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Data Science Online Certification Training That Can Change Your Life

What is Data Science? Benefits For The Business

Most of the companies are dealing with big data and with the advent of social media, there is a high rise in the volume of data that is generated. This data is in structured and unstructured forms. The data comes from various resources and after many processes, it goes through, valuable results are extracted from all the data analysis. There is a rise in the candidates who are looking career as data scientists. Candidates who want to gain detailed knowledge and become data science can get Data science online training. There is a growing demand for a data scientist in the industry the candidates can benefit from the certification and practical training.

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What is Data Science?

Data science means the application of mathematics, statistics to analyze and evaluate data. The aim of this technology is to extract relevant and useful information from the data for using it’s in the application of building strategies and drawing decisions for the business. It helps the businesses to increase efficiency, develop new market strategies and find new business opportunities in the market.

Mainly there are the below-mentioned approaches for analyzing the data:

  • Data mining
  • Big data analysis
  • Data extraction
  • Data retrieval

Data science online certification training that can change your life

Benefits of data science for the business:

  • Improved decision making:

Data science is used in the organizations to improve the efficiency, operational value and workflows. Data scientists use this technology to refine the data and deliver useful information for better and improved decision making.

  • Improved risk analysis:

The data gathered for big data analysis is from various resources and like social media data and other sources. It helps the organizations to keep up to date with the current industry trends. It helps to analyze the risks in a better way and build strategies to prepare to combat it.

  • Better for the recruitment process:

There is a pool of data for the candidates for recruitment in the organization. With the help of data science, the process of selecting the right candidates has become quite easy. It selects the candidates from social media sites and other database and after the refinement to provide useful options.

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  • Identification of target audience:

This technology helps in studying the data from various from various demographics and helps the organization to find and identify the target audience. It helps in the improving the profit margin by targeting the right customers.

Implications of data science on various Fields:

There are vast numbers of fields where data science is used for analysis of big data. There are many examples of big data in our day to day activity, we may not be aware of.

Listed below are some of the examples of big data:

  • Internet Search:

There are numbers of search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, and Duckduckgo that use algorithms of big data to provide the best possible results to the customers. If it was not big data, it could not be possible to analyze the huge pool of data for best results.

  • Recommendations:

When you are scrolling through the shopping websites, you must have noticed that it recommends the products or similar products based on your search history. This approach is used to enhance the user experience. Companies adopt these practices for the promotion of products and services. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest use this application by providing results based on previous searches.

  • Image recognition:

One of the advanced implications of data science is in image recognition. You must have noticed that when you upload a picture, the apps start giving suggestions to tag friends using face recognition. Recently Google lens has been introduced by Google that gives related search results by recognizing the image provided by the users. The face recognition algorithm is used by many applications and software to improve the user experience.

  • Speech recognition:

One more implication of data science is in speech recognition services. There are applications that use speech of user that can be used to provide search results. Those who are unable to search or use f=gestures can use voice commands to get the desired results.

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  • Gaming:

Machine learning and data science analytics are used in gaming to analyze the previous motions and activities of the players. Today the games are designed to use algorithms of data science to predict the opponent’s moves and upgrade the player movements. With the implication of this technology, games have upgraded to the next level.

  • Price comparison sites:

When you purchase a mobile phone, you often check the price online on various sites. Now there are plenty of websites that offer comparisons if prices from various websites. it is easier for the users to compare price and select the service. All this is possible using machine learning algorithms that fetch that from various sites and provide results to users.

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  • Detection of Risks and frauds:

There were a huge loss and bad debts to the finance companies. Then with the help of machine learning all the data has brought together to analyze and prepare a report for all the variable and elements that are responsible for all the losses. This also helped the finance companies and banking sector to assess the preference of customers and focus on the key products.

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  • Delivery and Logistics:

Data science is used in the delivery logistics to increase the efficiency provide better services. Several major companies are using machine learning to analyze data and find best practices like the best route to deliver, the best time of delivery the shipment and preferable mode of transport. All this is possible by using GPS in the system to gather data and draw results from the analysis.

Role of data scientists

The primary role of data scientist is to process the structured and unstructured raw data into the valuable information that is useful for the business. These professionals use many skills to extract the data from the resources and use data mining, statistical and analyzing skills to deliver information that can be used for making business decisions. The scientists also create visualizations for the data analytics for the representation of the results drawn.

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KVCH is an eminent training provider offering training and certification courses in Data science for the candidates who want to build a career as a data scientist. The trainers at the center have 5-6 years of experience in the relevant field and provide hands on training based on live projects. After the completion of training, all the candidates receive a certificate which is recognized all around the world. Guaranteed placement assistance is also provided to all the candidates.




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