Top 10 Cities for Marketing Jobs 2018

Top 10 Cities for Marketing Jobs

For people interested in various business related activities or want to make a career out of these fields, choosing marketing or a sales job can be the best option for these people. Those who are in marketing, sales and services would have to plan, supervise and perform marketing activities in order to reach the objectives of an organization. Marketing and sales jobs are indeed very challenging and offer exciting career opportunities.

Recently Forbes listed the 10 best cities for those pursuing careers in marketing jobs. Whether you are looking for a career in brand management, digital marketing, SEO, or print advertising – living in the right city can surely make or break a successful and prosperous career. Forbes teamed up with job search board,, to list the top 10 cities for marketing jobs 2018.

Here are the Top 10 Cities for Marketing Jobs 2018:

1. New York City, New York
2. Oakland, California
3. San Jose, California
4. San Francisco, California
5. Long Beach, California
6. Boston, Massachusetts
7. Los Angeles, California
8. Chicago, Illinois
9. Washington, District of Columbia
10. Seattle, Washington

From this list, one can gather that the bulk of marketing jobs 2018 concentrate heavily on the west coast, primarily in California. The San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area has long been a hub for digital marketing, SEO and eCommerce marketing given that this area is home to Silicon Valley.

New York City will always top this list because this city is a mecca for advertising agencies, marketing firms and other businesses that primarily provide marketing consulting services to businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Outside of New York and California; cities like Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Seattle have a sizable share of marketing agencies and are home to many fortune 500 companies.

One of the great things about the marketing industry is that there are many outlets for education. Whether you are a first time college student or a career switcher, there are many ways to go about learning the marketing field.

If you are working full-time, it always possible to go back to school and get an online business degree and specialize in marketing. Whether you want to become a SEO specialist, brand manager, or an eCommerce marketing specialist – there are a variety of courses individuals can take online through many colleges and universities.

Starting salaries in the marketing field vary greatly based on location, employer, years of experience and skill set. However, for the most part, according to the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for marketing managers in 2010 was over $83,000. That’s pretty high considering that the most marketing jobs 2018 only require a four year bachelor’s degree.

Marketing jobs 2018 are expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. Marketing specialists are employed in every major business and organization of all sizes. Whether its a law firm, hospital, agency, or even a school system – be assured there is somebody in charge of executing a business marketing plan.

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