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Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts For UX Approach in Mobile App Development

Do's and Don'ts For Moblie UX App Development

Customer engagement and retention are two of the most competent magnitudes on which the popularity of the app is decided. The mobile app needs to have such specifications that engage the customers for a long time. Thus for making a lasting impression on them, the mobile UX development plays a very hefty role.

We all are aware of the competition that is prevailing in the mobile world and the app development companies need to be comprehensive in their UX development. UX is the first line of engagement that urges the user to become the potential customer as it depicts the over view of the app. It lunges them to stay at the app and explore it feature, thus increasing the app engagement time.

Here is the list that will help you choose the correct path while building the mobile app UX.

Top 5 Do's and Don'ts For UX Approach in Mobile App Development

Top 5 Do’s for Mobile UX Development:

  1. Provide Simplified and Focused Features

You need to develop the mobile UX to provide a single simplified and focused feature. While you can add other functionality to the application later, it is crucial to focus on perfecting one feature during the initial stages of application launch.

  1. Neat Workflow Environment.

By providing a neat workflow environment, you can establish your mobile app as one of the premium applications on the App Store faster. A neat workflow environment will allow the users to make the best use of your application without hindrance from unnecessary advertisements and features. The productivity of the application is increased when you create a systematic workflow environment and provide new method for customer engagement. 

  1. Consider Funds for Marketing

It is critical to set aside a small amount of fund for the application marketing. Initially, you might want to invest a considerable amount of funds for the application development and design. However, if you do not plan your funds for marketing from an early enough stage, you might not be able to invest in it at all later.

  1. Analyse App Store for Competition

By adopting methods for enhanced market research, you can easily analyze your competition in the market allowing you to keep the upper hand. Do not forget to take inspiration from the top applications in the same category before starting the application development. You should not limit your research to the same mobile OS platform, instead increase your research reach to different OS and devices too.

  1. Adopt Intuitive Interface with Clear Instructions

People do not like to waste their time in studying different ways to use the mobile app. You must realize that not everyone will use the application in the same way a developer (like you) does. The best way to ensure that your application is easy to understand and use is to conduct a focus group testing before the launch of the application. This way, you can gather relevant data from the users on how they use the application and hence design a user guide or clear set of instructions needed by the targeted audience.

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Top 5 Don’ts for Mobile UX development:

  1. Ramming Data

By focusing on one feature, you can enhance the application’s productivity and make a decluttered interface. You must make sure that you do not stuff a lot of fine print data or features into a single page of the application. A cluttered and unorganized set of data will immediately turn away potential app users towards the competing apps.

  1. Ignoring the UI and Design

While focusing on developing the mobile UX, you must not ignore the basic UI overflow. The UI and UX are the two most important features that attract the users. An aesthetically designed UI will help you in user retention for a longer period. A beautiful and trendy design also helps in user acquisition during the initial stages of application launch.

  1. Ignoring Criticism

One of the most crucial elements that you must focus on while launching the application on an App Store is the review feature. Most of the App Stores allow you to enable/disable the application reviews. You must turn on the reviews to receive suggestions and criticisms from the app users. With this criticism, you can improve your app and add the functionality/features to the app as per the customer demands.

  1. Mimicking Mobile UX

You must never mimic a mobile UX from a popular application on the App Store. Even though your application might provide a different and original service, people will consider it to be a copy of the host application. Always keep some funds to design a new UI and UX for the application to stylize the customer experience.

  1. Constantly Asking Rating for the Application

Putting too many pop-ups and notifications can instantly turn off the user’s mood. You must place the notification for app rating strategically so that you can get the review without constantly interfering with the user experience. The popular way to ask for an application rating is on a weekly basis right when the user is about to exit the application.


Mobile UX is the most vital aspect that can be the catalyst in deciding the future of the mobile app. Also, if the customers feel at ease while using the app and serve the purpose of using the app it is sure to increase the app engagement ratio to quite some extent.

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