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5 Things To Know Before Take IELTS Test

Best 5 Steps To Take IELTS Test

In this article I’m going to explain about the 5 things to know before take IELTS test. I think these steps are helpful in IELTS preparation to get the good score. Check out the best 5 steps to take IELTS test and all the best.

Best 5 Steps To Take IELTS Test:

1. Booking for the IELTS Exam

The booking of IELTS test is fairly easy. You need an identity proof, which is most probably a passport and two passport-sized photographs along with the IELTS test application form.

The IELTS registration will start with you selecting an IELTS Test center that is convenient for you. Then you are required to fill the registration form online or offline. The payment methods for the IELTS registration fees will change with the regions, so make sure you are aware of that.

The IELTS academic test is taken mostly by the students who are willing to study abroad in English speaking countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. The immigrants moving and looking for a job in foreign country take the General test.

2. IELTS Preparation

Unlike many exams, IELTS is not a memory-based test. It assesses your ability to understand English in academic or everyday life. The IELTS Syllabus consists of IELTS reading, listening, speaking and writing.

There are many ways to prepare for the IELTS exam. There are books to prepare for the test, and there is always a number of online resources to help you out. There is plethora of IELTS online tests and mock tests available online.

For modules like listening and speaking, there are YouTube channels you can look into, and the official website of the IDP and British Council have test preparation materials.

5 Things To Know Before Take IELTS Test

3. Before the Examination

On the test day, the exam might look intimidating. However, taking the test is actually not rocket science. You should not panic, or be under pressure. Being calm is the only way you can give your best.

The exam date, venue and timings are sent to you via email well before the test date. On the test centre, the exam staff will guide you on the proceedings.

4. Test Day

In the examination hall, you are allowed to take pen/pencil, identity card and water bottle. The candidates are sent to their examination hall in alphabetical order and the photos are taken.


Concentrate on the listening, as the audio will be played only once. You will have the test paper with printed questions. You will be given time to listen, prepare and write the answer.


The reading is all about comprehension of the passages given on the paper. After a piece of texts, the questions will be given in different forms.


Writing typically involves two tasks. One is description of some visual representation like graph, picture, and diagrams. The second is an essay writing on the topics you are given.


Speaking is done in form of personal interview. There are normally three candidates in the room. One is speaking, and the other two will be preparing for their topic. There will be introductory part, a topic to speak up, and follow up questions.

5. IELTS Scores

IELTS scores are declared in 13 calendar days after the test date. The scoring is done on the scale of 0-9 bands. The Universities set their own criteria for the admission requirements.




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