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Student-Stutterer: How To Survive In The University

You may believe the theory that stuttering is psychologically installed and so may be cured with psychosocial means. Or, you may believe that it is a chemical or biological thing and cannot be changed, managed or cured.

All you need to know is that you are not the first person to ever go to university or college with a stutter. This means that you need not worry at all because many have done it before you and have not chosen to climb up a tower and shoot at people.

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Understand your stuttering and you will survive university. Here is a little information about it for you to enlighten yourself.

Student-stutterer: how to survive in the university

Children develop it at a young age:

This is what makes some people believe that it is something a person is born with and that they develop biologically. However, you should also remember that where 5% of children are diagnosed as stutterers, only between 2% and 3% of adults have it. This may mean nothing, but it does slightly suggest that maybe people get over it or it becomes cured.

So, besides the fact that you know you are not the only person to ever enter college or university with a stutter, you can also take comfort in the fact that quite a few people get over their stuttering eventually. A strange and unexplained statistic is that more men seem to stutter than women.

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Prolongation, blocking and repetition:

These are the three symptoms of a stuttered, and most stutterers will suffer from all three at the same time. They find it hard to observe a smooth flow of speech. It is found in every language, so you cannot blame the fact that you speak English.

There are also no signs that wealth, race, sexuality, intellect or how brave a person is has anything to do with it. In fact, the only solid piece of evidence of tendency is that more men have it than women.

The timid have it as much as the bold have it, and loud people have it as much as quiet people, and this is often what puzzles people.

Getting to grips with your stuttering:

Again, it is easier to overcome if you know a little more about it. It also makes it a little easier to cope with during university. So, you need to understand that stuttering is not an emotional disorder.

It does not make the person more neurotic, nor does it mean that the person is any more anxious than any other person. Some are sure that psychological factors may trigger it, but that the triggers are not a sign of anything emotional.

The basis of the problem is simply an impulse control problem in a complex part of the brain that controls speech and its relation to the mouth muscles.

As we speak, we are thinking ahead a few word, it is the same when we read, but a person with a stutter may impulsively be trying to say the current word and the future word at the same time without having any control over it at all.

It is often psychologically triggered because most people are. The people who say they have an itchy hand even though there arm has been cut off are simply having certain impulses triggered without their control.

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Controlling it through understanding it:

Let’s assume that there are certain triggers in your mind that cause you to stutter more than usual. It may be easier to overcome your stuttering if you can figure out what they are so that you can avoid them. The hardest part is nailing down what they are.

For example, you may stutter around one person more than another, and may incorrectly surmise that the person you stutter around the most has an effect on you, such as that you are subconsciously scared of that person or attracted to that person.

However, it may be something completely different such as how that person reminds you of a person who fed your impulse problem. For example, that person may remind you of your father who used to always cut you off in a sentence if you were stuttering (therefore making it worse and feeding it).

It requires concentration to overcome your stutter:

Some people never get over it, but you could never tell that they stutter. It has been likened to driving on ice. As you get older, you become more practiced at exerting more control over it (like driving on ice). And, just like driving on ice, if your brainpower is diverted then you may be more inclined to start stuttering again.

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This may mean that if you learn how to always keep your cool, keep a level head and focus your mind, then you will never have to stutter again. You can become a master of speech control in the same way you could become a master of driving on ice.




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