Why you should learn MQTT in 2019?

Technological advancement has always been creating millions of employment opportunities, but for only those who learn implementation of emerging technology quickly and before it gets overrun. Thus, knowing some groundbreaking technologies which aren’t popular but going to be popular in the near future, will help you to land in one of the top companies with the highest ever salary. One such technology is MQTT which is gaining traction with the advent of e-scooter rental and smart home businesses.

In this blog, you will get to know, 

  • What is MQTT? 
  • Why knowing MQTT protocol in 2019 is the big deal? 
  • What do you need to know before learning MQTT? 

What is MQTT? 

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) is responsible for establishing a connection between IoT devices and mobile app. It is the most commonly used technology in IoT project. Thanks to its advantages like small size, low power usage and ease of implementation, it is the only choice of IoT engineers to enable the machine to machine communication. By using the MQTT protocol, IoT engineers can receive and send the data from machine to machine. 

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Two IBM engineers Andy Standford-Clark and Arlen Nippen wrote the first version of MQTT protocol in 1999. Since then, a lot of versions of MQTT have been published with more features than the previous version.  

Why knowing MQTT protocol in 2019 is the big deal?


How is MQTT protocol helping e-scooter app development companies to develop next-gen of mobility solution?

As we have discussed, MQTT is being used widely to happen communication between two devices in an IoT project. There are several alternatives of MQTT are available in the market, but MQTT owns more advantages than other protocols and so, all major app development companies which are working on IoT projects such as smart home and e-scooter app development, are seeking for employees who know the working of MQTT. According to the GlobalData, by 2023, the IoT market will reach $318 billion and it will generate thousands of employment opportunities for the IoT engineers. However, a few emerging technologies like virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to change a few basic concepts of IoT engineering.

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Global IoT revenue by technology segment

Talking about the current scenario, the e-scooter rental business is taking the world by storm. Many e-scooter rental companies hit $1 Billion valuations within 2 years of the initial launch. Streets of all major urban cities are flooded with tiny e-scooters and it holds the highest ever adoption rate among all other technological innovations. Sensing the opportunity, many new entrepreneurs have launched an e-scooter rental business and many more are planning to launch one. What makes you happy is the fact that the prior technology e-scooter app development companies use to develop an e-scooter app is the MQTT as they have to establish the connection between the fleet of e-scooters and mobile app to enable live tracking, smart lock unlock and remote diagnosis features. 

Average annual salary for high paying IoT Jobs

After reading so far, if you have made your mind to acquire skill in MQTT protocol, let me share a few basic concepts of MQTT and how one can derive benefits from the MQTT protocol. 

The basic concept of MQTT protocol you need to know before soaking up MQTT.

Publish and subscribe 

Publish and subscribe is the most fundamental concept you need to know. As you can see from the image, Device 2 receives the message which is published by device 1. The reason why device 2 has received the message is that it is subscribed to devise 1. That means, only those devices get the message which are the subscribers of the senders.

Publish and subscribe


The topic is something which specifies where you want to send the message and it is denoted by string and separated by slashes. For example, if you want to turn on the light of the kitchen, the topic would be home/kitchen/light. Here, it is worth to mention that topics are the case sensitive.

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MQTT broker 

MQTT broker is perhaps the most fundamental thing. It is the server, connecting two machines over the cloud. In a broader term, it acts as the connector between sender the receiver. A broker receives so many messages. It filters each of them and sends it to all relevant clients. Among many available brokers like Adafruit, Verne, Paho, Mosquitto is the most popular and commonly used broker.   

Which are some purposeful properties of MQTT?

A report shows that MQTT is being used in more than 54% of IoT projects. Why? Let’s find out. 

Why you should learn MQTT in 2019?
Why you should learn MQTT in 2019?

Bi-direction protocol 

MQTT is the bi-direction protocol that means it can receive and send the message at the same time. With this unique property, it enhances the efficiency of IoT systems. 

One to many and many to one connection 

As I stated, the broker connects the sender and receiver. It receives the data, filters it and sends it. But what makes this process impressive is, a broker is able to send a single data to many receivers (One to many) and it also receives the single message from many senders and sends it to only one receiver (Many to one).

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Safe and secure 

Unlike the typical system where data and system are coupled with each other with many open ports, MQTT decouples data and system and builds the whole system with only one open port. Having only one open port means the system vulnerability and resources to sustain the system can be reduced. 

In the nutshell: 

As an e-scooter rental market and the smart home market is heating up, the demand for IoT engineers who know the implementation of MQTT protocol is increasing. MQTT is one of those technologies which is yet not popular among job seekers. If you achieve the early breakthrough, learn MQTT technology today, it is as easy as learning the first computer language! As a CEO of the top e-scooter app development company, while working on some of the large scale projects, I have come across so many challenges which are only possible to solve by applying MQTT technology.  Thus, if you want to earn money by making people talking with machines, opt for MQTT technology now. 

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