In case, you are extremely busy or going through personal setbacks in life, notify the same to your client as a gesture of professional commitment and acknowledgement.

Always remember, behavioural attributes count a lot in making money or roping in quality clients. So, implement the strategies as discussed above and double your bank balance like a boss.

Parting Thoughts,

I hope this blog will give you insights into the nitty-gritty of professional content writing. Keep referring to this blog in the future and embrace success in the best way ever. With all said and done; remember, you should primarily focus on producing quality content, instead of trying out shortcuts to earn money.

If you are successful in delivering impressive content, you will never run short of enough money to make a decent living out of it.

Good luck!

Author Bio:

Amelie Gruber is an experienced writer, associated with She is dedicated to providing personalised academic writing services across multiple subject matters. Also, she is an ardent pet lover and NGO activist, hailing all the way from Glasgow, the United Kingdom.




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