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Computer Science Engineering with Specialisation in Blockchain – The 21st Century Career Choice

There is no denying the fact that technology is all around us. We have become highly dependent on it to function and to do our day to day tasks. It has also made our life easy and quick. For instance, you don’t have to run to the ATM or government offices anymore, all of this can be achieved with the help of the technological advancements.

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We can now access most of the services such as shopping, entertainment, healthcare, almost everything instantly with technology. However, this leads to data generation. Your smartphone, PC, credit card, tablet, basically anything and everything with a silicon chip is capable of generating data.

In today’s time, technology is everywhere and is almost unavoidable. If all of this fascinates you and makes you want to know more then the blockchain technology syllabus while pursuing computer science engineering will interest you. The blockchain technology syllabus will cover the intricacies of this field, how relevant data is in today’s time, how information is transferred and stored along with much more.

Why a Career in Blockchain?

Job Opportunities

The field of blockchain is flooded with technology as there is a high demand for engineers in this field. This is a relatively new domain, the students who have a good grasp over the basics and ace the intricacies, are bound to excel in this field. Many sectors such as insurance, banking, finance, healthcare have already adapted to Blockchain. Many other industries are also exploring and spreading their wings in this field.

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An Edge Over Others

With the help of blockchain technology syllabus, while pursuing computer science, you will have the latest knowledge. Opting for specialization in the field of blockchain will full proof your future. You will have the edge over others as you’d know way more than conventional computer science courses. This makes you more preferred by employers in the job market.

Be Your Own Boss

Blockchain is a field that is growing and advancing at a rapid rate. Starting your own company or working as a freelancer at these early stages will help you gain immense exposure for later in life. This is a wonderful opportunity for a computer science student to start their entrepreneurial venture and establish their name in the industry early on.

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Financial Security

With today’s technology and advancements, it is pretty evident that blockchain is at its peak. The blockchain industry is expected to grow drastically in terms of monetary value. With such growth, it is assured that this field has a lot of money to be made. With gaining employment with the most prominent players in the industry or becoming an entrepreneur, you are bound to have financial security.

Computer Science Engineering with Specialisation in Blockchain - The 21st Century Career Choice

Here’s What You Should Do?

There is no denying that the world is becoming more and more digitally integrated in today’s time. If you want to get on board with these technological advancements, then Computer Science Engineering with Specialisation in Blockchain is the course for you.

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Blockchain is a field where you can build your successful career around without a doubt. However, since it is a comparatively new course, only a handful of universities offer it. It becomes essential that blockchain technology syllabus is aligned with the latest technological advancements. One such university that makes sure that the blockchain technology syllabus is not only industry aligned but is also taught by skilled faculty is UPES. Their B Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Blockchain is a desired course amongst engineering aspirants as it is in association with IBM. You can be assured that with a university like this, you are bound to excel in the field of blockchain.




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