9 Healthy Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

What are the benefits of taking vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients that our body requires for a healthy development of blood vessels, scar tissues, and cartilage. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in creating ATP, dopamine, tyrosine, and peptide hormones.

What are the benefits of taking vitamin C?

If you are going to the gym for exercise you believe you should our today’s article about Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps in eliminating oxidative stress from the body and reduces the cancer risk. Bell pepper, kiwifruit, leafy greens, berries, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and papayas are some of the food items that are rich in vitamin C.

9 Healthy Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

9 Healthy Foods That Are High in Vitamin C:

Here is the list of food, which we do believe that are best for you to get Vitamin C and it’s benefits.


Strawberries are one of the tastiest and healthiest berries of all; strawberries are also a very good source of vitamin C. Strawberries also contain fiber and antioxidants that help in eliminating the oxidative stress from the body and maintain the cholesterol level. One serving of strawberries satisfies half the requirement of daily vitamin C intake.


Acerola cherries are tiny red fruits that are boosted with vitamin C. it contains 65* the amount of vitamin C than the orange. Going for fresh and raw acerola cherries is good. However, if they are not in the season, you can buy them in powdered form.


Grapefruits, lemon, oranges, and limes they all are citrus fruits and are the excellent source of vitamin C. A normal glass of orange juice contains 93 mg of vitamin C. though oranges are considered the most popular source of vitamin C, it doesn’t contain the highest amount of vitamin C.


Another fruit that is enriched with vitamin C. a single serving of papaya can satisfy the 100 % daily requirement of vitamin C. papayas are also rich in vitamin A.

  1. KIWI

Interestingly, this small green fruit contains more vitamin C than an orange. They also contain a high amount of flavonoids and potassium. Researchers have revealed that eating vitamin C-enriched food improves the respiratory tract in the children.


Bell peppers are enriched with vitamin C and beta-carotene. These veggies are also proven to improve the cardiovascular system. Also, they prevent blood clot formation, cataracts and reduces the risk of strokes. Half a cup of raw bell pepper contains over 140 mg of vitamin C. although the yellow ones hold the highest amount of vitamin C.

  1. GUAVA

Guava is an exotic fruit that is rich in vitamin C . a single serving of guava contains over 250 mg which is double your daily requirement. Guava is kind of super fruit as it is also high in dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, and folic acid. Because of their high demand supermarkets have been importing them from the tropical lands, so that it is more accessible.


Brussels sprout may not be everyone’s favorite it holds the high amount of vitamin C. A single serving of cooked Brussels sprout holds up to 50 mg of vitamin C. Plus they are also rich in vitamin K, folate, manganese, potassium, vitamin A and dietary fiber. Unfortunately even with so many nutrients, it is difficult to get people to try it.

  1. Melons

Melons have rich vitamin C in them. A cup of cantaloupe holds around 67 mg of vitamin C. also; melons are rich in vitamin A and potassium as well. Watermelon can provide you with 112% of your daily vitamin C requirements.

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring nutrient. They have many health benefits including fighting cold and cough, strengthening bones, tissues, and blood vessels to increase the body’s ability to produce calcium. Vitamin C is a nutrient that we must have daily.

They are simple and easily accessible food, so make sure to add them to your diet to fulfil your body’s need for vitamin C.




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