What Is Pname Com Facebook Orca Error and How To Fix It?

How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error & What is it?

I use Facebook on regular basis, many times I receive a pop message mentioning “Pname Com Facebook Orca has stopped working”. I was very irritated and I surfed net, finally got the perfect solution. Here is how it can be fixed, In this article i would like to give a clear picture about Katana and Pname Com Facebook.

What is Pname Com Facebook Orca?

Primarily it’s a package name for Facebook messenger APP. Orca folder is used for Facebook Messenger App. Usually, Orca Folder stores all the files, Audios, Images, Videos, Plugins including cache from the messenger app of your smartphone.

What is Facebook Orca katana?

User notices one more folder named com.facebook.katana. Kanata folder is for Facebook APP, similar to orca folder. Once you install the facebook app Kanata folder is created by default.

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Is pname Com Facebook orca a Malware?

Not at all. folder is not a malware, it is just like a folder similar to other folders. Its generated automatically one you install Facebook messenger app on your device.

Why Pname com.facebook.orca keeps stopping?

Many of the users are facing this issue. It extremely irritate the users with pop messages showing “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped”. I feel several folks ignore this whenever we tend to get this message, however ignoring this is not permanent solution.

com.facebook.orca has stopped

Can I delete

Please don’t deleted com.facebook.orca. Its of no use, because automatically that folder is created after you install Facebook app, as a result again the pop up errors will come into picture.

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What is the use of Pname Com facebook orca?

Pname Com facebook orca is extremely useful, it is the only source that helps in retrieving the deleted Facebook messages from Facebook app. The pop messages you receive might irritate you, but it helps in retrieving your lost data.

Step by Step by procedure for How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error?

Solution for fixing the Pname com Facebook Orca error:

Step 1: Go to “settings” option in your mobile .

Step 2: Click “application” option.

Step 3: Next Click on “All Apps” option.

Step 4: Then you will find “Facebook app” and then “clear the data”.

Step 5: Then Restart Facebook app.

Still if you are facing the error,go-through this?

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Here is one ore method to fix Facebook Orca Error:

Just Uninstall Facebook App and restart the mobile. Again install the Facebook app from Google App store.

How to retrieve Deleted Messages from facebook app, Com folder Orca folder?

Most of the users delete Facebook messages knowingly or un knowingly, No I am going to reveal the secret for retrieving the deleted facebook messages through Facebook Com orca folder.

Step 1: Go to File Explorer on your device, it supports in exploring all the folders in your device. If you don’t see File Explorer then go to google play store and enter file Explorer or File Manager, then download and install.

Pname Com facebook Orca Error Android Recovery

Step 2: Once File Explorer App is installed open File Explorer. Then go to SD/Storage, there you can see Android Folder. This Android folder contains all the data related applications.

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Pname Facebook Orca Error Android Recovery2

Step 3: Then go to Data Folder.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Android Recovery

Step 4: After clicking  on Data Folder, you can see all the folders related to applications, there you can find “Com.Facebook.Orca”. Click on this.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Android Recovery

Step 5: After clicking on com.facebook.cora, you will find “Cache Folder“. Inside Cache Folder, you can find another folder named “fb_temp”.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Android Recovery

This is where all backup data of Facebook messenger is present, through this you can retrieve the individual conversations and as well as conversations in groups. Learn more “How To Take Backup Of Outlook Mails“.

Note: One can retrieve the data even without using file explorer app. Just connect your mobile to a computer through USB cable, then find com.facebook.orca folder and go to “fb_temp” folder, you can retrieve the data.

Pname Com Facebook Orca Android temp folder

Hope I have covered all the important points related to pname com facebook Orca Error. Get rid of continuous error pop up messages and enjoy the Facebook App services with your beloved ones.

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