The 9 Benefits of PDF

Nowadays, most businesses don’t keep their important documents on paper. Instead, they store them on PDF. PDF is a popular format used in compiling image files into a book like a document. The following are 9 benefits of PDF.

Best 9 benefits of PDF:

Your Document Formatting Will Not Change

PDF is best for sharing document online since it will retain its formatting. If you share it in a word document, the formatting will change when you open in a word processor that is different from the original word processor where you first produce the document. With PDF, you can easily share your PDF via email without worrying that the customer will see messy formatting when he opens the document.

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Keep Your Documents Organized

When you scan your document into your computer, they will be stored in image formats. Instead of keeping them as raw scanned images, it will be more organized to compile them into a PDF document. This will also help you to save space on your hard disk since the PDF document will be smaller than a folder of scanned images. The small size of PDF makes it convenient for saving on a mobile device with limited storage such as smartphone and tablet.

Protect Your Document with Password

When you compile your documents into a PDF, you can use a password to protect it to prevent unauthorized access of the file. You can password protect the entire document or restrict it to selected tasks such as editing. With a PDF editor, you can password protect your document as many times as you want without paying expensive fees.

Best Format for Reading Ebooks on Your Device

In modern days, people are buying lesser and lesser paperback books. Instead, people are turning to a cheaper solution which is e-books. Most e-books downloadable on the internet are in PDF format. Many e-book viewers also support PDF. Some have page flipping feature that allows you to turn the page of the PDF like you are turning the page of a real book.

Compatible with All Platforms

PDF is compatible with all types of OS including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The PDF document can be viewed as long as you have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. If you have Adobe Reader installed, you will be able to view PDF on your computer or directly in the browser.

There is also other free PDF viewers you can use to view PDF files like Sumatra PDF. If you have a PDF editor, you can also use it to view the PDF files. On Android or iOS device, you need to install the PDF viewer app on the Google Play Store or app store.

The 9 Benefits of PDF File Documents
The 9 Benefits of PDF File Documents

PDF Document is Editable

PDF is completely editable with a PDF editor software. Whenever you need to update the document, you can open the PDF document in the PDF editor to make those updates. If you are not good at handling advanced features, you can choose a basic PDF Editor like Movavi PDF Editor that let you perform the editing you need by pressing a single button.

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For example, if you want to rotate an image in the page, you go to the Edit mode and select the image. Then, you press the rotate button to rotate the image by 90 degrees. As you edit your PDF, make sure you don’t forget to save by pressing the save button on top. Get more details at Movavi PDF Editor.

Fill in Digital Fillable Form

If you have a PDF editor, you can conveniently fill in the digital fillable form and submit it online. It will save you a lot of time from going to the brick and mortar branch to fill in the paper form. Filling in the form is as easy as typing into the empty fields.

Some software allows you to draw a text box on the field so that you can input text in the region. The software also allows you to add e-signature into the signature field of the PDF form. You can connect your tablet and use a tablet pen to draw your signature in the field. Or, you can load the e-signature image into the PDF software and paste it into the signature field.

Instructors can Use it to Leave Remarks on Papers

Sometimes, the teachers will ask the students to write some essays and send them in PDF format. Using a PDF editor, the teacher can easily add remarks on the essay paper so that the students will know what mistakes he makes. To add remarks on a PDF, you will need to use the annotation feature on the PDF editor. Some even let you connect to your tablet and use your pen to add annotation directly on the PDF as if you are marking the student essay paper with a real pen.

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PDF Will Not Go Away

PDF was first introduced in the 1990s and has remained popular after more than 2 decades. This means it is likely that the PDF technology is here to stay. Therefore, investing in PDF editing software is definitely worthwhile for the long term. It will help your company to have a good return on investment (ROI).




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