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The Powerful Role of Instagram in Promoting Email Marketing in 2019

How To Use Instagram in Promoting Email Marketing

Instagram has witnessed a phenomenal growth in its popularity and user base ever since its inception in October 2010. Today Instagram boasts of having over 1 billion monthly active users and over 500 million daily active users. We understand that email is supposed to be the third-most powerful and influential source of data and information for the extensive B2B audiences only behind industry-specific thought leaders, and colleague recommendations. Moreover, we could understand the popularity and importance of email marketing when we find that 86 percent of today’s business professionals have a preference for emails while indulging in business communication. We know that more than 59 percent of the total B2B marketers understand and claim that email marketing is the best channel so far as revenue generation is concerned.

Instagram in Email Marketing

Previously contextual email technology was not available and so it was extremely challenging to integrate any social media content straightaway into the email template. The speedy social media platforms such as Instagram etc. left relatively much slower email messages deficient in content relevance. Smart email marketers started cross-channel marketing using Instagram and other social media icons for decreasing the level of content upkeep. Almost instantaneously, the graphical and attractive social media icons automatically became the standard or yardstick for infusing Instagram feed or other social media consistently into your email strategy.

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You must realize that email technology has undergone a sea of changes. Today, an email could come up with interesting up-to-the-minute posts with fascinating imagery. We know that when the email is opening for every recipient, you could witness that important and relevant social media account information and data are actually, pulled in real-time. Instagram could become a part of live email content rather than being only a logo. We have found that social content has been coordinated and harmonized across both these platforms seamlessly. You may seek professional assistance from a reputed digital company to buy real Instagram likes.

Instagram & Email Marketing: Definitely Better in Partnership

The Powerful Role of Instagram in Promoting Email Marketing in 2019

Integrating seamlessly these two online marketing channels would prove to be super-effective in boosting your email relevance and online brand visibility right from the beginning. Instagram’s aesthetic appeal infuses an element of visual charm to the email’s already proven efficacy and ROI. Moreover, email marketing would be effectively driving loyal inbox readers and fans to start following Instagram thus, fortifying the Omnichannel relationship between consumers and businesses.

Boosting Email Engagement

Incorporating an interesting live Instagram feed directly into your email is certainly not just another technique of injecting your social media logo. Thanks to the super-active Instagram users who are known to engage on this versatile social media platform almost 11 days every month, we know that monthly or weekly emails could actually, benefit radically from a definite boost in the interaction of email content. An interesting feed could be incorporated into an automated campaign thus, eliminating the need for making constant updates. This would prove to be both time-saving and cost-effective for the marketers.

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Instagram has certainly metamorphosed the manner in which we carry out business campaigning across the Internet. Traditionally, email marketing would be encountering the common risk of the subscribers and other recipients not even bothering to open the emails. However, Instagram has changed all that and has been successful in minimizing that risk altogether. You must, therefore, consider integrating Instagram seamlessly into all your email marketing strategies and promotion campaigns.

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