Let’s Shed Some Light on the Facts about Sneezing and Cough

Facts about Sneezing and Cough

Winter’s here! We can assume the trouble of wearing long and several cloths, looking for bonfires and hiding in the blankets all day long. These are not only limited to the external troubles but comes with some irritating internal problems like cold, cough, sore throat, headaches, and sneezes.

Cough and sneezes are the first indications that you are ill. These are common when you catch a cold or come in contact with an allergen, but sometimes it points to a serious problem. It does not turn out a hay fever every time, but you should not even ignore it.

People choose modern medication methods for cough and sneezing, but the problem returns every now and then. People tend to Ayurveda when there is no choice left and it is impressive too. Because sneezing allergy treatment in Ayurveda is believed to be successful in treating even the chronic ail.

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Let’s understand what we know about it!

Cold only attack your nose and throat while hay fever typically makes the eyes, ears, nose, and throat itchy. Cold is contagious whereas hay fever known as allergy rhinitis in medical terms is not considered contagious.

Well, this is some generic info, but when you sneeze or cough do you ever wonder what actually happens to you? Where does it come from and where suddenly disappears?

So let’s know today about some interesting details that will tell us what the facts are!

Facts about Sneezing and Cough:

Facts about Sneezing and Cough

You surely feel faster or slower heartbeat right after sneezing as I do! Actually, the force which produces from sneezing may change the rhythm of the heartbeat, but it is not true at all that your heartbeat can stop with sneezing.

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Once the sneezing process is started you cannot stop it.

Someone sneezed at your face and you feel like to bath right away just because you are wet now. This is because a single sneeze can produce up to 40,000 droplets at a time which can reach you at a speed of 20mp per hour.

Did you notice, you never sneeze while sleeping. Why? The fact says that the nerve responsible for triggering sneeze is also sleeping. It seems funny but true.

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Sneezing involves your full upper body workout. Your throat, chest, diaphragm, and abdomen all are equally involved. So don’t only blame your nose next time.

Eyes cannot keep open while the sneeze happens. Really there are rare such cases.

Sneezing is necessary to get rid of the foreign particles from nose and coughing clears the lungs of debris and foreign bodies.

Infection irritates the nasal cavity as well throat thus body reacts to throw the virus or infection out which is how it is spread.

The lung capacity is responsible for the violence of the sound. The bigger the capacity, the louder the sound.

We cover our mouth and nose while standing aside an infected person. But the fact is there is no need to directly inhale the germs drawn out in sneezes or coughs with droplets. The germs can survive on the surface for hours and enter your body with a single touch. You fall sick if not sterilizing and hand-washing properly.

Smell plays a key role in how the food tastes. Generally, the vapors of food travel to the nasal cavity through the receptors so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that taste buds on the tongue are less important. That is the reason why food is tasteless when you have a cold.

Changing position from upright to lying down worsen the congestion you feel. This is due to the blood flow that rushes towards the head when we are lying down. More blood dilates the already swollen tissues. Thus it is advised to put a pillow under your neck while sleeping.

Use of hanky or cloth to wipe off your runny nose every time may worsen the problem. It spread the germs wherever you put the piece of cloth. Make use tissues instead. Wipe once and throw.


Cold and cough are very common. Still, people lack many of the important information, facts, and knowledge. It has a huge role in ruining the important days of our lives. Modern medications, as well as Ayurvedic treatment for cough and cold are effective. Ayurveda treats it as an allergy symptom and hit to the root cause of the disease.




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