Simple Ways to Speed up Your Laptop

Laptop Uses and Benefits

We are very much aware of laptops, but we never checked out the benefits of laptops that why laptops are better than desktops. There are so many benefits of using laptops, the ultimate benefit that we find in a laptop is its lightweight that helps people to carry easily, anywhere, anytime. Also, the size of a laptop is small that makes it durable and fast and the more important thing is its power. There are endless benefits to use laptops. Despite looking at the benefits of laptops, there are some drawbacks as well. Laptops often get slow and heat up. Why is my laptop so slow? If you are worried about the slow working of the laptop, then find some tips to speed up your laptop.

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Why Laptop Gets Slow?

Why is my laptop so slow? If you are searching for this question, then you need to search out for tips to speed up your laptop. How to speed up my laptop? It’s another important question that can force you to search for the quick tips to speed up a laptop. In addition to the tips, there are many helpful tips available on These tips are way effective in speeding up your laptop especially when your laptop running slow. Further, there are many reasons that slow down the performance of your laptop. Here are some reasons that affect the performance of your laptop.

Which Are Affect The Performance of Your Laptop


There are many causes behind the slow performance of a laptop. Overheating is the leading cause that slows down the working of a laptop. Whenever you find an overheating problem on your laptop, just don’t wait for it to cool down. It’s better to visit a technician to get the issues fixed.

Windows Update

Windows update is another crucial problem that slows down the working of a laptop. How to make your laptop faster? Just turn off the windows updates. This will surely speed up the working of a laptop. In fact, keep your windows update option permanently off. You won’t see your windows updating once you turn off the updates.

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Too Many Programs Running

Sometimes you feel your laptop running slow, just because of too many programs are running behind. It’s a serious issue that really slows down the working of the laptop. Don’t run extra programs while you work on a laptop. Keep extra programs and windows shut while you work on a specific program.

Mal Virus

Sometimes the presence of virus also creates an issue in the laptop. The mal virus threats surely slow down the working of a laptop. However, to eliminate this problem permanently, one should install antiviruses. Are you ready to clean up your laptop from mal viruses? Just install anti-virus to keep your laptop working fast.

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How to Speed up my Laptop?

Simple Ways to Speed up Your Laptop
Simple Ways to Speed up Your Laptop

There are many ways to speed up a laptop. It’s not difficult to make the laptop work faster when gets slow, due to the reasons we mentioned above. How to make your laptop faster? Just read the following tips!

Delete Unused Programs

There are so many reasons that slow down the working of a laptop, even many problems become frustrating when not get solved timely. There is only one solution to improve the performance and overall working of the laptop. It is to delete the unused programs on your laptop. Uninstall all the unused programs immediately and use the ones that you use regularly. If you are still hunting for how to speed up my laptop, just start deleting all unused programs. You’ll see the difference!

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Limit startup programs

Other than deleting unused programs, one can also limit startup programs. As we see, a lot of programs start automatically when windows start. Usually, the manufacturers often put up their programs at the background that works when their icons are clicked. These programs take a lot of time to finish and that really wastes a lot of your time. These startup programs really make the performance of laptop slow that no one wants to do. There is a smart solution to handle these programs, stop their automatic working. Don’t allow these programs to work automatically.

Use CCleaner:

Another special trick that can help you to speed up your laptop is to use CCleaner program. It’s a very useful program that helps to delete all unnecessary old files from the laptop after finding. It needs your permission to take such actions. Once, you allow permission to work, it quickly removes all the files that are useless in your laptop. If searching for things how to make the laptop faster, this is the best ever way to speed up the working of the laptop. In fact, it also cleans up the disk space and freed up space for the storage of important files and documents.

Switch off Unnecessary Animations

Why is my laptop so slow? It’s a common question searched by so many laptop users when they face such issues. It’s an understood thing that some laptops work slow, even some latest models as well. To speed the working of the laptop, there are so many tips. Some of the useful tips we discussed above. In fact, the graphics also put a great burden on the performance of laptops. To make the laptop work in a good momentum, one should switch off unnecessary animations. If you are looking for how to make your laptop faster, then switch off the unnecessary animations. This will be of great help!

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Add More RAM:

There are so many options that people use to speed the performance of the laptop. However, the addition of extra RAM can help to speed up the performance of the laptop. Also, one can search to find some genuine solutions that can surely help to improve the performance of the laptop. It’s great to add 2GB RAM to bring some extra space on your laptop. This will surely improve the performance of your laptop. Are you ready to increase the memory of your laptop to increase the speed?




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