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14 Vocational Courses After Class 12th or Intermediate

Vocational courses are job-oriented short term courses offered by various colleges and organizations to help you learn the necessary skills required to carry out a particular job. These courses are different from the mainstream education and are generally focused on providing skills for a particular job and are generally more practical oriented and less theoretical in their approach. Before the 2000s, mention of vocational courses was only used for lower-level jobs, such as those requiring manual labour, but with growing competition in job market, and increasing competition of skills, Government and corporations are investing in improving skills through apprenticeship or training.

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Today, vocational courses have become highly sought after by students all over the country. If you are really passionate about a role, there is not much advantage in studying theory unrelated to the career you want to pursue. Traditional courses are costlier and require more investment of time. So, if you do not have means to continue traditional education and are in need of a job urgently, vocational courses are the best option for you. You can choose a course of your interest and pursue it.

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Best 14 Vocational Courses After Class 12th or Intermediate

Audio technicians/Sound engineer

A certificate course in audio engineering, recording technology, sound mixing, and live production gives opportunities for a variety of positions such as studio assistant, dialogue editor, sound engineer, acoustic consultant, and game designer. Sound engineers cater to the more creative side of this business, while audio technician will handle the nuts and bolts of the industry and make it work. 

Game designer

This is one of the most exciting career opportunity for a millennial. For those of you who have a passion for computer games, this could be an exciting career choice. Many computer engineers feel game designing is just a subset of computer science but in reality, game designing is much more than that. It needs skills from computer science, graphic design, and creative writing to become a successful game designer. This is a field for passionate and creative individuals who want to venture into this exciting new field. For diploma courses, there are institutes such as Maya Academy or Arena animations which offer comprehensive programs in this field.

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This is a glamorous field for people who are passionate about flying. There are multiple academies which offer training in this vocation. Related jobs in the aviation sector are ground staff, air hostess and flight technicians. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Government flying training school are some of the institutes which offer training in flying and commercial pilot license. Frankfinn institute of air hostess training offers training in flight attendants. It is a high paying career which offers travel opportunities as well. One caveat about this field is the training is expensive for most of these courses although the salary and job opportunities are also in line with the fee. 

Merchant Navy

It is a very high paying career opportunity, although a tough lifestyle to manage. Diploma in merchant navy is offered by many private as well as Government institutes. The highest grade you can rise to is Captain of the ship. There are multiple challenges as well as opportunities which come along with the life of a sailor. You might have to spend several months on board without regular connectivity of phone and internet. The perks are that you can stay at home for many months once you finish your voyage and of course a hefty salary package.

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Forensic science

A diploma in forensic science gives you the opportunity to enter the field of law enforcement, criminal investigation or research. This is a very exciting field as it is the stuff TV shows are made up of and you get to live that life. In this course, you get to learn about various toxic chemicals, fatal accidents and signs of sexual abuse. One also has to learn about legal guidelines regarding any case. 

Foreign language translator

With the booming global economy, this is a career which will keep growing, be it for business purpose or for travel. A lot of colleges offer diploma in foreign language including reputed universities such as Delhi University and Gujarat University. Depending on the credentials of your college, you can get a job in embassy or tourist agencies or even work as a freelancer. Many international tour operators have a high demand for foreign language translators as they are catering to global tourists.

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This is a career opportunity which will never go out of style, what with increasing disposable income and exposure to media, beauty parlors are a booming business, now even for men. You can do these courses from reputed centres such as VLCC or Lakme salon, or from lesser-known places, it depends on your skill that you will get a job or not. You can even open your own beauty parlor and become an entrepreneur. 

Physical training instructor

As obesity and lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise, so is the demand for wellness instructors and trainers. Gyms and fitness centres are mushrooming all over the cities catering to the urban crowd. A student needs to be a fitness enthusiast and physically fit to pursue this vocation. There are multiple international certificates on offer that will add to your credentials and increase your employability.

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14 Vocational Courses After Class 12th or Intermediate

Interior designer

A diploma in interior design is needed to become an interior designer. If you are interested in decorating houses and have a creative bent of mind, this is a lucrative field for you. You can join an architectural firm or become a freelance interior decorator. Either way, it is a good career opportunity.

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This is a career which is in line with the physical training instructor. People all over the country, especially in urban cities are looking for coaches and guides who can help them lead a healthier lifestyle, starting with healthier eating options and losing weight. Study of this course includes Anatomy, Ayurveda, Yoga and Massage, Dietary requirements and food science.

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Fashion designing

Apart from a graduate degree in fashion designing, there are multiple diploma courses offered after class 12th which can help you get a start to your career. With this diploma, you can get a job as a product designer, costume designer and fashion journalist. This is an apt role for people who have a good sense of style and color coordination. 

Digital photography

Diploma in digital photography can help you land a job with a photo studio. In this course, you will learn about various components of a camera, its working and how to edit photographs. It is a very attractive field for individuals who are genuinely interested in photography and are hoping to make a mark. Wedding and event photography has completely changed over the years, with candid photographs being in demand. The cost of photographers has also increased with the latest advances in technology such as drones and high-end camera being routinely used.

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Library science

This is a perfect role for people who love spending time in a library, quietly. Diploma holders in the library and information science can get a job in government libraries, museums, and archive centres, college and corporate libraries. 

ITI- Industrial Training Institute

These institutes offer diploma in various vocations such as electrician, plumbing, foundry, carpentry, welding, painter, mechanic and so on. After completing ITI diploma, you become eligible for the government as well as private jobs in India and abroad both. There is a high demand for ITI diploma holders in middle east countries such as Qatar and Dubai.

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Vocational courses are a great way to give direction to your career, especially if you are clear about the line of career you want to take. If you are passionate about being a pilot or joining the merchant navy or becoming a photographer, you need not study generic theory about all the fields, rather you can focus only on your field and gain practical knowledge for the particular field and start earning as soon as possible. 

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