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Is It Mandatory To Know German To Study MBA in Germany?

Germany is often referred to as a cultural pot with people from different ethnicities and nationalities visiting the country for education, tourism and professional purposes. In fact, the German nation is warm and welcoming towards international students who choose to pursue their higher education in one of the German cities. According to rankings released by Study.EU in 2018, Germany took the top spot among the best countries for international students. The German nation is, in fact, the perfect place for a study abroad endeavour, given the high quality of education, German universities have to offer. Furthermore, students who opt to study in Germany also get the opportunity to experience its rich culture and visit the famous historical sites that add to the country’s heritage.

The number of students opting for Germany as their study abroad destination has gone up, owing to the diverse and global learning environment has to offer. If pursuing an MBA in Germany is the next step for your career, read this blog to understand the significance that the German language is going to have during the course of your education.

Benefits of studying in Germany

Excellent infrastructure and higher education system:

Germany is well-known for its top-ranked universities that offer high-quality education and a comfortable learning environment for its students. The country is ranked fourth in the list of Best Countries for Education released by US News in 2019.

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Low tuition fees:

The tuition fee of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by reputed German universities is on the lower end as compared to other European universities.

High standard of living:

According to reports released by United Nations Development Programme in 2018, Germany’s Human Development Index was estimated at 0.936, putting the country in the top 5 among 189 countries and territories.

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Globally recognised degrees:

Degrees acquired from reputed German universities are renowned across the globe and can help students acquire jobs with top organisations. These degrees also provide students with an international setting to study in and a diverse learning environment.

English-taught programmes:

Since English is considered a universal language and the language of business, many German universities have adopted English as a medium of education. This is a major reason for international students to be inclined towards Germany as their study abroad destination.

Booming job market:

Germany has acquired global recognition for its technological advancement and as a hub for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Students who visit Germany to pursue higher education can take advantage of the country’s booming job market, with a range of career opportunities in different industries available to choose from.

Experience the German culture:

The German culture is rich and has an interesting history to its credit. While studying in Germany, you can explore the beautiful heritage sites, experience the German culture first hand and witness the German lifestyle.

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Is Germany mandatory for studying in Germany?

Is it mandatory to know German to study MBA in Germany

Taking a German proficiency test or learning German is not a mandatory requirement for getting admitted into universities. You can choose to take up a degree with universities that offer English-taught programmes. However, learning German can come in handy as it will allow you to interact with locals in their language and make living in a German city easier. Furthermore, if you are planning to take up your degree at a university with German-taught programmes, it is essential that you have a good score in a German language proficiency test to your credit.

Hence, before you decide upon the university you want to enrol for a programme with, check out the German proficiency requirements stated by them and complete the tests accordingly.




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