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Personal Branding Tips for Management Graduates

Why Personal Branding is needed and that too for Management Graduates

Branding is indeed a great phenomenon for Brand Managers and consumer loves that, adores that, consumes that and appreciates that.

On the other hand personal branding is a marketing for the person himself or himself and their career become brands and it helps overall as self-packaging system.

Way back Top Peters enunciated the tool of self-improvement which further involved as personal branding. The glaring example is Donald Trump as a president he commands branding for his country and in the same way he commands personal branding on his real estate businesses Trump towers.

Personal Branding examples are top of mind in India also. Look at cricketers Tendulkar, Dhoni and Virat Kohli are brand ambassadors for many top brands where as their personal branding has almost amalgamated with the branding of consumer products. The moment we consume these products not only we have more trust for the brand but we equally enhance personal branding of these cricketers.

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On the other hand the personal branding of Bollywood actors is also present in the market place but sports being more volatile as compared to acting consumers like others more than Bollywood actors.

Why Branding is needed? Indeed, that’s the top of mind query for anybody. We all know jolly well that any consumer product commands consumers only as a brand. Hence, branding of a consumable product is a must because that gives extra edge and extra push to a brand which consumers consume.

Why Personal Branding is needed and that too for Management Graduates? Well, that’s a million dollar question which demands for an analysis before jumping to the conclusion.

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Any management graduate is supposed to be a budding manager who would be employed in one of the industry and would grow as a brand custodian in near future. Hence, it is important for a management graduate to create and carve a niche for himself or herself to have a personal branding because with that management graduates would be able to create some USPs for themselves and that will be a communicable personality. Besides these aspects management graduates become industry fit employable with personal branding.

There are many aspects of personal branding but here are 10 Golden rules which if followed by management graduates can create a perfect personal branding.

You got to have a focus. Explicitly it is clear that a management graduate must have a focus on his/her professional personality which converts into a very positive and aggressive body language to be termed as overall being a professional.

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You need to be genuine to create personal branding which underlines the fact that whatever may be your plus or minuses these should be based on genuine facts. So to communicate that your sentences are being spoken both with heart and mind.

You need to create a story for yourself and this is a process for a personal branding hence first create a story based on your experiences till date and then tell a story to others based on factual facts which have happened in your life.

Why Personal Branding is needed and that too for Management Graduates
Why Personal Branding is needed and that too for Management Graduates

For an impactful personal branding you got to be consistent in telling your story and does not matter to say different words but constant content will bring immense confidence in your personal branding.

You got to accept the failures which you might get while creating a personal branding because it is the others who will consume your communication on your personal branding and the ball is in their court to accept you or reject you.

That is the reason personal branding must impact positively on your audience or your target group or your peer group so that they can exchange your ideas with you only.

You must follow a successful example of yours for an impactful personal branding. Being a management graduate you get a ready-made marketing plan to sell yourself with personal branding to your future employer. Your successes in academics, sports, arts, social work all can be added as a successful story to communicate and create a package of a personal branding.

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Once personal branding is created you too become a brand but you have to live your own brand and remain very consistent with your overall thinking process.

The most crucial part of personal branding is to create a branding culture which must match your overall physical and mental personalities. The reason over here is your aggression or calmness both may have different impact on your personal branding. Hence it is your culture of personal branding which communicates that if you are calm and composed then why it is like that and on the other hand if you are aggressive personality then what is that you wish to communicate with your personal branding to the other. Example if you are a sports man you got to have a fair play aggression but if you are a doctor you got to have a composed personality. Both can be termed and absorbed in the personal branding.

Continue to prick your conscious and challenge yourself so that you remain with your personal branding and come what may you must not get deviated and remain focused.

Personal branding for a management graduate can only be successful on the parameter when others tell your stories to the third part. That means the management graduates are being discussed within their peer group and would be employer cites an example based on your success story with others.

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Personal branding can be termed as complete branding provided you leave a legacy. The underline meaning over here is that with your successful personal branding you leave your thought provoking at your campus ideas for your alumnus who further discuss and might tell future generations that how did you fair in your campus life.

Management graduated should also be conscious of the fact that personal branding is a continuous process and needs to be done and undone at a repeated intervals. The more you add the successes or plusses and delete the minuses, both will impact personal branding.

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With all above we can almost conclude that a personal branding is a must for management graduates to be a successful manager in future and industry loves that.




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