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Social Media To Increase Business Revenue

The Role Of Social Media In Business Revenue

Social media is pack with so many people from all walks of life that you can leverage to increase your business revenue. It can greatly impact the success of your business and there are so many businesses using social media primarily as visitor and convert them to loyal customer.

Business owner understands the need to have their business website whereby the visitor can interact with them and they answer their questions and enquires faster than placing calls or a quick visit to their business office.

After you have created your website and the promise of huge amount of traffic that you read about is not forthcoming and your business source of revenue is drying faster than you think, you need a new strategy that helps you increase your website visitor which you later turn to loyal customer.

The answer is social media with so many people on this platform; this is very easier for you to reach your potential customer before your competitor, thereby increasing your chance of a potential sale, after all, your business is set up to generate revenue.

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According to a study conducted by Huffington Post reveal that 80% of social media users are interested in interact with business, brand, and companies online. They would visit the companies pages on Facebook to know more about their business, but the main problem with social media traffic is that according to Forbes small business owner find it hard to generate revenue through social media.

This problem could be as a result of three factors that affect small business:

  • Small Coverage Area –

Business with small coverage area would find it hard to convert the traffic to sales due to the fact that social media user are from different part of the world and also due to lack of experience in digital marketing. To avoid this problem, small business owner should understand how to target audience in their local vicinity by advertising on social media.

  • Lack of experience in social media marketing –

Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing because a bad experience from your customer can affect the success of your business. Business owner should learn social media marketing course online to understand how to leverage the traffic from social media to sales or outsource social media marketing to professional social media marketer.

  • Busy World –

I know that you are surprised that busy world is one of the factors affect your business success on social media. Many people using social media are too busy to focus for long on a particular post and would scroll down to new and exciting posts. To capture social media user time, you need to make your post filled with fact and also include image and video in your post.

Benefits Of Using Social Media To Increase Business Revenue:

Social Media To Increase Business Revenue

The success of a social media campaign depends on the skill level of the business owner. The skills you need for social media marketing is:

You can invest your time and money to improve your skill level and if you are not sure of your skill level you can outsource the work to other professional.

Business owner can use social media to build a valuable relationship with their customer by connecting personally with their customer. You can respond to inquiries, answer the question about your business, sharing discount codes to your follower and provide valuable information about your business.

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When you build a relationship with your customer it can increase your business revenue and turn your customer to loyal customer that would buy from your business over and over again.

When you implement social media marketing correctly, you would notice that your visitor and revenue increase which is crucial to the success of your business.




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