How You Can Get Better Tariffs By Comparing Energy Prices?

Most households spend a sizable chunk of their income on utility bills. With each passing year, the tariffs on gas and electricity increases, leaving consumers with little or nothing to spend on other necessities. With these unfortunate and totally unexpected outcomes, many people are now forced to source for cheaper energy.

In the UK alone, over 11 million households pay exorbitant prices on energy bills, as many of them get their gas and electricity from the Big Six energy companies.

These companies include British Gas, EDF, Npower, E.ON, SSE, and ScottishPower. They control 80% of the energy markets, with British Gas dominating 22% and 33% of the electricity market and gas market, respectively.

Controversies Surrounding The Big Six Companies

There have been several complaints about the Big Six energy companies unnecessarily hiking energy tariffs, forcing consumers to pay more for gas and electricity.

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For example, the average dual fuel tariff for an energy consumer with one of these giant energy corporations is estimated to be £1,123 – a tariff about £300 more than that of a smaller energy provider.

Why pay such outrageous energy bills, when you can get the same quality for less money? Unfortunately, about 58% of UK households have never, for once, switched providers – including those under the Big Six energy firms.

Concerns About Comparing Tariffs And Switching Providers

Most households in the UK have expressed their concerns about switching providers to get better tariffs, including going through a complicated process, having energy supply disrupted, being worse off on a new deal, being double billed, and many more.

However, none of these are factual, as there are protocols set in place to ensure that you experience a seamless transition from one energy provider to another.

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How Can I Compare Energy Prices?

How You Can Get Better Tariffs By Comparing Energy Prices?

You can save more money by getting on board a better tariff through energy comparison. You can visit an energy comparison website to change your energy supplier. The process takes just minutes to complete.

To begin with, you need to enter your postcode in order to get accurate energy prices relating to your area and information on your current tariff (including the provider’s name and energy bill or consumption rate).

Once this is completed, the energy consultant will supply you with a list of energy providers within your area and their tariffs. Select the tariff you find most suitable.

As soon as you complete this process, sit back and relax as your new and current providers complete the switch.

Comparing Utility Tariffs Separately Vs Comparing Dual Fuel Tariffs

Many consumers evaluate the cost of dual energy tariffs and individual energy tariffs separately to find out which one of them offers cheaper cost. In some cases, dual fuel tariffs are cheaper as energy companies give discounts and other promotional offers.

However, your rate of consumption and location determines how cheap your energy tariff will be. For this reason, it is important to be more energy efficient to save more money.




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