9 Lighting Options that will Beautify your Home

If you are going to remodel your home, you should really take your lighting options seriously. Remember that one badly lit room could ruin the overall ambiance of your living space, and a well-lit one could totally elevate it. 

However, purchasing lighting fixtures could be a bit pricey, and it would be such a waste if you invest money without knowing their key characteristics. So it is imperative that you take your lighting choices as seriously as possible. Here are 9 lighting options that will beautify your home.

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Top Lighting options that will beautify your home

1. Wall Sconce

If you want your lighting options to be elegant and space-saving, you should use wall sconces. These lighting fixtures are meant to be mounted to walls and best used for hallways and bathrooms.

First things first, you should base your choice of sconces according to the size of the area you will be installing it to. If you use wall sconces in a large bedroom or home library, then you could install larger and more grandiose sconces because you have ample space to install them.

However, if you are going to install sconces in a narrow corridor, then you should install smaller sconces to have them fit into the available space without creating unnecessary obstacles.

2. Mounted Ceiling Lights

One of the most popular lighting fixtures is wall-mounted lights because they are easy to install, and they could be changed according to your tastes.  The main characteristic of wall-mounted lights is that they are mounted to the ceiling and they are highly visible, so if you are going to purchase ceiling lights, you should choose wisely.

When it comes to illumination, mounted ceiling lights are some of the best options you could go with, because they are strategically placed to spread the light evenly. There is a multitude of designs, and a well-executed mounted ceiling light could really bring your home design together.

When it comes to ceiling lights, you should follow the same rule with wall sconces.  If your home has a high ceiling, then you could opt for larger and more elaborate ceiling lights, however, if your home has a low ceiling, it is best to use smaller mounted ceiling lights.

3. Recessed Lights

This type of lighting is quite similar to wall-mounted lights, the only difference is that the lights are installed above the ceiling so that the bulb, wiring, and the entire mechanism are covered.

The main benefit of recessed lights is the fact that they are hidden from the surface, and only the light can be seen. This type of lighting is perfect for smaller or minimalist style homes because you could save so much space.

4. Neon Lights

If you want to give your home a more retro form of lighting, you should really try using neon lighting. This type of lighting was first invented in the late 1800s.

In the early 1900s, neon signs were primarily used by stores and theaters to advertise their establishments. Throughout the decades, the popularity of neon lights rose and fell. In this day and age, neon lights have become quite popular. Many interior designers have used neon lights to create customized light signs.  Although traditionally made neon lights are somewhat expensive, there are cheaper versions that you could use. 

With recent neon light innovations, you no longer need to spend a small fortune just to get a neon sign made. There is now neon light technology that allows even beginners to create them out of scratch.

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5. Flexible LED Screens


Although you should use traditional lighting options, you should also try out modern lighting fixtures as well. One great example is flexible LED lights.  These lighting options are particularly unique because they are highly versatile, and they could be formed into various shapes. They are also capable of showing incredible graphics, so they could be used as a centerpiece for your home.

If you are interested in this type of lighting fixture you could purchase customized sheets from Viewpointec.  This company manufactures some of the best-LED screens in the market, and they will provide you with a truly unique and innovative lighting method.

6. Track Lighting

Track lighting was originally used in theater studios. They are usually designed to be mounted or suspended from the ceiling. It usually contains multiple lighting heads and is quite flexible. The heads could be positioned according to your needs. Although track lighting could provide a great deal of illumination, they are best used for highlighting a particular part of your home.

7. Pendant Lighting

The pendant style of lighting is quite unique compared to other types of lighting fixtures. It is similar to ceiling lights and track lights because it is suspended to the ceiling, the main difference though is that the pendant light is comparatively nearer to the ground, and it is usually attached to a cable, rope, or pipe.

8. Floor Lamp

If you want a light fixture that could provide a great deal of illumination, and could also be used as a centerpiece, then. you should invest in floor lamps. There are various floor lamp designs, and you could use them for a multitude of interior designs. These types of lights are best used for sitting rooms, studies, and libraries. 

9. Desk and Table Lamp

Desk and table lamps are some of the most versatile lighting fixtures because you could move them around, and mix and match them to various parts of your home. The best thing about desk and table lamps is their adjustability and multi-faceted design. By using desk and table lamps, you could create a specific ambiance for your living space.


When it comes to remodeling your home, you will need to take your lighting options as seriously as possible. Luckily, with this list of lighting options, you’ll know the best types of lighting options for your home.




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